Charger are bad. (Not talking about the NFL version.)

12 Mar

In this day and age of technology, it seems to me things would be pretty good in terms of electronics.  Specifically chargers for laptops.

Well, in my experience over the past decade or so, they are the one piece of equipment that constantly lets me down.

Again, today, I’m back on my PC.  The charger for my MacBook just stopped working in the middle of the night.  Go buy a new charger?  Sure.  But not for the price tag Apple has on them for over $80.  So, I have a generic one on the way.

At any rate, I’ve gone through this more times than I care to count.  My PC has been through at least six of them.  And it’s not like I take them out of the wall and beat them.  No.  They just break for no reason.

ALL of them – in my experience – have been pretty crappy.

Now I have to wait about five days (or more) for Amazon to ship me out a new MacBook charger that I was able to find for $18.99.  Generic?  Again, oh, yes.  I’m guessing I might get three weeks out of it or so.  Or, maybe a day.

I should have opened up a charger company instead of persuing cartoon.  The markup on these things…I just question.

WHY are the name brand ones priced so high?  They all seem to break eventually.  And nobody is going to convince me those cost more than five bucks to manufacture.  It’s probably the oldest technology in the whole computer bundle.  I mean, haven’t chargers been around for awhile?  (Of course, I didn’t do my research on that.  Maybe chargers are new technology.  But, plugs aren’t.  Edison had those well over a hundred years ago.  And don’t get me started on extension cords.)

And why do they keep breaking?

The Mac one has a big hot box on it that’s bulky and seems like it has a vacuum tube in it.  The ones for PC are basically the same – yet amazingly more slimmer.  (Which is really weird since Apple is known for it’s slim computers.)

With all the technology put into these amazing computers today, I think manufacturers next focus needs to be on quality chargers.  I’m guessing a good one would be a technological breakthrough – not break.


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