With a name like this…

17 Oct

I was on the phone recently.  Yes, not email – but an actual phone.  And I was actually having a business meeting as well.  All combined.  Amazing, huh?

Anyway, the fact that it was a business meeting doesn’t really have anything to do with this post.  I just wanted to add that as a filler.  What I was getting at was what the conversation was about (besides business, of course).  We all started talking about our names and what is associated with them.

You all may have – or not – read my blog about a year ago about my possible association with Guy Fawkes, yes?  Oh, was that a ‘no’?  Okay, well you can read that HERE.  At any rate, I get a lot of hits here on Ramblings for people looking for Guy Fawkes.  Brings me up to about 3 readers a day.

So, come to find out, we all had something that was related or similar to our names.  And I mean that in term of internet.  Online, there were sites that had our similar names but not related (example, Cat Stevens is also a pet store).  Except….I didn’t know about mine.  Of course there is www.natefakes.wordpress.com.  Why, that’s Nate’s Ramblings!  You’re here already.  And there’s www.natefakes.carbonmade.com.  That’s my nifty portfolio!  But, what else?

I toyed with the idea of http://www.natefakes.com.  I wanted to check it out.  I owned it a long time ago, but was there anything new?  And by toyed with, I thought it could be a potential future portfolio site.  You know, like, real professional.  I hadn’t tried the address in years.  Here we go:  let’s try it.

I should have known….

With a name like mine….

As soon as I typed it in, a porno ad popped up.  Basically, a porno site.  I guess maybe there’s a Nate fakes it – oh, you get the point.

Now, I don’t advise typing in http://www.natefakes.com at home (but we all know you will), but it seems like it’s just an occasional porno site.  I’ll admit it – I tried it several times. Not for reasons you think, but I just was curious.  And each time I went to the site, it varied with slightly different results.  90% of the time it seemed I kept getting a porno thing.  And then, other times it would say something like ‘Natefakes.com – your site for everything’!  I am still confused to exactly what kind of site it is.  I had my friends try it at home, and they ran across porno like I did.  And now I probably got them in trouble with their wives.

So, my lackluster dreams of owning it again and making it into something, I don’t know, more Nate Fakes (me), seem to be not happening anytime soon.

If you have – ahem – a name like mine, you may want to consider buying the domain now before it’s too late.  If there’s any Joe Blows out there, well, I’d highly suggest it.

As for natefakes.com?  Well…

I’m just hoping it doesn’t pop-up if you Google my name (no pun intended).


2 Responses to “With a name like this…”

  1. bearmancartoons October 18, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    I was pissed when I tried to get bearmancartoons dot com as the guy was just sitting on the URL doing nothing. Finally after I started posting stuff online he finally put his stuff up.

    Happily I got beartoons.com which is much easier to write and remember.

    • w101njf October 19, 2012 at 11:17 am #

      Seems like the shorter the better. Beartoons is good!

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