The Week(s) of Cartoons December 5th thru December 18th

19 Dec


It’s here.  Oh, it’s finally here!  The Week of Cartoons that WASN’T published last week has now arrived as a two-week mega special.  This sucker is chock full of so many cartoons that your eyes will hurt after reading all of them.  And your head will hurt after reading my long, drawn-out writing that accompanies everything.  Aspirin is probably in the cabinet.

As I mentioned here, I’ve been out-and-about the last week and I haven’t had access to a computer – let alone internet.  Unfortunately, there’s no print edition of this blog, so the only way to get it is if I do it all on a computer and internet.  So, mathematically, it doesn’t add up to post.  (And I’m guessing it takes a computer to do even a print edition anyhow, so that really didn’t have much to do with anything.)  It HAS added up though to a nice break and I’m anxious to get rolling with things again (well, not technically ‘rolling’ but maybe hopping).

Hey – let’s get to it!

December 5th Cartoon

I don’t have a cat.  I guess I’ve always been more of a dog person.  Dogs don’t mind getting wet – cats do.  Why is that?  Cats seem so keen on cleaning themselves constantly, I’d assume an animal like the feline would enjoy water to wash up.  Instead, they like to lick themselves.  And that seems to clean them.

Cats – I’ll never understand you.

December 6th Cartoon

Typo time!

I am slowly becoming a typo pro.  I’m going to write a post on that soon.  Though I was sly and fixed this cartoon, it had a typo in it.  Well, not technically a typo, but a made-up word.  Yes, even at my age, I’m still making up words.

I’m not to blame though.  I assumed THIS WAS  a word!  How could it not be?  It sounds so good.

What word am I talking about?  Well, the word is electronical.

Originally, the caption read:  The real reason why you should turn off electronical equipment before takeoff and landing.

I mean, c’mon!  ELECTRONICAL.  THAT’S not a word?  I naturally assumed it was, and let this comic post with all its typo glory unbeknownst to me that I had a made-up word included.

Cartooning easy?  Here’s a prime example of when it’s not.  Who would have thought that wasn’t a word.  Electronical….  jeezum (another made-up word I just came up with).

Don’t worry.  There will be plenty of typos to come, so you’ll have your chance to point them out and easily make fun of them soon.

December 7th Cartoon

Being behind with the times, I had no idea what planking was until about six months ago.

A friend of mine kept texting me, “Have you planked yet?”  (back when I had a cell phone).  I was getting frustrated because I didn’t know what he was talking about.  To me, it sounded like something that happens after taking some kind of psychedelic drug.  Not being a narcotic user, I couldn’t understand what it was.

Thanks to Google, I was quickly able to pull it up.  And from there, it seemed like every corner had a picture of a person planking.

Now, the big fad is Tebowing.

Above:  Tim Tebow Tebowing.  Or possibly contemplating suicide.

I don’t know.  All of it seems silly.

I think I’ll stick to sitting.

December 8th Cartoon

It was pointed out to me that this cartoon is similar to one that was done before by Dan Reynolds (which, I highly recommend reading his comic, Reynolds Unwrapped).  Here’s a link to Dan’s cartoon HERE.

This has happened before.  I avidly try to avoid this kind of situation.  In fact, I have numerous single-panel cartoon books that I read to see what NOT to do.  I’ve scratched a lot of good ideas that I’ve had because I think to myself that it just had to have been done already.  Usually, my instinct is right.

With my Dog and Tattoo cartoon above, I was on the edge of not doing it because I had that gut feeling that it was too good of an idea to not have been done.  And, I was right – it was done in a similar fashion.

Of course, this kind of thing happens, like I mentioned.  A few great moments of similarity in history are:  Coke and Pepsi, chick flicks, Nates Ramblings and spam, etc.

December 9th Cartoon

This wasn’t near as sad as Hot Sauce of Arabia.

December 10th Cartoon

Poor spiders.

I so often see them build a web in the most horrible places.  I’ve seen them put up on my car tires, broom handles and other spots where disaster is just waiting to demolish their precious home.

Spiders should hire a good contractor before construction, because I don’t think they think location through too much as it is.

December 11th Cartoon

I had a fun time coming up with this one.

I flipped through a Chinese menu, and looked for the item that had the funniest name.  There are a lot of them. Kun Bow Chicken and Moo Shu Pork almost made the cut for this cartoon.

At the end though, Moo Goo Gai Pan takes the cake.  I’ve never actually eaten the stuff, so I’m not sure about its after affects.  Typically though, any Chinese food can lead to many bathroom trips.

December 12th Cartoon

Recently, I’ve been coming up with a lot of baby cartoons.  They always say, “Write what you know.”  Well, I go against the grain and often times write about things I don’t know.  I don’t know much about kids (and looking at the rest of Break of Day’s material, I don’t really know much about any of it).  Babies though are funny to me.  They have odd-shaped heads, they burp and smell.  Hundreds of comedic material there (just like with Chinese food, the toilet humor here is priceless).

Drawing babies is new to me as well.  I erased this comic over-and-over trying to ‘fine-tune’ the way they look.  I kept making them – well – ugly, and I was trying to go for the cute factor.  Ever try drawing a baby?  It’s not very easy (at least for me).  They just didn’t look right after drawing them.  BUT – I’m pretty happy with the final results.  And now maybe I can draw babies better.  Maybe….

December 13th Cartoon

I’ve worked hard trying to come up with a funny raccoon cartoon.  Here again, like the babies, kind of new territory.  Raccoons are a little tough to get material out of.  I guess I just don’t know much about them (again, like babies).  Typically, the first thing that comes to my mind when trying to write a gag for the critters is a black eye joke.  But, that can run thin and everything I wrote wasn’t very funny (like a lot of my blog post).

I like this one though.  AND it included somewhat of a black eye joke.

As a kid, I always was scared to death of raccoons because I heard how nasty they were.  And if you cornered one, they would rip your head off.  Do they really?  I’m not sure I want to try.  Without a head, I wouldn’t have an easy time cartooning.

December 14th Cartoon

This idea is from my love of trains.  I love train travel and I wish America had a better network of railroads to travel on.

Call me old fashioned, but I’ve taken the train from Ohio to California, Chicago to New Orleans and many trips to Kansas.  It’s a great way of traveling because you DO meet interesting characters and you get to relax.  There’s also nothing like eating dinner while going 90 miles per hour through the desert.  The bar car isn’t too shabby either.

I’m hoping that in my lifetime trains will make a comeback.  Most other countries have a nice rail transportation system.  Why don’t we?  Who knows.  Lets just blame it on gnomes.

Above:  The perfect way to travel and look for snowmen.

December 15th Cartoon

Okay, a lot of people didn’t get this one right away.

Look.  Just look closer.



Got it?  GOOD!

Yes, the whole gag is the air freshener, silly!

Many people took notice of the axe and assumed it was something to do with an ax murderer.  This isn’t The Shining.

Again, with this cartoon, I found a similar one in The NewYorker with a tree driving a car and a human air freshener.  I’m not a plagiarist, I swear.  I actually drew this several months ago and just now got around to posting it.  However, I can’t prove that.  Let’s just hope I don’t have a hot streak of similarities with other cartoons.  I’ve been racking them up here recently.  Break of Day doesn’t need a lawsuit.  I could go for a cookie though.

December 16th Cartoon

Ah, sharks!

Do sharks have lessons in circling prey?  This kind of situation could happen if not.

December 17th Cartoon

I could never handle mouse traps too well.  When I worked at a restaurant, we had mice. (I won’t tell you where – just in case you’re going there for dinner tonight.  I would hate to spoil that for you.)  Every morning I would have to check the walk in and see if we caught one.  And of course, we did.

So, I’d have the unpleasant job of picking them up and throwing the trap and dead mouse in the trash.

They don’t learn too well from their buddies that you avoid the food that is on a wooden trap.  If I saw my friends get picked off at a McDonald’s drive thru, I’d probably turn around and go to Taco Bell instead.


December 18th Cartoon

Do these t-shirts really exist?  I might actually want one for myself that has an arrow pointing up for every time I go through a McDonald’s drive thru (like the one I mentioned just a moment earlier).  I keep eating the stuff, then I feel like crap – and I eventually go back again.  Stupid?  Yes.


Okay, folks, that IS our weekly wrap up.  Or in this case – TWO week wrap-up!  Whew.  My fingers are tired.

I hope it was worth reading and your eyes aren’t strained too much.  And that Aspirin?  Did you take that already?  Good for you if you did.  Maybe your head isn’t hurting as bad as it would’ve after reading this nonsense.

And as always, Facebook Fanatics, click our little box below and ‘Like’ us.  You know you want to.  And for a daily dose of cartoons straight to your inbox, subscribe to Break of Day for FREE here.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and it taste much better than a fruit cake.

Hope your holiday shopping is over and you’re enjoying egg nog.


2 Responses to “The Week(s) of Cartoons December 5th thru December 18th”

  1. gardenfreshtomatoes December 19, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

    Jeebus, you really ARE a baby aren’t you? “Do those shirts exist…” They did in the late 70’s, and my guess is Think Geek probably has them now…

    Ok, kid, here’s the skinny (another old-fart phrase you probably never heard) – raccoons are the P.H.D. candidates of the lower mammals. The little shit who spent last winter raiding my bird-food stores might even be their High King…he pried the lids off the metal cans the food was stored in, and picked all the peanuts out, leaving me with a back porch that looked like a sports bar after a Pats game…shells everywhere. The morning I caught him out there, he looked at me through the glaas door, and actually *waved* at me…as if to say, “Hey, you’re here! I saved you some….”
    TONS of good material, but you need to know them a little better.

    Same goes for babies…you drew them well,but…go hang out with some, ok? You’ll thank me…and so will everyone else, after it convinces you not to ever have one of your own…

    And, the last bit of old-lady logic for tonight – wine is always better than asprin…

    • Nate Fakes December 20, 2011 at 5:33 pm #

      I’m a cartoonist, so yea – I’ve never really grown up I suppose.

      As for raccoons, with all the trouble they seem to have caused you, there might be more golden material relating to them than I realize. Let me know your next misadventure with them, and a good idea might spark!

      Hang out with babies? Whoa…now that’s asking a lot. How about inconsistent baby cartoons instead, huh?

      Where’s my wine?

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