Don Giovanni

28 Feb

Don Giovanni Cover

Well, this is it!  I’m happy and proud to announce the beginning of my quest to finish my new graphic novel, Don Giovanni.

It is the story of 8-year-old Don Giovanni.  Don hardly has any morals, is arrogant,  abusive, chasing girls constantly, is outrageous and upsets all people close to him.  His behavior keeps up until, at the end, he meets something that even he can’t outwit.

The majority of the story takes place in a trailer park in Ohio.  It is completely based off the opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (of the same name) yet with a new twist.

It’s no secret to people close to me that I love Mozart (Amadeus has been my favorite movie since I was six) and this is my own personal take on his work in the comic medium.  I’m a fan of Don Giovanni as well (what can you say, I grew up with the stuff).  What’s cool is you can actually listen to Don Giovanni and follow along in this graphic novel.  Don’t worry, non-opera fans, I have a modern twist on it with today’s language and everything.  BUT, you’ll notice all the similarities in the opera compared to my novel.  Everything isn’t exactly the way the opera was – but lots is.

I have the Kickstarter for this set to launch on – or a bit before – March 11th.  I still have a lot of ‘to-do’s’ before hand.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m really excited about this.  You could say this is my Sgt. Pepper.  It’s by far the most major project I’ve ever taken on.  I’m looking at over 200 pages of full-color.  On top of that, I want to make this the highest quality possible, so I’ll be seeking out an editor, publisher and everything I can possibly do to make this worth it.

I’ve been fiddling with this book for years now.  FINALLY, it’s starting to develop.  Several pages are completed and it’s coming together much better than expected.  In fact, I’m finding that I’m enjoying the graphic novel more than anything else in my career.  This particular novel is funny, dark and full of surprises.  Definitely PG-13 (if not R).

So, if you are reading, you’re the first to really know (except several people very close to me).

This is the first of many updates (again, as I’ve mentioned in previous post).  I have opened up a Facebook page as well that I’ll keep stocked with pictures, updates and more.  If you like Facebook, please head over and “like” this page!  I haven’t promoted the page yet, so you might be one of a few.


Okay, well, I hope you like what all is coming and I’m hoping for a successful Kickstarter and success of this book.  I’m asking a lot – but I want to make it worth it.  The amount is to cover cost, time and other expenses.  At any rate, I’m anxious to (hopefully) have this completed within the next 9-12 months if funding is successful.

So, head over and LIKE the Facebook page for now if you want.  CLICK HERE.

I’ll be filling you in with lots more details.  But, if this is something you think others may like, please spread the word.  And please, comment below!  I’d love to hear your initial thoughts – bad or good.

More to come….


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