Want to be in a graphic novel?

14 Mar

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I’m sorry again.  I know I’ve been posting here A TON about funding for my new graphic novel, Don Giovanni.  However, I wanted to leave a brief note (I wouldn’t really consider this post a ‘blog’) about a new incentive on there.  And plus, like during the elections, non-stop coverage is the ONLY way I’m going to make this thing happen.  (And it has a ways to go.)


Would YOU like to be in the graphic novel as an extra?  You know – just like in the movies.  You might be taking out the trash, walking in a park or sitting on a bench – who knows.  But, you will be in the graphic novel if all the funding is competed in 21 days.


There’s a level I added called:  BECOME AN EXTRA LEVEL.  It’s $48 and you get a copy of the book and you get to be in it somewhere.  I need quite a few extras, so this is kind of a cool incentive to show around the rest of your life.  And who knows – sometimes being an extra can lead to a starring role!  In what?  I have no clue, but it’s a nice thought.

Again, if you would like this, please head over HERE and get in on it!  Limited availability – but at this moment – plenty left.

Thanks again to all the supporters and backers of Don!  It has A LOOOOONG ways to go, but I’m working hard on this end to get it funded.  I have some upcoming podcast, interviews and I’ve sent out press releases and more to gobs of people.  Any funding or sharing of the project is greatly appreciated!  CLICK HERE.


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