On the Road

26 Feb

No, I’m not trying to write a sequel to any of Jack Kerouac’s novels, but I have been – well – on the road.

Things have been rockin’-and-rollin’ here at Fakes Central (no, that’s not really what I call this place).  So, I had a break and went out on some family ventures and have now returned.  A nice getaway?  You bet.  The return wasn’t that bad, either.

Let me veer off-course here now and totally change the subject.  (Yeah, I tend to do that a lot.)

I had a few….ahem – mishaps – happen during my departure.

Some of my studio equipment needs a major repair.  My new computer?  Let’s just say it’s at the doctors.  We all know how high medical bills can get.

So, a solution?

I decided to put up one of my annual ‘Original Art Sales’.  You can find it HERE.  I thought I could have this sale to help raise some money for my poor dilapidated equipment that I use to produce things like Nate’s Ramblings.  (Actually, the equipment is pretty good….again, just had a major/minor mishap.)

Anyhow, if you or anyone you know would like an original Break of Day cartoon to hang over the fireplace mantel, please browse my Etsy Store. All the material is NOT YET published or has already been.  Yes, they’re the real deal.  (And if I end up hit by a city bus, they may go up in value a few cents.)

So, please check them out.  Hell, even if you don’t want to buy any, there’s some new releases there (cartoons).  You might enjoy browsing around.  CLICK HERE.

Thank you all in advance!  I’ve had some buyers previously and again, thank you.

I’ll be focused on getting my equipment in order now and I’ll be off the road for awhile.  (Unless, of course, I get hit by that city bus.  I could end up there permanently.)


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