The final frontier: a.k.a. another Kickstarter post

26 Mar

It’s been weeks now.  My Kickstarter campaign for Don Giovanni has been in full-swing.  Lots of “likes”, some awesome backers and a lot of positive feedback.  But, unfortunately, Don isn’t looking too well.  In fact, he’s looking a bit sickly.

I’ve said this in previous post, but there are several reasons for potentially why I’m ultimately not doing a good job with this current Kickstarter.

For one, I have to be honest about everything.  Maybe – just maybe –  there’s just not a big enough interest in it.  It could be just something I and several others are passionate about.  Not too sure.  And by saying that, I’m talking about the people that know about the project (not being that into it).  I’m sure that worldwide, it would have an audience.  But, how many people worldwide know about it?  My guess is as good as yours.  If I were any good at math though, I’d say it’s less than .00005 % or even below that.  However, I’m bad at math so who knows.

Also, the price is a bit high.  $27 gets you a book.  BUT – I did switch that up to two books now.  Sounding like a used car salesman, I went screaming on Facebook about it.  “TWO BOOKS!  LOOK, FOLKS!  YOU GET TWO BOOKS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!”  Really, that newest incentive didn’t do much of anything either.

Here is my latest advertising about that:

kickstarter promo350

At any rate, with 10 days to go, I’m not very confident that this is going to get funded.  I need about 200 new people (or more) and a lot of people crossing their fingers.

All this being said though, I’m still having fun with this and totally glad I tried Don Giovanni on Kickstarter.  Some would look at it like a giant failure on the big stage in front of all my colleagues, friends and family.  Me though?  Stuff like “not getting funded” doesn’t bother me.  It’s been a learning experience.  And the best thing about Kickstarter is – I’m not out a buck (and neither is anyone else if not funded).  I didn’t dish out thousands of dollars printing a book nobody would buy.  So, really, I can’t fail at this.  I’ve just got a few more things to learn before my next Kickstarter (if I ever do another one).

And I’m not through yet.

As I’ve said, I think there is an audience for the book.  I’m passionate about the book and know it would be good.  So, maybe it’s just me as well.  Maybe I’m just lousy at running a Kickstarter?  Actually, the more I think about it, I guess that’s kind of an obvious statement. Otherwise I’d be closer to hitting my funding goal by now, right?

I’ll be going to the publishers with this if it doesn’t get funded.  Maybe to no avail, but definitely worth the shot.  And even if they all turn it down, maybe the timing is off and it might just be something for the future (after I make my billions off of Break of Day and my other comics, of course).  I’m an optimist.

And don’t get me wrong:  obviously I would love to see this funded.  That was my whole purpose.  Get it funded.  Get it drawn.  Get it published.  Boom!


In the meantime, um…..well, it’s not over yet.

10 days left.  Will it happen?  Will that miracle come through like on It’s A Wonderful Life?  Will thousands of adoring fans pull through at the last second?  Will I eat Taco Bell tonight?  (I already know the answer to that one and I’m pretty certain that’s a ‘yes’.)

The suspense is killing me!

I thank everyone again for the support I have gotten for this.  I’ll keep fighting until the end because I know a lot of you really do want this book out (like me, obviously).  I feel like I’ve given it everything I have.  BUT, it ain’t over until it’s over.

However, this blog post is.

IF YOU would like to help get this sucker funded, there still is hope.  CLICK HERE!


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