It is coming

27 Feb

If you’re a fan of post – like especially Nate’s Ramblings post – I have some good news!  There will be gobs of them.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m about to finally launch it.  What?  A rocket?  No, silly – a Kickstarter campaign!  About what?  Well, if you’re remember a bit back, I mentioned a graphic novel that I’m working on.  It’s now at the point where I can launch a Kickstarter campaign for it and get it done.

Now, I’m probably not going to launch the campaign until about 10 days from now.  Possibly sooner – but I’m guessing not.  I’m putting together a video for it, the first 10 pages and I’m putting together editors, a Facebook page and more.  Plus, I have to have some pretty good incentives for people like you to lay down some cold-hard cash for it.  So, before just tossing it out there, I want to have everything ready to go.  I’ll be making hundreds of contacts as well, so yeah – big operation.

So, Nate, what is this graphic novel about?

That too will be posted probably this Monday.  I want to get some, oh – I don’t know…stuff ready before I just put it out there in cyber world.

All I can say is I’m extremely proud of it.  I’ve been developing it for YEARS and it’s finally coming together.  The first several pages look fantastic (well, in my standards) and the content is amusing, funny, dark and more.  Let me just add that I wouldn’t dare start a Kickstarter unless it was something I would buy or want to contribute to.  I am making this worth it for all.  My feeling on this is it’s something new (with a touch of old), fresh and hasn’t been done before.  You’ll find out.

It will take me about a year to complete or so.  That’s why I mentioned that there are gobs of post coming.  I’ll be updated it’s progress here, and also on the Kickstarter site for donors.  So, you’ll be hearing a lot about it.  Be happy I’m not going into details now or you might get sick of the thing from hearing about it so much.

Again though, this is very exciting for me.  By far, this is the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on.  200-plus pages, full color and more.  I’m putting together a publisher, editor and things that will make it a quality graphic novel.  And I’m wanting to go more in that direction (graphic novels).  I have plenty of other ideas up my sleeve (although, currently I’m wearing a t-shirt with barely any sleeves).

Stay tuned!  I plan on posting about everyday, so subscribe to getting this via email if you want so you don’t have to waste your time actually venturing over here to the site all the time.


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