The Week of Cartoons December 19th thru December 25th

27 Dec

First off, I hope you are having a great holiday.  Okay…I’m a day late with this to (this post).  Sue me.  Consistency is something I’ll have to work on in 2012 (since I failed miserably at it in 2011).  But anyway, were the holidays good for you?  How else could I start this post out without asking?  I mean, IT’S CHRISTMAS!  Well, it was Christmas several days ago.  At any rate, whether you celebrate the holidays or not, I hope you’ve been having a good season toward this end of this 2011.

Me?  Oh my.  I feel so lazy.  Here I am on an extended time away from my studio (partly the reason for this being late since an internet connection is a rarity where I am).  Yea, I’m still not home.  I’m on the road.  My sabbatical is almost over though.  I will be back at the helm by the end of this week.  And boy, am I anxious to get back on the drawing board.  Not that I don’t love a little break, but I can’t wait to jump into 2012 and try to have the best year ever of my cartooning endeavors.  2011 was a banner year work-wise.  Between syndication, newspapers and other notable projects that came together – I can’t complain.  However, my industry still isn’t exactly “thriving”, but I remain optimistic and can’t wait to see what I can do with the resources out there.  I guess I’m a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy….whatever that means.

Anybody else set goals at the beginning of the year?

Besides cutting back on the donuts, I’ve got some (goals).  Some of it is real basic stuff, and others are more grandiose.  The big one of 2012?  Money.  Listen, I don’t need to be a rich man.  Wealth might be nice, but honestly, I’m happy getting by.  As I’ve written about before, even with syndication and other work, I might have to get an actual day job at a work place to make the Benjamen’s.  That – I would love to avoid.  And you know what?  I might.  If these New Year resolution work out for me, I can continue my work without interruption (day job).  It will be tougher passing on chocolate Long Johns and glazed donuts though.

Okay, I’m going to keep this weeks The Week of Cartoons kind of short and sweet (sweet like a donut that I so crave).  Here we go!

December 19th Cartoon

I am the TYPO CHAMPION!  I seriously am becoming a pro at typos.  Again, seriously, what is wrong with me?  How can I let some of these slip through the gate.  Today’s major ‘oops’ is the word rivets.  Notice the above comic.  Can you spot the word?

Me, while trying to retain my typo championship, wrote rivots in the balloon.  I added the ‘O’ and let it go (hey, that rhymes).

You know, I can mope and be pretty down on myself about that one, but I’m not.  I’m slowly accepting the fact that I’ll have to expect several major typos in my career.  It has happened to Shultz, Larson and even on Sesame Street (the Count isn’t always very clear either when analyzing numbers).  But my typos are just stupid.  What the —- was I thinking?

Rivots (smacking myself on top of my head).

It about ranks above my typo of electronical from a few post ago.

Here’s a New Years Resolution, Nate.  How about TYPO PREVENTION!

December 20th Cartoon

While I type the rest of this, I might as well iron out several new resolutions.  Another one – rabbit cartoons.

I find that I’m enjoying cartoons with rabbits.  So, I think I’ll draw more of them.  And the above ‘toon got a lot of laughs (yea, I could hear all of you laughing at your computer screens and newspaper).  Also, think of the material; there’s tons!

Let’s see how many rabbit jokes I can install a typo into in 2012.

December 21st Cartoon

Do you see any typos in the above cartoon?  I don’t.  So, that probably means there’s one in there.  Please, someone point it out to me.

December 22nd Cartoon

I actually drew this one roughly a year ago, but decided to go ahead and post it again – now that Break of Day is syndicated (and actually has a relatively large audience).

Why?  Well, I kind of like it.  And also, I’m pretty certain I left a typo out of it.

December 23rd Cartoon

I actually had an animal activist contact me about how this “isn’t a laughing matter” featuring lobsters about to get boiled.


I draw a lot of cartoons with animals in chaotic situations because  – surprise – I like animals.  I’ve never hunted, I don’t fish and I’m a big supporter of everything, well – animal-ish.  But, lobsters and a hot tub…It’s a joke, silly.  Take it as one.

I wonder if this same person laughed at the Popeye cartoons when Popeye would hit Bluto?  Poor Bluto.  The guy suffered immensely.  What sick human being would laugh at a dignified adult being plummeted by a sailor high on spinach?  (Okay, I would.)

Above:  This man suffered punches from Popeye on a regular basis.  Plus, I’m sure he never boiled lobsters.

December 24th Cartoon

I’ll be the first to admit – I saved some of my not-so-favorite material for the holidays.  I did it because readership drops quite a bit this time of year for everyone because people are more focused on Santa than cartoons.

I like the ballerina spraying her pits – but I kind of thought a lot of people wouldn’t ‘get it’ or enjoy it as much as me.

But, it turned out that it seemed kind of popular.  Even more to my surprise, I’ve had a huge spike in Break of Day subscriptions over Christmas (which if you don’t have already, CLICK HERE).  Who would of thought!  (It might just be fans of typos that wanted to hop on board to see how many more will come about.)

December 25th Cartoon

Another oldie.

I drew this one last year, but found it appropriate for the big day.  Enjoy.

The best thing about it is there are no words, so I CAN’T include a typo!


Okay, well, I mentioned to you I was going to keep this brief.  You really didn’t want me to write too much rambling today anyhow, did you?  I mean, I’m sure you’re gearing up for New Years parties and still eating that leftover ham.  Just please be excited for me that I managed to type this post while STILL away from the studio.  Amazing, isn’t it?

In the words of Jim Carey:  Alllrighty then – that’s the conclusion of The Week of Cartoons.  Please, you hardcore Facebook Freaks, hit the button below and ‘Like’ us.  There will be a lot of stuff happening in the social media market shortly, so our page is a MUST if you like a lot of extra garbage that you necessarily don’t need.


3 Responses to “The Week of Cartoons December 19th thru December 25th”

  1. Dennis Fakes December 27, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

    You need an editor. I am a firm believer in editors–people with different sets of eyes who spot things I might overlook. I greatly value good editors.

    Good stuff though! Rivoting material!

    • w101njf December 27, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

      Maybe I can hire one in 2012?

  2. amirahrais December 27, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

    Reblogged this on Lttle Sweety.

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