The Week of Cartoons Jan. 9th thru Jan 15th

16 Jan

As I type this, I’m watching a pretty lame movie: The American with George Clooney.

Above:  The catchy cover of the movie that makes you excited to watch but only makes you resort to blogging.

Okay, I just shut it off.

The movie has prompted me to type out this evening The Week in Cartoons an hour early or so.  Normally I wouldn’t have a movie playing on a Monday night, however, our lovely Direct TV has been out for a couple days, so I grabbed this one at the Blockbuster box at my local Publix (thanks again for that, Direct TV).  I thought it was going to be – you know – good.  However, I’m starting to think maybe I should have went with Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never.  At least then I’d know that I would be wasting my time watching.

Above:  If you’re not friends with time, kill it with this movie.

Jan. 9th Cartoon

Luckily, my concentration is OFF the movie, and now I can focus my attentions on this blog.

Jan. 10th Cartoon

Wow.  My concentration still must be a little off!  I totally forgot to comment on the January 9th cartoon.  Whoops.  Well, I’ll start to make up for it here.  Sorry about that, but that’s what happens when you watch a crappy movie.

Jan. 11th Cartoon

You know, it really drives me nuts when I waste my time with a movie that’s bad.  I’m usually pretty good about picking out stuff.  Honestly, I know my movies.  That’s why when I get one, I typically have a winner.  I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly, read the reviews and generally I agree with most of the critics – they seem to know what they’re talking about.  However, tonight’s movie, what can I say – I winged it.  I read the description, it looked good (well, read good is more appropriate) and I decided to go with it.  Plus, I had a coupon for a free movie.  So, how could I go wrong?

Above:  Scene from The American.  You’ll want this girl to shoot you while watching this.

Actually, I went really wrong.  I watched an hour and a half of it before giving up and launching into this blog post.  And now, I’m still not totally tuned in to what I’m doing.  As far as I can tell, I keep writing about The American when I’m supposed to be commenting on this past weeks comics.

Jan. 12th Cartoon

That’s how watching a bad movie can mess with me.  I just start screwing everything up.  Here I am again, not typing anything about the featured comic above (the Jan. 12th Cartoon) and I just keep going on and on about the movie.

The thing is:  I hate wasting time.  I really do.  And I just feel like I was robbed out of an hour and a half.

Above:  SPOILER ALERT:  She tries to leave the movie the quick and easy way.

Jan. 13th Cartoon

Yes, it was my fault for watching.  I really didn’t HAVE to, but when you get a free movie rental, there’s that internal urge like you have to.  I think that’s because of all that’s behind it.  I had to physically walk to the grocery store, bring my coupon, pick it up, bring it home and get a lot of work done BEFORE I put it in so that I wouldn’t feel guilty about relaxing.  And then, there’s the task the next day in reverse (except the work thing typically happens after I get the movie back).

And all of this still has nothing to do with The Week of Cartoons.

Jan. 14th Cartoon

I’ve seen worse movies in my life – trust me.  But this one was just, I don’t know, slow and boring.  A pretty bad combination when you assumed the movie was going to be a James Bond-like action thriller.  Total letdown.  It didn’t nearly live up to my expectations like Benji the Hunted did.

Above:  Benji peeing on the carpet is more exciting than The American

Jan. 15th Cartoon

And that’s that.

I just blew it.  A whole blog post absolutely ruined by a bad movie.  And you, you poor reader, had to suffer as well since I didn’t do my typical explanations of the cartoons and other stuff that gets posted here on Monday’s.  Wow.

Well, maybe I can just sum it up as wash.

Maybe since it was so bad, I can convince you to try a lighter version of my material by SUBSCRIBING to Break of Day for FREE HERE.  Or, by heading to Facebook to get your daily dose of post that DON’T consist of movies like The American.  In fact, rarely do I mention the word ‘movie’ on Facebook, so it’s not nearly as movie-oriented as this post.

Okay, I’m settling down.

Until the next bad movie…


2 Responses to “The Week of Cartoons Jan. 9th thru Jan 15th”

  1. gardenfreshtomatoes January 17, 2012 at 5:42 am #

    George Cloony – is there anything that man CAN’T do?
    (Other than choose a good project, obviously…)

    • Nate Fakes January 17, 2012 at 7:06 am #

      I actually like most of his movies – that’s why I was surprised by this one. I’m sure a lot of his fans though will enjoy it’s slow paced action (which, thinking about it – there is none).

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