I’ve Been Lagging

6 May

I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again, but I apologize for my lack of commitment to Nate Ramblings here and not posting regularly.  For my dear readers, all I can offer you is cookies and milk if you happen to be in the St. Pete area anytime soon.  I’ve been – like everyone else on earth – busy.

What have I been doing besides slacking on blog writing?

Well, as many of you know, I’ve launched my illustration endeavors recently.  Illustration jobs haven’t exactly been rocketing in.  Good stuff is happening on the greeting card end as I’ve sold several more.  And – of course – my Break of Day feature continues onward and I’m happy with the result.  If only it could just beat out Snoopy….

I was inspired recently to do something that I’ve always wanted to do – but never quite figured out a good way to do it.  And that is support animal shelters.  Call me a hippie, pud or whatever, but I enjoy helping the animals.  If there’s one organization I enjoy helping it’s shelters – they need it.

So, I put my thinking cap on (it’s not an actual cap – more like hair follicles) and after an auction I did several weeks ago, I decided to launch a side business drawing peoples pets.  And every order helps contribute to a shelter of the customers choice (20% – to be exact).

I’ve had a lot of request recently to do this, and it is going well.  Plus, I enjoy drawing the little guys.

I have just launched Cartoon Your Pets.  I’m excited about it and it’s getting a lot of positive attention already without even promoting it.  And if you’re reading this – you’re one of the very few that get to stop in first.

I’m hoping that this will be a successful side business for me as I continue in my cartooning profession.  It’s a great way I can contribute as well.  Until I’m financially stable from Break of Day syndication being bigger than Peanuts, a guys gotta eat, and this seemed like a great way to help me do that.

I hope you check it out.  And if I could ask one thing – PLEASE spread the word!  Share it, post it or anything would be great appreciated.  It’s a small business, but I’m hoping it does well along with my other projects.  It’s a nice fit.  Woof.  CLICK HERE to see it.

Also, I am going to make a REAL effort to load up this blog more.  I actually have a lot of things I’m anxious to write about, but that time thing, you know.

Thanks for hanging in with me.



4 Responses to “I’ve Been Lagging”

  1. bearmancartoons May 6, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

    Posting on G+

  2. Sandra May 7, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

    Hey, we are just glad you’re back.

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