The Week of Cartoons November 28th thru December 4th

5 Dec

Along with a week of cartoons, it’s been a week of electronic failures.  Last week, I suffered through the loss of a power cord which left me without a computer for about a week.  And today?  Well, we had a power outage this morning.  For some reason the outage destroyed my DirectTv receiver – so now I’m without television until Thursday (well, SATELLITE television).  What’s going to happen next?  My oven overheats?

I have taken a step backwards electronically though recently, so I’m not sweating it out or in depression over it.  For example, I’ve now been cell phone-free for four months.  And you know what?  I don’t miss it at all.  The texting, the constant gripes of hearing, “You had your cell phone…why didn’t you pick up?!” and the beeps, bops and other annoying sounds they make.  Ugh.  I hated it.  I have a home phone.  Yea, just like in the 20th century.  It rings and I pick up.  If I miss your call, I don’t even have an answering machine, so I don’t even have to deal with long, drawn-out messages.  My friends and family hate my cell-less lifestyle – but I love it.  Wouldn’t change a thing.

Above:  A person who has to pick up because he’s available.

I do like my television and computer though.

So, through all of this, I’ve had to resort to reading more.  Strange, I know.  Luckily, I don’t have a Kindle or I-Pad, so my physical books never crash, break or lose power cords.  Honestly, I’d say books are better technology than anything on the market right now.  Can an I-Pad last hundreds of years and still function?  We shall see (well, actually, we probably won’t see because I’m pretty certain we’ll all be dead by then).

Along with reading, I’m catching up on my cartoons and working double-duty.  I’ll be gone several weeks this month for the holidays and stuff, so I’m trying to work on as much as I can before I leave.  And I’m still trying to boost my income to a more substantial level so I can stop looking under my couch cushions everyday for lunch money.  You can read up on that here.

Anyway, what was this blog post supposed to be about?  OH – the week of cartoons!  Okay, here we go…

November 28th Cartoon

I never understood why worms all come out onto sidewalks when it rains.  Aren’t they more vulnerable on the sidewalk than in the dirt?  I mean, they’re susceptible to being smashed, eaten by birds or picked up by a little kid and tortured venturing out like that.  If I were a worm (which luckily I’m not) I’d take my chances in the ground.  Do they come out because the water is drowning them or something?  Even then, above ground there are puddles and more dangerous water levels.  Geesh,  worms, you’re not all that bright in my opinion.  They probably get picked on by other species because they’re so moronic.  No wonder we use you all for fish bait.

Above:  The McFly of the animal kingdom

November 29th Cartoon

Another animal cartoon that I came up with when wondering about this:  Do lions like getting food?  It would probably be quite a hassle picking out meals.  And I also wonder if the prey they pick out is because that’s what they’re hungry for.  Like, let’s say from a lions standpoint, a zebra taste like chicken fingers and a water buffalo has a flavor of Chef Boyardee.  So, they pick out what they’re craving  and have it for dinner – just like we do at the grocery store when we see that delicious Tyson frozen dinner in the aisle.  (Relax…I’m joking!  Of course there is no such thing as a ‘delicious’ Tyson dinner!)

I could only imagine the conversation amongst them:

LION 1:  “What sounds good for dinner?”

LION 2:  “I don’t know.  We just had giraffe.  Are there any antelopes around?”

LION 1:  “Antelope?  I was thinking something less filling – like zebra.”

LION 2:  “Well, we can do zebra.”

LION 1:  (Long pause)

LION 2:  “What?”

LION 1:  “Can you go pick it up?”

LION 2:  “It’s take out!  It will only take you a few minutes!”

LION 1:  “(Sigh)  Fine.”

LION 1:  (Thinking to self) “I’m the DOMINANT lion….why do I put up with this?”

November 30th Cartoon

This one flew over some peoples heads.  The joke – of course – is a pun (which I rarely do puns) on RAMEN noodles.  You know, those cheap-old noodles that you can buy about a hundred packets for fifty cents.  Those things.  So, what I did here, was mix it up a bit.  That’s right – the ol’ switcheroo.  In my comic, I have the ROMANS eating noodles and hence – ROMAN NOODLES!  Get it?  Get it?  Eh…alright.  I’ll leave it at that.

Now I’m hungry.

December 1st Cartoon

I’m an avid shark fan.

I actually go out swimming in the ocean on a regular basis looking for sharks.  But, I don’t find them.  And they don’t seem to find me.  (Okay, I’m not trying to get BIT by them, but I do look around hoping to find one swimming nearby.  Yes, it’s moronic and a bit crazy, but that’s me.)

Above:  The perfect pet for the kids!

Sharks are so misinterpreted as bad animals, but really, judging by the smiles I see on all of them, they can’t be THAT bad.  Now dolphins….there’s some evil lurking in their little nozzles.

December 2nd Cartoon

Show of hands:  How many of you download music illegally?

Wow.  That many?  I’m shocked!

Okay, you got me.  I can’t really see if you’re holding up your hand or not.


Careful if you record nature sounds.  It might be illegal.  Do you think those birds appreciate people recording their chirps and they don’t even get a dime?  I bet not.

December 3rd Cartoon

It was brought to my attention that an elephant uses its trunk as its hands – so therefore, they have to put their trunk in their mouth for water and things.  So, they eat their boogers too?  Or do they blow their trunks to avoid that?  I dunno.  The whole nature scene confuses me sometimes.

December 4th Cartoon

I did this one awhile back – and it’s a fave of mine.

I’m not sure how well it goes over with everyone else.  Mostly, I like this gag because I’m sure it’s realistic.  I guarantee if you go to a recycling center, you’ll probably catch some schmuck drinking a Diet Pepsi and then tossing the can in the trash.  I’ve seen it happen at places with recycling bins next to trash cans.  I really scratch my head at what people are doing sometimes.  I guess I’m glad people do things like this because it’s fuel for cartoonist like me.  So, hey – keep at it, folks!

Thinking about this comic more, this is one of those where it might have made a better animation than a single panel ‘toon.  I need to start doing that.  First, I need to learn to animate.  I’ll let you know here on Ramblings as soon as that happens.  You might be in for a long wait.

Okay, well – that was the week of cartoons!  Impressed?  Disappointed?  Thinking about cancelling your membership?  You comments and thoughts are always greatly valued.  Hop to it!  And, all you social media buffs, be sure to follow Break of Day on Facebook by clicking that shiny logo below!  And if you want to subscribe to Break of Day for FREE – simply go HERE and follow instructions.  They will be emailed to you daily.  Neat, huh?


4 Responses to “The Week of Cartoons November 28th thru December 4th”

  1. gardenfreshtomatoes December 6, 2011 at 4:58 am #

    Pretty impressive week… love the lion.
    Not to jump on the ‘Let’s Get Nate’ bandwagon, but you *did* mean ‘boogers’ and not ‘burgers’ with the elephants, right? 😉

    • w101njf December 6, 2011 at 5:52 am #

      I seem to have a good track record of several typos per post (probably a major impact on my writing career) and yes – I honestly like anyone to point them out! Although, do elephants like burgers, too (with fries and mayo)?

  2. Miss Demure Restraint December 7, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    My favorite this week is the “recycle” toon . . . for the exact reason you liked it. Boneheads are such easy targets. How can you resist?

    Sorry about your “power” troubles and I like the idea of being “cell-less.” Wish I could go back too.

    • w101njf December 7, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

      Maybe try being cell-less in baby steps? Although I say that, and we’ll see how I act when my car breaks down in the middle of the night.

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