Random Updates

1 Aug

Don’t worry:  I won’t make any reference to Hump Day here (even though it is a Wednesday).  I like the sound of Lump Day better anyway.


I thought I’d just give you a little inside scoop of the week, what’s been going on here at Fakes Central and other random bologna.

It’s been a very random week – living up to this posts’ name.  Everything from a presentation, private class, press releases, putting together a book, shipping off work for clients and – whoo! – more.  A lot of what I’ve been doing I won’t go into detail here.  I figured I’d wait for a day to do an actual post on several of the things (like the presentation – where there should be some photos coming soon).

Let me just say that it’s been an enjoyable week doing more random stuff than just studio work.  As I’ve mentioned before, I love to get out.  Staying in is the hard part of cartooning.  As long as I make good on the weekends though, I can hang.  However, if I have a good excuse to get out and do work at the same time – I’m in.

One of my biggest focuses this week has been spreading the word about my Cartoon Your Pets business.  It is a business.  Along with everything else I do, I’ve labeled it as part of my income, so I’m putting other things aside and am going to start to rely on it.  And without as of yet marketing, it’s been trickling in with customers, so I’d consider it successful (not sure how several people have found out about it even).  However, it needs to be more successful.  Much more if I’m going to start relying on it to pay for that pesky Starbucks addiction.

So, this week I’ve been pitching it to every news media source in the Bay area.

I’ve had positive feedback from reporters and such.  BUT – as of right now, they seem to have hit a glitch.  I’ve been told that my story would be pitched.  That means it has to go through several people before it’s a go.  And I haven’t heard anything yet.  Not too sure if that’s a good or bad thing (I just sent these out today and yesterday).  Guess I’ll find out.  I’m the kind of guy that likes to hear news quick though.  I’m impatient like that, so it’s kind of a pacing back and forth for me waiting to hear back.

I think Cartoon Your Pets is definitely a news-worthy story though.  Honestly, not just saying that for self-promotion or anything, but c’mon – it’s for a good cause as well as helping me – a local business owner.  20% of all income is donated.  At any rate, I’m just hoping some news station, newspaper or website pulls through.  I do have one big giveaway coming up soon from a pretty big blog site, so that will be good and it will inform people about the site.  That should be sometime around mid-August.  Of course, I’ll let you know.

And hey – if YOU or anyone you know might want this service of mine, please let them know.  LICK HERE, er – CLICK HERE FOR CARTOON YOUR PETS.

Beyond that, soon I want to start organizing more presentations and classes.  I forgot how much I enjoyed them until this week.  It puts a bit more in perspective that there’s more than editors with the career path I’ve followed.  So, I’m starting to seep my way through my time management to get some good stuff going with this.  A new ‘Hire Nate’ tab is going to be installed here shortly for speaking, classes, presentation or for birthday parties dressed as a clown.  (Okay, I don’t dress as clowns but I could maybe pick up a cake for a large fee.)

Let’s see….more random, more random.  Hmm…sorry.  Just searching in my head for some more randomness from this week.  OH – I know!  How about a comic?

Above:  Break of Day’s $%&#ing cartoon from 7/31/12.  It seems rather %@ing popular, in case you &%$#*ing missed it.

And how about an intriguing video of my cat playing with a ping pong ball?

I could stare at that all day….

Anyhow, that will about do it for this evening!  Enough randumbness for you?  I hope.  Til next time, suckers.


4 Responses to “Random Updates”

  1. bearmancartoons August 1, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    Should have waited till after the Olympics and the lull.

    • w101njf August 2, 2012 at 8:21 am #

      Yea, but then for the next 6 months – or whatever – I’ll have the election to contend with. I figured I’d hop in early before all the hoopla.

  2. gardenfreshtomatoes August 2, 2012 at 3:26 am #

    Busy is good…so’s that comic from Tuesday!
    Your Kitty seems to have shaken-off the catnip DT’s…did she ever stop being terrified of that toy?

    • w101njf August 2, 2012 at 8:25 am #

      Ha…Yea, I have an update on the Devil Mouse.

      It was attached to a stick, so I clipped the mouse off of it. So, now she plays with the stick (and the stick has a feather on it, too). But STILL – the mouse terrifies her. I’ve tried slowly introducing it to her and everything. One time, she was sleeping, and unbeknownst to her, I put the mouse next to her. When she woke up and it shook the rug, the mouse squeaked and she jumped and ran! I don’t think she’s forgiven me for that one yet…..

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