Shameless eBay Plug

18 Sep

I promise to write some actual material up here soon.  Call me lazy or call me Nate, but I’ve been out-and-about and a bit tied up (don’t worry – not to a chair or bed or anything like that) recently.

In the meantime, I just put up a new item on the auction block, and I thought to myself, “Wow!  What a great filler for a blog post.  Let’s do it!”.

So, hamster fans everywhere, here is my shameless plug for the original Break of Day cartoon, Hamster Land.  Just fresh from publication up on GoComics.

Click image for better view

Above:  You guessed it – Hamster Land

Now, for another shameless plug.

If you don’t want the original, I am selling numerous signed prints (and yes, Hamster Land is amongst the crowd) at my store at Cartoon Your Pets, where 20% of the profits go toward shelters.  It’s a bit cheaper than the original, also.

I leave you with all this to ponder for now.  And when I get the burst of time and energy to type a real post, I’ll sure as heck do so.  In the meantime, below are links.  Links are fun, right?

eBay Auction for the Original HERE

Prints HERE


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