Ramblings Review: Dark Knight Rises

22 Jul

I cringe when spending $10 for a movie ticket.  I cringed even more when I dished out $15 for an Imax.  Spending that kind of money, a person has to really hope and cross their fingers that it’s a good movie.  Ever watch a bad movie on an Imax?  I actually haven’t.  Yet, I know the feeling of the lesser regular movie ticket and watching something horrible.  You feel like you’ve been robbed of your time – and dough – for nothing.

But, my expectations were raised high.  I somewhat figured I wasn’t about to waste my money.  As an avid reader of the newspaper and Entertainment Weekly, I try to be “in” on movies.  The reviews tend to be pretty dead on.  When they get an ‘F’, I’ve noticed I wholeheartedly agree.  It deserves it like I deserved those back in high school on my exams.

The movie I was about to watch got A’s and B’s.  Plus, I mean, c’mon – it’s Batman!  (Although, that being said, remember the Batman movies with Val Kilmer or George Clooney Yowzers!  Those stunk worse than some of my blog post.)

So, off I went on Saturday afternoon to watch Dark Knight Rises.

Listen, I wont’ even go into the tragedy that happened in Colorado during the premier of the movie last Friday morning.  Well, I’ll go into it just a little bit.  First off, my hearts go out to the victims and families.  I couldn’t imagine having something like that happen.  I mean, these people were out for just a fun evening at the movies and a scum bag with guns ruins lives.  Amazing.  As long as there are guns, there will be morons, and things like this happens.  I’ve got my views on the gun laws and I think we’re way to lenient on people that have them.  There are high school kids around here packing heat with pistols in the news almost daily.  But, that’s the way it is now.  It’s just too bad.  And it probably wont change.  And even with gun laws more strict, some douche will still figure out a way to do something stupid – but at least it might not be quite as easy.

So, in the back of my head, through Dark Knight Rises, I did think about the tragedy.  There is gun violence in the movie, which is cool in a movie, but it kind of hits you harder knowing what happened while watching this.

But past all of that…

The movie was great!  I’m no movie reviewer either, so don’t expect an Ebert style review here, but I think the word great sums it up well.  It was exciting, thrilling and had a decent story line.  Of course, there were areas that were definitely far-fetched, but it’s a Batman movie, so you have to expect that.  Could you imagine a Batman in real life not being far fetched?

I’m not going to get into too many plot details because I don’t want to put any spoiler alerts in here.  But, the story happens roughly 7-8 years after the last movie.  There are quite a few changes with Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and his current state of living from the previous films.  I will say a lot of the movie doesn’t have as much Batman action as one might want, but it makes up for it in other areas of suspense and story.  A lot of it is due to Mr. Wayne’s presence being….unavailable.

The main villain, Bane (Tom Hardy), isn’t nearly as menacing as The Joker was (both the Nicholson version AND the Ledger one).  But, he comes across as – well – a pretty bad-ass villain.  You will notice instantly that Bane is hard to understand.  I missed out on a lot he had to say.  Most importantly though, I just wondered throughout the film how he ate breakfast with the sickly-looking, black mouth guard that he wore?  A silly straw?

Above:  “Mmmph, mph mmmp mpp.”  Translation:  “Feed me my chocolate milk.”

One part of the movie that kind of bothered me (why, I’m not too sure) was they kept showing shots of New York City, yet it was just referred to as Gotham City.  You can’t fool me, Christopher Nolan (director of the film).  I lived in NYC, so it’s pretty obvious when I see the Empire State Building that that is NOT Gotham.  But, I’m not sure how else they would’ve pulled off the elaborate city shots any better.  Hard to digitize and entire new city.  But, if there were a way….

A surprising factor for me was ol’ Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (aka Selina Kyle).  I’ve never been much of a fan of Hathaway’s other movies.  Listen, I know she’s a good actress.  Just in her other movies, it’s almost like she’s over-acting.  Like she knows she’s such a good actress that you can’t act over her (or something).  I dunno.  Personal opinion.  BUT (and this is a big but) she did awesome in this.  Really pulled-it-off.  I’m doubting she did all the actual punching and kicking that you see her do in the film (guessing either really cool stunt double or computer graphics that I can’t fathom) however it looks as though she does.  And her attitude is quite adorable.  Makes you want to pet her like a cat (okay, not really).

I’m not a comic book guy and I’ve posted before how I’m not an avid Star Wars buff or that into Sci-Fi.  But, I have enjoy the last three Batman films and I think this movie wraps them up quite well.  This is more, I don’t know – believable – than a lot of other superhero movies also.  Of course, it’s a stretch of the imagination that would never happen in real life, yet this movie makes you feel like it could.  Even though it can’t, you know.  Weird.

Again though, if you enjoy action movies and something with more bang-for-your-buck, definitely watch this movie.  And watch it in Imax!  Shell out that extra five dollars.  Well worth it.  I don’t think I would have enjoyed this movie on the regular screen or DVD.  Imax gives you the jolts, bangs and imagery that you deserve.  Don’t be cheap.  And if you cringe like I do spending that kind of money, just simply lay-off buying the popcorn.  Sneak candy in instead.

Movie:  Batman:  Dark Knight Rises

Rated:  PG-13

Nate Ramblings Grade:  A –


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