Political talk is always a bad idea

4 Sep

With the RNC now over and the looming DNC starting tonight, it’s getting a bit thick into politics around these parts (I’m talking about the United States).  Moment after moment – instantaneously – on Facebook, you see threads of comments from post regarding a particular candidate.

What does that mean?

It’s a time where friendships are torn apart and family stops talking to you.  And then when the dust settles, and the election is over, everyone can go back liking each other.

“I supports Obama” one might say.  And then you hear, “You liberal moron!  Obama’s not even from this country!”

“I support Romney” another might add.  And then you hear, “You racist!  Romney is a greedy liar – and that makes you one!”

Above:  This guy?

Above:  Or this guy?

Who would be a better name caller?

Listen, let’s be honest, politics are politics.  A lot of it is a stretch and sometimes the public is misinformed (especially now since a lot of people rely on their information via Facebook or Twitter statuses).  It’s a bunch of bad-mouthing, bickering and throwing blame.

My personal opinion is, listen, you can vote for who you want.

I’m an open-minded person so I have no problem telling anyone I lean more left.  Yes, I know they have those little curtains in voting booths and it’s suppose to be private.  But, I am.

What I won’t do is hate you for not agreeing with me.

I probably opened up a can of worms even by mentioning I’m more democrat.  But, that’s just because of several factors.  And, quite frankly, there’s a lot of things on the left agenda I would change if I was in there (like, health insurance for cartoonist would be fantastic).  But, I’m not going to start a 100-plus comment thread here on the comments page about it.

There are two sides for a reason.

Yes, I’ve had to watch myself a couple of times.  I’d put up a political thing on Facebook and then think, oooh, probably not a good idea – and tear it downIt’s kind of like running away from a bar fight.  Call me a coward, but I just don’t like hearing the bickering and if there’s one thing I learned, there’s really no changing anyone’s mind.  Plus, I don’t like having beer bottles smashed into my head for a pointless reason.

I’d say about 90% of my friends and family are more right.  Hear that – friends and family.  So, I opt for the ‘friend and family’ part rather than ‘political differences so I will not associate with you’ part.  Kind of sounds like cell phone plans, huh.

Politics, if there’s one things I can say for them, it makes good material.  Below is an article I wrote for MAD Magazine #507 last year.

Copyright E.C. Publications

Above:  The Tea Party:  golden material, every time.

I never get too radical with my politics.  Why?  Because I’m not radical.  Besides, growing up as a kid of the 80’s, radical meant awesome.  Like, when the Ninja Turtles would say, “Radical, dude!”  So, if I got too radical with politics all I would think of in the back of my head would be Ninja Turtles.  Then I would probably lose concentration on what I’m talking about and mess up my whole argument by talking nun chucks and sewers.

Above:  Ninja Turtles:  the radical party – and I do mean party – of the 80’s.

Plus, I would never want to pull an Clint Eastwood and talk to an empty chair.  (Although, I’ve been known to talk to a toilet seat before.  Especially cursing at it if there is no toilet paper.)

I try to watch my politics in my syndicated series, Break of Day.  Here’s a comic that ran in the papers but never online.

Above:  We are not alone.

So, whoever you’re voting for (or not) this election, I hope you can keep the peace.  I promise not to bicker at you if you choose to leave your own political preferences on this blog.  Let’s all be honest here, right?

However, I may have to delete this post if I get a 100-plus thread of bashing, name calling and cursing because of different views.  If you would like to start that up, let’s have it on what is the better Pop-Tart?  Frosted or not?

Good luck!



5 Responses to “Political talk is always a bad idea”

  1. gardenfreshtomatoes September 5, 2012 at 3:59 am #

    I hate Pop-Tarts, you low-life, junk food-endorsing slacker! Preservatives and artifical flavors are Of the Devil! Wharrrgarrrble!

    Food. It’s the New Politics….

    (And just as stupid…)

    • w101njf September 5, 2012 at 4:48 am #

      Are you one of those that doesn’t use a toaster with a Pop-Tart? Tsk-tsk!

      Candidates should all agree on one thing – canned cranberry sauce IS NOT good.

      • gardenfreshtomatoes September 5, 2012 at 5:07 am #

        But, it’s TRADITION! You can’t mess with it!
        Can-shaped jelly; cold, dead hands, etc. etc…

  2. George September 6, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    Politc-lovers take their beliefs to the extreme just like sports enthusiasts. As long as you’re civil, I don’t care which “team” you root for. 🙂

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