The Week of Cartoons Jan. 2nd thru Jan. 8th

9 Jan


I’m happy to be up-and-at-em’ again.  How so?  Well, I’m catching up from practically a month away from my studio after my World Tour (read more about that HERE).  I’ve found playing catch-up quite liberating.  Anyway – I’m slowly getting there.  And in the meantime, I’m adding MORE projects to scrape away at (rather quickly for those with deadlines).  I’m telling you,  I’m anxious for this year.  I’ve got some exciting new clients and areas with my art that I’ve never really done before (on some of them) but am finding that there’s some pretty fun stuff out there along with drawing a daily comic strip.  I would’ve dove into a lot of these areas years ago, but I didn’t.  So, now I’m discovering lots of goodies.  I’ll post updates as they come – but I’ll just say that I’m busy – in a good way.  So, cheers to 80 hour work weeks!

As with everything else, so far all is going well.  I guess the only thing is I’m still having a hard time building an audience for my Ramblings here, but honestly, there’s not much learning material around these parts to read anyhow.  If you are reading this, you’re in the 99 percent – kind of like the Occupy Wall Street people.  (Except, my 99% is based on people who DON’T read and my number is a lot less exciting.)

I thought putting in some search engine words would help us out here – AND IT HAS!   However, I’ve found that people looking for a List of Gerbils in the Chicago Area rarely return after finding me.  To see what I’m talking about, CLICK HERE.

So thank you, returning readers.

AND – since you are spending your valuable time wasting it at this site, I’m happy to show you The Week of Cartoons! (Here’s where some catchy music would come in handy.  I betcha catchy music attracts an audience, doesn’t it?)

January 2nd Cartoon

Of course I’m going to hear it:  Potty Humor.

It’s really funny to me how some people think that potty humor is so awful.


If I find something funny – potty humor or not – I’ll typically do it.  Potty humor is not offensive.  And like those Charmin’ Bears say, “We all GO, so ENJOY the GO!”

Above:  The BUTT of many potty humor jokes.

I don’t think alligators would mind me exposing the world to what they go through.

Above:  The eyes say it all.  I’m guessing Number 2.

January 3rd Cartoon

This is one of those cartoons I really like, so – of course – it didn’t seem to spark much of a reaction on the comments page at GoComics.

Comments are either good or bad.  If I get a ton of them, it’s usually because the strip is really good and people love it, or it’s NOT good and it’s mostly negative feedback.

If I don’t get hardly any comments, I’m not sure how to take it a lot of times.  Good?  Bad?  Better than Marmaduke?  It always gets me thinking, “What do you think?  Anyone?  Anyone?

January 4th Cartoon

I checked out a couple of show on TLC about a polygamist family.  I don’t know.  I mean, hey – if that’s what floats your boat, I’m not going to make fun of it.  But, really?  Honestly, can the ‘husband’ really not be in it for ONE thing (or maybe two) only?  I’m just not sold on the whole thing and I keep hearing about sickos and pervs involved with all of it.  Sure, they say it’s for religious reasons, but… really?

I don’t know enough about it to really comment here.  All I see though is one guy with a bunch of women – and it’s okay.  This guy isn’t high-fiving his buddies during his off-time?

And the women – are they really happy with this?  I mean, what’s up with their outfits?  I’m no fashion experts, but I think even Mother Teresa would tell them to tone it up a bit.

Above:  The wives donning their new sexy summer wear.

I dunno.

Something about it doesn’t really sit right.  Maybe that’s why it’s illegal in a lot of places.  But, since my cartoon is about lions, I hope it didn’t offend anyone.  Lions practice polygamy – just they can’t marry (I believe that would be illegal as well).  I guess I hope I didn’t offend any lions.

Oh, and I guess I DID make fun of polygamist before!  (No, not lions.)

Awhile back, I did a cartoon called The Drunken Polygamist for MAD Magazine.  It was ultimately rejected, however, here are a couple of snippets for you.  Enjoy!

Click image for larger view

Click image for larger view

January 5th Cartoon

Puffer fish.

I think if I had an aquarium in my home, I’d probably get one of these things.  Although, I’d want it to puff up a lot, and I’m not sure they do it on cue.  I wonder if I could train one to do it?  Now THAT would be a fun fish.  And a possible America’s Got Talent act.  (Since cartooning in front of an audience is about as much fun as playing with moth balls.)

January 6th Cartoon

I actually drew this cartoon well over a year ago, but it was never posted up, so I decided to go ahead and use it.

What I liked about this one is it would be true:  The Tooth Fairy would be a hoarder.

If Fairy is paying out THAT much money for a lousy tooth/teeth, she (or maybe it’s a he?) better keep it if she is brave enough to sneak in a home in the middle of night, nonchalantly creep under a pillow and – unbeknownst to the kid – take the tooth and leave some cash.

Or, maybe it’s just a sick obsession of hers that’s worth paying for.  It’s like a crack addict – she’s GOTTA get her fix in – and it’s worth the dough.

I can probably say with certainty that we will probably know.  Why?  Well, I’m starting to guess the tooth fairy doesn’t exist.  (If so, dentist offices would probably have pretty good security. )

Sorry, kid readers of mine (which is probably zero).  Didn’t mean to break it to you here, so once again, sorry.  Just be sure to swing back by around Christmas time when I discuss my take on how Santa doesn’t exist.

January 7th Cartoon

Someone pointed out to me that the early worm gets ate.

I’m trying to put that analogy into perspective on my own life.  I guess that means maybe I should be a late worm?

January 8th Cartoon

I had a hard time with this one.

Okay – I wanted it to come across as the guy is “dead” or isn’t getting up anytime soon.  However, I didn’t want people to think that he ate the fish food or something and THEN died.  No.  That isn’t the premise.  Basically, I wanted to put the fish food in just as an extra element, but his perishing (or passing-out) isn’t really known.  Did it come across that way?  I don’t know.  I think so, but this cartoon took a lot of erasing, re-drawing and more erasing.  In fact, I think I went through an entire eraser on this.  Poor eraser.

Do I like the way it turned out?  Yes.  I can say that about a particular cartoon when I look at it and see NOTHING else that should have been added or taken away.  And this one – I think turned out good.  All except for my over-analyzing it here on this post.  Gosh, I do that a lot.  Just please tell me to shut-up next time.


Okay, well – that is it!

Another week down – another one to go.

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Until next time!


2 Responses to “The Week of Cartoons Jan. 2nd thru Jan. 8th”

  1. gardenfreshtomatoes January 10, 2012 at 6:14 am #

    Nice week!
    I’m partial to the alligator…which you’ll understand if you’ve had a chance to swing by my place recently….
    And, Kid – if you ain’t funnier than Marmaduke, you need to hang it up.
    (No worries. You are.)

  2. w101njf January 10, 2012 at 7:29 am #

    Why….THANK you!

    I’ll try to stay the course on top of Marmaduke (er, wait…that didn’t sound right.)

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