Holy Moses!

3 Jul

I think I’m beating a joke to death.  Hopefully I won’t get murder charges for it.

Today, my second Moses cartoon was published.  Now, nothing wrong with that.  However, there are quite a few Moses cartoons out there.   And for fear of copyright infringement, I won’t post them on here.  Well, I’ll post mine on here, but not other cartoonists’ material.  Still – trust me – there are a lot of Moses gags floating around there in our big cyber tank.  In fact, Moses cartoons almost fall in the same category as the already beaten to death Stuck on a Deserted Island and Counselor’s Couch gags.  Yet, I still continue to draw some of these categories.  For shame.  Can’t I think of more original material, Mr. Fakes?  Yes (sometimes).  But, I can’t help myself on occasions.  And Moses is no exception.  Blame it either on the cheesy Charlton Heston movie or my infatuation with long-bearded historical figures, but I have Moses gags seeping out of me.

Anytime I think of good Moses cartoons I sigh.  I’m like you, I think, “Enough already!  Christ, Nate, have you gone mad!  There’s enough already!”  Yet, like a magnet, my hand produces a cartoon.  Then I color it, touch-it-up and publish it.

Above:  “Look, right there!  Another freakin’ cartoon about me, man!”

I’m the same way when I come up with counseling couch cartoons.  I cringe producing it.  But I have a rule: It must be extremely funny.  You see that key word ‘extremely’?  Yea, that’s the ticket.  I have to have something that I think is definitely worthy.  And if I don’t laugh, it won’t be out there.  I wouldn’t dare.  Below is a few of my favorite cartoons of mine that I’ve drawn featuring a counselor and a couch.

I just noticed something:  I draw beards or mustaches and glasses on all my counselors.  Weird.

Anyway, one cardinal rule I’ve set for my self is NO DESERTED ISLAND CARTOONS!

My gosh there are too many of those things!  Gary Larson did enough and every, I mean every issue of The New Yorker has one as well.  ENOUGH!  Someone put a stop to them!  I mean, how many deserted islands are there out there anyhow that have just a patch of sand and a palm tree?  My guess is hardly any.  And if there are a bunch, they’re probably close to shore.

Also, Mr. Potato Head cartoons.  There are gobs of those as well.  Not that they aren’t funny, but there are just gobs of them.  And I don’t think kids even play with Mr. Potato Head anymore.  So, no, I will not participate in making gags from Potato Head.  If they come out with a Mr. French Fry Head I might hop in and throw some jokes out there.

Above:  “What?!  Why you gotta pick on me?  Punk.”

Here are my Moses cartoons.  There are only two of them – for now.  However, I know – I just know – I could probably create a whole book based on this guy.  And most the gags would reflect on what he’s known best for:  Parting water and holding up the Ten Commandments.

So next time you see any of the topics that I discussed in the Funny Pages by me, or someone else, keep in mind the temptations from a cartoonist to use these topics.  I’ve set my ground rules on, like I’ve mentioned, deserted island gags and Mr. Potato Head cartoons, but some cartoonist have no limitations, so you’ll see those again.  And you’ll probably see my mediocre limitations as well with more Moses cartoons in the future.  And definitely more counselor couch cartoons (in fact, there are some I’m about to finish up as I write this).

We all strive to be original and hope our take on these subjects will thrill and amaze you, the generous audience.  Hopefully get a laugh as well.  But, if I fail to do that with my attempts, please feel free to send a strongly worded email to me and viciously attack my efforts.

If any of these gags don’t show up in the near future, you’ll know that me, or someone else, has succeeded in beating it to death.  And me and other cartoonist might be attending a funeral at that time.  Hopefully, no murder charges pending.


6 Responses to “Holy Moses!”

  1. bearmancartoons July 3, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    How about moses parting his lawn and his wife complaining to a neighbor that she can never get him to actually cut the grass.

    • w101njf July 3, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

      There you go, see! Another great Moses premise!

  2. orinoco womble July 4, 2012 at 12:18 am #

    Many people miss the funniest part of the old Ten Commandments movie: the fact that when he changes his clothes and gets dirty, the woman who saved his life and “raised” him (or at least found a nanny to do it) doesn’t even recognise him. Basic premise of all Jacobean theatre, so I guess it still worked for some people.

    I think you *should* go for the book idea. Sounds good!

    • w101njf July 4, 2012 at 4:13 am #

      I should have a sit-down and really watch that movie again! Honestly, I don’t know that much about the guy. Just the stuff I do know has some comedy gems in it.

      Book? Hmm….ideas, idea.

  3. gardenfreshtomatoes July 4, 2012 at 4:06 am #

    Love the Red Tea…
    And, hey, couch strips are great…

    • w101njf July 4, 2012 at 4:14 am #


      I’m sure there will be more topical strips of the same nature soon!

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