Go for launch

5 Mar

I have just spent WEEKS preparing a Kickstarter for my new graphic novel, Don Giovanni.

I know…I know…I’ve been talking about this a lot on here.  Well, I promised updates so here they are.

It’s sent off for approval by the Kickstarter team and then the project should be live here within a day or two (it’s not right this second, obviously).  I, of course, will let you know.

This post though, is not just about Don Giovanni.  It’s about the PROCESS of putting together a Kickstarter campaign.  Well, there’s a lot to it (duh).

For one, I created a video for it.  Simple enough, however, I kept toying with what kind of video to make for weeks.  “Should it have music?”  “If it does have music, where do I get the music without copyright infringement that is available for use?”  “Should I make it with cool special effects?”  “What if it sucks?”  “What’s on sale at Taco Bell this week?”

All these questions.

What ended up happening is me just doing a very, simple video of me – well – talking.  I think it was probably the best route.  Nothing fancy or amazing.  You’ll see.  It’s definitely not as amusing as those fat cats scratching themselves videos you see on YouTube, but oh well.

Speaking of scratching, another big head scratcher was what to offer up for rewards to people that fund the project.  I thought of everything.  A lot of bad ideas I came up with at first.  However, at the end, I think I came up with some goodies that will make it well worth it.  Everything from original art, t-shirts AND there’s even an option to get a DVD!  (No, I don’t star in a movie…something totally different.)

Kickstarter definitely verifies for sure that you are who you are.  I can see why.  Could you imagine someone using some false info on there, getting funded and then taking the money and running?  Yikes.  At least with mine, I think most people know where I live, so if I didn’t come through, you can all break out the torches and come over.  (I know that won’t be necessary.)

Anyhow, I’m happy with it (my Kickstarter project) and can’t wait for my launch.  I already have a radio interview lined up about my project and this week I’ll be in search of more.  If you have a blog, podcast or anything that you want me to talk with you on about Don Giovanni, let me know.  I’m filling up my schedule to the brim.

Now…to get it funded.  It’s nerve-racking, to say the least.  I really want it to be a success, but it’s impossible to tell this early on (especially since it hasn’t launched yet).

Next time you hear from me, it should be launched and there will be a seven page preview as well.  I hope you enjoy!

Now, time for some Taco Bell.


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