Original art MAD-ness

17 Apr

This week I have another mega-auction of original art up for grabs.  One of the featured items, which I’m sadly auctioning off, is an original Twisted Toaster Tales comic strip that appeared in MAD Magazine.

“What’s with the auctions, Nate?” I imagine a fellow blogger thinking (even though they’re probably not).

Well, several things.  For one, I use the profits to pay for office stuff.  And two, my closet is FULL of originals.  Like, thousands.  A lot of the old material I’m keeping for my greedy self, but some of the newest works I want to auction of to keep it from accumulating too much.  I’m hoping their investments for winners.  If I become the biggest cartoonist in the universe – they could be worth gobs.  (No, really….it could happen.  Right?  Well…..(shrug).)

I’ve even got material up for grabs that has been unreleased yet.  Wow!

My MAD piece (sigh).  I really didn’t want to auction it off.  It’s been a fixture in my studio for years now.  BUT, I thought to myself that if I auctioned it off now, I might be able to replace it with a bigger, bolder MAD piece and it would motivate me to submit more bigger, badder and bolder MAD pieces.  I do submit regularly, but this was one of my early ‘big’ articles.

Toaster and the Tub copyrighted $T2eC16VHJIQE9qUHtHcwBRbZ4gVWOg~~60_57Above:  The original art and comic being auctioned.

So, like pet adoption, I hope these cartoons get happy, healthy homes.  I want them to be in a better place than my closet.

If you would like to get in on the auction, CLICK HERE.


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