14 Apr

Nate Fakes Greeting Cards and More

I’ve had several greeting cards picked up by such companies as Smart Alex and NobleWorks.  As happy as I am to have these published, I decided to take a more proactive approach and start putting up a lot of my material on my own.  So, I started a Zazzle store.

For those of you who don’t know, Zazzle is a print-on-demand site where I can upload my material and you can get things that I think would make a good greeting card (or other product, if I decide) for people to purchase.  I’m wanted to open this up because constantly I’m hearing from fans that “That would make a great card!” or “I want this on a mug!”  or “What a bunch of garbage!”

So, this makes it easy for anyone that would want a specific cartoon – or my chosen cartoons – on stuff.  Plus it makes it easy on me so I don’t have to order an inventory and create clutter in my home while waiting to sell things.  My wife and cat wouldn’t like all that clutter and neither would I.

541024_10151296731359117_560239049_nAbove:  My cat, Tiger, letting you know she hates clutter.

There’s not much at the store yet, but I plan on uploading more cartoons daily.  Eventually, there will be tons there.  I’m not going to saturate the store with EVERYTHING I’ve done though.  Again, I’m mostly going to pick and choose material I think is appropriate for given items.  And, of course, request from people like YOU.

That’s right, send me your request.  Just like Casey Kasem, I’ll be accepting them.  I’ll be putting up my favorites though in the meantime.

Hey, you can check it out HERE!


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