Kerouac Saturday

19 Mar

So many cool things about living in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The weather, water and seagulls – well – what more could a yuppie artist like myself ask for?  (Not sure I’m a yuppie, but oh well.)

As I’ve blogged about before, one of my favorite authors, Jack Kerouac lived right here in St. Petersburg at the end of his life.  He died in this town.  In fact, he died only 8 blocks or so from where I’m  typing this.  Anyway, him dying around here isn’t my point.

Every now and then I learn new things about the guy and what all he did here during his living in St. Pete.

I was reading last Saturday’s Tampa Bay Times – and ran across an article that featured his old house.  And come to find out – IT wasn’t far from me!  I could walk there.  But, I didn’t feel like walking so….

I packed up my camera and headed out to it in my car.

Going there, I knew not to expect much.  It’s a house.  An old, practically boarded up house (I saw several pictures already from the newspaper).  But, to think that it’s the same house, same sidewalk, same neighborhood where Jack roamed – well – that’s enough to get me On the Road (get it….On the Road?  His famous novel?  Okay….never mind.)

According to the paper, he lived at this address at 5155 10th Ave North with his mother.  The front door was the last one he exited before he died.  (He went to the nearby hospital where he died on October 21st, 1969 at the age of 47.)

So, here are just several pictures I took.

Again, nothing much to them (the pictures).  Looks like a normal house – which it totally is.  It’s in a functioning neighborhood.  In fact, the neighboring houses next door – though I’m sure they’re aware – seem to just not even correspond with who used to live there.  There are basketball hoops, kids out playing and – just normalcy.  Unbeknownst to many they’re hanging out where Kerouac used to.  But again, I’m sure the older folks know what corresponded there.


Above:  The article from The Times that features details of the house.


Above:  Jack’s house. 


Above:  Another view

Again, this house -well – not much going on here.  The windows are covered.  I knew from the article that it was vacant as well.

Keep your eyes peeled, folks.  You never know who you might be living by, what might have happened by you and where you’re at.  I’m not sure how many of you are into history, but I love the small details of things that are historic that not many people know about.  I think this is one of them.


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