Meet A Feline Fakes

2 Jul

I’ve always admittedly been a dog person.  I’ve always somewhat had dogs around growing up and I, like many, just plain love dogs.  You get attached to them and they’re family.  Nothing uncommon about that.  And there’s really nothing uncommon about any of this post, but you’ll see where I’m going with this soon (if, of course, you read on).

Above:  Illustration I did of my moms dog, Ursa, who lives in Ohio and I consider “my dog” as well.

My wife and I live in a studio apartment.  And it’s smack-dab in the middle (well, kind of the edge) of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.  So, we’re a little pressed with room and everything.  Being an artist, cartoonist, illustrator – whatever you want to call me – doesn’t help much either when I have a bulky drawing table, scanners, paper and other supplies to contend with.  But, we make room.  It’s not cramped (honestly).

All that being said, we’ve wanted a pet.  We’ve wanted one for awhile.

As mentioned above, I’ve always been a dog person.  My wife is, too.  But, it’s not exactly feasible to have a dog here.  I remember at our other studio downtown, one of our neighbors had a dog.  Every time they would leave, the dog would bark.  And not just bark, but howl.  And it added to my already abominable case of insomnia.  I knew I would never want to put anyone else through that, so imagining getting a dog and then us leaving to, lets just say for examples sake, go to buy groceries and have our dog barking unbeknownst to us was just not on my plate.  I wouldn’t put my worst enemies through that.

That leaves goldfish or cat.  (Yes, there are other animals, but we kind of narrowed it down.)

I’ve always liked cats (and goldfish too, for that matter).  Just, you know, have been a dog person.  However, after my work with SPCA (which can be found HERE) I’ve noticed that there are some pretty good cats out there.  And a cat would be probably a perfect pet.

I’ve had cats before.  I had them as a very small child, and I barely remember those cats.  I also had one out of high school.  Well, it technically wasn’t my cat, it was my sisters.  But, I was guardian of it for about a year or so.  And, let’s just say, it wasn’t the nicest cat.  Kind of turned me off from having a feline actually.  Still, I’m open minded about things.  One kitty isn’t every cat.

So, months ago, my wife and I started looking online at the SPCA website.  And there was one, fat feline that stuck out to us.  She was a little older (3 and a half years, to be exact), but something about the cat just stuck.

We decided to hold off.  We were going to be going to Ohio and we thought that if she was still there when we got back, we’d at least go there and meet the cat in person (or meet in animal, however you would say that).

The cat was there.  We woke her up from a nap while we went and visited.  I don’t think she was too happy about that.  I mean, I don’t like being woken up from naps, do you?

Besides that though, we fell in love.  She had been at the shelter for about 3 months.  Time for her to come home to the Fakes household.

So, meet Tiger!

Above:  We’re guessing it’s her bed now.

I can honestly say this is one cool cat.  It’s nerve-racking before you bring a new pet home.  You just never know for sure how they’ll be and act.  All you can do is base things on intuition and you’re brief little visit at the shelter.

Tiger is definitely “in”.

As I kind of thought, she instantly ran under the bed when we got her home.  That’s pretty typical, I think.  I mean, if I were a cat, I would do the same thing.  Imagine, here you are at a shelter taking a nice nap, then some weirdos walk in and wake you up.  They hold you, pet you and then act like they’re your family.  Then, someone puts you in a strange contraption (known as a cat carrier) and puts you in the hands of the people that woke you up.  And from there, you’ll put in a vessel that travels at a high rate of speed (car) and then placed in a new environment.  Your only escape might be under this big, bulky thing where you know the weirdos can’t reach you (bed).  Yea, I don’t blame you, Tiger.

Tiger came out from under the bed in about an hour.  She smelled around and realized we were alright.

Tiger is a perfect cat.  She’s kind of fat, so she doesn’t jump on the counter or anything.  She enjoys the bed, couch, treats and getting pet.  Shy?  No.  She has slept on our bed ever since she’s been here.  She doesn’t wake us up, but she does stare us down in the morning wanting food.  (And about the food part, we’re trying to find something she really likes.  She’s picky.  We’ve bought several brands now of wet cat food, and shuns it.  She eats the dry food, but I can tell she’s anxious for some wet cat food she can enjoy, so we’re trying some new stuff today.)  The cat has quite the personality on her as well.  She likes to roll around and smack at this feather toy.  She seems afraid of heights, because she won’t get close to our window (we’re on the 10th floor).  Lots of good attributes.

Dog person still?  I can say I’m both.  I’m surprised at myself (and my wife is equally surprised at her self) how quickly you can become attached to a good animal.  We’re both spoiling this cat like crazy already and am so happy we went to the SPCA on Saturday.  I was very hesitant.  Very.  I mean, we have been judging this cat by her picture for months now, but who knew she would live up to our thoughts of her in real life?  Amazing.  The thoughts racing through my head before we went there were everything from “the cat will destroy my plants” to “this cat will hate us” and “the cat will kill us while we sleep”.  None of it is Tiger.

So, Tiger is here as the newest Fakes.  Let’s hope she can handle the last name as well as we do.


On a side note, if you want to help support the SPCA and have your animal illustrated by yours truly, CLICK HERE for more info.


2 Responses to “Meet A Feline Fakes”

  1. gardenfreshtomatoes July 3, 2012 at 4:10 am #

    Congrats on becoming a Cat Daddy. They’re much easier than babies… 😉
    I had one that looked like her when I was younger. His name was Tigger.

    • w101njf July 3, 2012 at 6:07 am #


      Here name was already Tiger when we got her. She knows her name very well, so we wouldn’t even attempt to change it. At first though we thought it was kind of a weird name for a female cat, be she’s fond of it! Tigger is a good name as well!

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