Losers Beware

29 Jul

I find humor in subject matter than is opposite of what it would typically be.  Like, taking something that is supposed to be one way and having turn the other.  A little twist-er-roo.  Make sense?

A good example is this cartoon I did awhile back about Anthony Robbins.  If you don’t know who Anthony Robbins is (which, I’m pretty certain you’ve heard of him), he’s a motivational speaker.  Very upbeat – very positive.  So, I came up with the opposite.  I called him Anthony Throbbins and made him into an un-motivational speaker.  This is the kind of stuff I find funny.

Above:  Throbbins doing what he does best: belittling his supporters.

I got to thinking the other idea about a new concept.

You know how on Facebook you constantly see those uplifting messages or quotes that are really upbeat and supposed to make you feel good?  Well, what about messages that aren’t uplifting and make you feel bad?  You don’t see many of those.

SO – just for the fun of it, I came up with a couple of quick, black-and-white drawings featuring kids that have a very uninspiring message.  I call them Losertoons.

They’ve been really, um, I don’t know for me.  I don’t know what to think of them.

I find them funny.  But, I honestly don’t want to make people feel bad, and I think they’re very affective at doing just that.  I’m not sure if they’re funny or just sad?  I laugh at them, and then I actually start feeling kind of awful.  What to make of these, I don’t know.  I was excited to put them up on Facebook, but then I kinda felt bad about it.  They might have made someone have a bad day.

But are they funny?

Well, I laugh at them.

I don’t know if I’ll keep them up or not.  Listen, they take me a second (well, a couple of minutes  -tops) to make, and it’s kind of a fun idea, but I’m just not sure about them.  What do you think?  I’ve had several comments of people that love them and then there’s that silent majority.

Here they are.  At the bottom of this page.  You can find them on Facebook as well HERE.

Most of them are about failing, so Losertoons might actual self-destruct and do exactly what it preaches:  fail.

Or, I might find them in high demand.  Who doesn’t want to ruin a day?  For the life of me, after posting them up, I couldn’t really think of anyone that would re-post them.  Then again, I never thought Chick-Fil-A would be posted up all over social media for something other than chicken.

Below are the only two Losertoons I’ve done so far.  I’d love some honest, brutal feedback.  Let me have it.  Bad?  Funny?  Horrible?  Your thoughts might determine if any more Losertoons un-inspire others in the future.





2 Responses to “Losers Beware”

  1. gardenfreshtomatoes July 30, 2012 at 3:50 am #

    Conceptually, I like it. The first ‘toon, not so much…the second one is better, though. Think of your little loser as the anti-Ziggy…you’re old enough to remember Ziggy, right? 😉
    The tony Throbbins is awesome.

    • w101njf July 30, 2012 at 8:37 am #

      Ziggy…..yes, I know him quite well. I think mine is a bit anti-Ziggy and anti-quite a few things!

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m still a bit torn on them. As for Throbbins, I enjoyed doing that. I think maybe more Anthony Throbbins could be coming in the near future 🙂

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