Sunday Funday

19 Jun

After posting about health recently – guess what?  I’ve been under the weather!  Blame it on the air quality, workouts or like Michael Jackson would say, blame it on the boogie, but yes, I’ve had a bit of a rough week.  I looked up my symptoms (coughing, shortness of breath, lack of energy) and who knows.   There’s a million things out there.  Quite frankly, I think it’s because I’ve been taking good care of myself recently and so it’s like a detox because my body isn’t use to all the good stuff.  That is possible.  But, regardless of this, I’m feeling a tad bit better at the moment and I’m sure to be over this annoying thing soon.

But, I didn’t want to bore you with (cough) sick talk.

Despite feeling lousy, I had a chance to get out and enjoy several things this past Sunday.  Yes, I thought getting out might help.  And, not one to miss out on an opportunity, I went.  You see, right in front of my studio is Tropicana Field.  You mix that, with a friend calling up saying she had some free tickets to a Rays game with expensive seats 3 rows behind the dugout, ZZ Top, 3 Doors Down and – well – you get a Nate out of the house.

I’ve gone to quite a few Ray’s games this season.  They’re always fun.  What mixed up this game was the concerts (as mentioned above) after the game, right there at the Trop.  Who could pass that up (cough)? Only a sick person.

First off:  Rays won.  So, already, its a great start.  No point in going into too many details.  A normal baseball game with nothing too thrilling, but we did beat the Marlins 3-0, so that is always a sweet victory.

Next up though we had the shows.

Gretchen Wilson was the opener to all of this.  Not a fan of country, I expected little.  I knew who she was, but didn’t really know any of her songs that well.  So, I wasn’t really looking forward to it.  However, to my surprise, she played mostly rock.  And good rock.  Like, a lot of Led Zeppelin.  What the…..?  Hey, cool with me.  Made it worthwhile and glad I stayed to watch instead of hanging out with Raymond (Rays Mascot) wondering how he isn’t hot with all the fur.

After Gretchen, 3 Doors Down came on.  Another good show.  A lot more familiar with their stuff.  In fact, I believe I had their CD in the early 2000’s (boy that’s still weird to say).  They rocked it though. And it made me think back to the time when I used to buy CD’s.  Aaaa, the memories.

And finally, ZZ Top.  These guys just don’t stop.  We saw them once before.  They sound exactly like they do on their albums.  They played all the good stuff (‘Legs’, ‘Sharp Dressed Man’, ‘She’s Got Legs’ etc.).  They mentioned they went to our local Dali Museum and wasn’t too impressed.  It wasn’t weird enough for them.

Fantastic show though.  Long day?  Yes.  I set a new record for being in that stadium.  But, despite it all, I’m glad I went and would’ve regretted not going.

So, I just wanted to dish out a brief description of this Funday Sunday that happened several days ago.  I’ll be leaving for Ohio for the next several days so there probably won’t be a new post for a bit.  So sorry about that.  But hey, to make it up to you, how about pictures?  Pictures make everything better, right?

Okay, so below are some shots (some not of the best quality) of our little concert day.  And (cough) this persistent cough should be cleared up next time we talk.

Above:  Did I mention all the strikeouts we got?

Above:  …and they keep coming.

Above:  Raymond the mascot was not allowing us too many photo ops.

Above:  3 Doors Down

Above:  Yes, still 3 Doors Down.

Above:  Beard, guitar, funny outfit…hmm, who could this be?


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