Double-O oops

19 Feb

I’m not writing anything revealing, because I – like thousands of others – thoroughly enjoy James Bond movies.  And I’m ashamed to say that (gulp) I haven’t seen the newest one.  And oops – I had major plans to watch it.  Watch it in iMax.  And I waited too long and now it’s out on Blu-ray.  For shame.

But hey, I don’t think it’s that horrible.  I mean, I get a chance to watch it after everyone else already has.  Plus, Blu-Ray aint that bad (I think we can all agree).  Plus, the popcorn here at home is less than a buck and I don’t have pasted grape Skittles under my seat cushions.

Not the theatre experience, but I’ll settle for it.

At any rate, realizing this, I’ve noticed all the Bond stuff on television.  All the hoopla about the franchises 50th anniversary and more.  So, I’m enjoying (when time allows) watching some of the older films and more recent.

What I like about the movies is each one has it’s own personality, music and every few years (or decade or so) a new Bond.  Some kinda stink – most are pretty good.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – a lot of movies could be said to have the same thing (own personality, music, etc.).  But, each Bond film has a freshness more than just a regular sequel so often displayed on cinema.  It would seem the movies would be like beating a dead horse at this point in time (50 years of these things!) but they push forward past the point of being old and annoying.

So, what parts and things do I like about them?

Let’s start, well, at the beginning….

I happen to like the introduction to The Spy Who Loved Me the most.  Oh, Carly – she nailed the intro.  Her sharpened voice really cuts like a knife in this popular theme song (I’m guessing whatever guy she is with at the time would be terrified to leave her after this).  And I find the girls twirling around a barrel of a gun somewhat erotic and thrilling at the same time.  Makes Cirque Du Soleil look sucky in comparison.

And this is just the introduction part (obviously).  Of course none of it has to do with the actual movie, which isn’t bad either.

In terms of an actual beginning of the movie?

I still to this day like Goldeneye’s.  Maybe it’s because it was kinda the first film I was introduced to as a high schooler.  Maybe it’s because I saw it in theaters for the first time – but I find it rather good.  Also, it really makes me want to bungee jump.

My favorite ending?

I’m particularly fond of Casino Royale.  It’s simple, to the point.  I like how it instantly kicks into the theme song after the familiar “Bond.  James Bond.”  I just like how it doesn’t beat-aroud-the-bush.  It gets right to it.

And now the biggest question:  Who is my favorite Bond?

This has always been disputed amongst many Bond fans.  Me though?  Well, I have to go with the original – Mr. Sean Connery.

You know, the guy was just good in the movies (not that the others weren’t, but….).  Plus, he had a way with the ladies that amazingly doesn’t come across as cheesy (even though if anyone else were to say what he does, it would).  And fighting Odd Job – well – as Discover card would say, priceless.  (And who wouldn’t want a hat like Odd’s?)

Don’t get me wrong though – I like our current Bond guy, Daniel Craig.  He does a good job in the movies.  And that’s why I’m anxious to watch the latest one, Skyfall.

I’ll be checking it out this week – er – weekend.  On Blu-Ray and not my beloved iMax.  But, if expectations prevail, I think I’ll be thoroughly entertained.  I doubt there will be girls twirling around pistols or too many lines that definitely wouldn’t work on a chick (not that I would try anyhow) – but I can’t miss a Bond movie.

So I’m anxious.  And let me tell you, luckily I’m not such a rabid fan that I walk around saying, “Fakes.  Nate Fakes.”  I just don’t think it has the same appeal.


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