Isn’t it pun-ny

18 Apr

I mention from time to time how as a cartoonist, you need to learn and adapt to change.  Boy, I guess I DO practice what I preach!  I’ve learned from reading through some of my old blogs recently.  And they’re not even THAT old.

I ran across THIS ONE from August, 2010. It’s called ‘Avoid the Dreaded Pun‘.

I talk about how I try to avoid the pun cartoons (like in the title) and HATE them.  Hate is a pretty strong word.

Welllllll, look at me now.

I’d say about 30%-50% of my Break of Day material are puns.  Awful puns, if that.

So, why the change of heart?  WHAT happened?

Honestly, I became a pun guy when I realized -well – a lot of puns are funny.  Yes, funny.  So, why try to avoid doing something if it works?  Audiences really started to enjoy the pun cartoons, and quite frankly, so did I (that’s why I did/do them).

I think I was looking waaay too into it.  I used to see some pretty bad pun cartoons, and that turned me off.  That being said though, I’m not sure back in 2010 why I never grasped the good pun comics out there and thought, “Those are great!  I know they’re great so why don’t I do them?”

Anyhow, yeah, I’m a regular pun production company here nowadays.  Take a look at some recent ones I JUST did.

bod130413 bod130416 bod130409 bod130303 bod130316Above:  More can be found HERE.

So interesting how my thoughts change on some things.

Pun cartoons have contributed to helping me make a living.  Of course, I try to do something different and other non-pun stuff, but there’s nothing wrong with them.  Again, I find people enjoy them (as do I) and for a gag cartoonist, they can be a great attribute.

I’m very happy with my pun cartoons and have no hatred towards them.  I just have a pun time doing them now.


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