More Misadventures of Nate and Kelsey in St. Petersburg

23 May

There’s a lot to do around here.  In fact, I’ve coined the term “over-stimulating” when describing where we live.  Constantly – daily, in fact – there is something to do in our area.  Between Rays games, beaches, festivals and occasionally getting a glimpse of a guy that dresses like Peter Pan (seriously, CLICK HERE) – entertainment abides.

Kelsey and I decided to take advantage of cruising around the bay several weeks ago.  Instead of trying to risk becoming our own captains and chartering a boat, we hopped on one that already had the enmities on-board (like, a captain) and decided just to enjoy ourselves.  Along with that, we scoured downtown with friends and livened up the area with our antics.  Some of which, as you will see, was captured on film.

We typically can indulge in things rather quickly.  In other words:  It’s hard for us to say “no”.  So, when opportunities arise and there’s a good excuse to have fun, we’re quickly ones to jump on it.  The good news is it’s all typically on the weekends.  Yes, I have a very productive week.  In fact, there is the occasional weekends as well where it’s all work and no play.  But, if we do head out, it can be mayhem but also it’s never dull.  Sometimes we can tend to scare away newly acquired friends that really can’t handle too crazy cats like ourselves.  Generally though, we’re on good behavior (yea, right).

So, back to our boat ride and downtown doings.

I find it best to describe things better through pictures sometimes, so I figure I’ll just post them up from A to Z and mention what’s happening, where we’re going, who’s doing this and that – you get the idea.  Hey, let’s just get to it.

Above:  The night before anything, it was beach time.  Actually, it was a wedding as well (our friends John and Jerrell).  So, here I am at St. Pete Beach enjoying some last minute sun before it gets dark.  This time of year, the water is warm (like a bath).  I actually enjoy swimming in January and the winter months when it’s nice and cold.  I’m a little crazy like that, but hey – I get the beach to myself and it’s actually a fun game for me to see how much of the cold I can take.  (It’s all a mental thing, you know.  If you get in cold water, it’s cold because you think it’s cold.  Just think about those Folgers coffee commercials and you’ll be just fine.)

Above:  Kelsey and I on the same beach.  Kelsey WILL NOT swim with me in the winter months.  She doesn’t think about those Folgers commercials, I guess.

Above:  The next day, we’re on a boat!  And did I mention, it was Kelsey’s birthday?  Well, it was.  So, this was a pre-downtown birthday event.  Breezy day, warm and no showers.  Not too shabby.  With this being Kelsey’s birthday, I’m pretty certain that’s not just a Kool-Aid in her hand.

Above:  The front of the boat.  What else would it be?  Sorry if some of these comments are obvious.  I could’ve said it was the sewage drain, but no one would believe me.

Above:  If you have several hundred (or thousands) of dollars to play with, spend it here at the Don Cesar Hotel on St. Pete beach.  It’s an old historic motel built – I believe – in the 1930’s.  All I know is it’s supposed to be haunted and a bunch of celebrities always stay here.  I’ve actually never even stepped inside of the place (no, I’m not scared of ghost).  Looks nice.  I’m not sure it can top our Motel 6 that we usually stay at when on the road.

Above:  Us again.  We’re on top of the boat.  Drinking (squinting eyes) something?  Not too sure.

Above:  Kelsey with the captain.  He was pleasantly amused that she wanted a photo with him.  He was not amused when she asked to steer the ship (okay, she wanted to ask him but didn’t).

Above:  Us and several members of our posse as the events kick-off for Kelsey’s birthday bash.  We’re off the boat and ready to go.  Everyone that attended had a good time.  The man next to our table where this photo was taken did not has as much fun.  He thought we were loud.  Us?  Loud?  Now, that’s funny.

Sorry to say, but those were all the photos from that 24 hours.  There might be some more resurfacing soon.  And, if not, there are plenty more photo displays to come on here.  We don’t just go out for the birthdays.  Like I mentioned – there’s always something happening around here.

Next misadventure photo blog:  Nate and Kelsey’s Peter Pan Adventure.  (Joking…..joking.)


3 Responses to “More Misadventures of Nate and Kelsey in St. Petersburg”

  1. bearmancartoons May 23, 2012 at 4:24 pm #

    Happy Birthday Kelsey…hope you weren’t too hung over.

    • w101njf May 23, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

      Ha! Like THAT would happen!

  2. Kelsey May 30, 2012 at 7:25 am #

    Thanks bearman!!

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