The Week of Cartoons November 14 thru November 20th

21 Nov

Have you started to crave turkey yet?  You know that’s coming this week, right?  Thanksgiving?  Okay, instead of pointing out the obvious, let me get rolling on this week’s recap of Break of Day cartoons.  It’s a much-less obvious endeavor.

November 14th Comic

The Wizard of Oz has been a target for humor ever since its release.  Numerous cartoonist have lampooned the movie.  So, me being an avid fan of getting on the wagon and following the crowd, I decided to poke fun of the misadventures of Dorthy as well.

I lived in Kansas for quite a few years of my life.  Out there, you can run across material for Dorthy and the gang just about anywhere.  And I must tell you – it gets annoying.  Especially peoples sly remarks when you tell them you live in Kansas.

PERSON:  “Where are you from?”

ME:  “Kansas.”

PERSON:  “Huhuh!  Have you seen Dorthy and Toto?  Huhuhuhuhu!”

ME:  “That was a good one.”

PERSON:  “Huhuhu.  Say ‘Hi’ to Oz for me!  Huhuhuhu!”

ME:  “Clever little devil, aren’t you.  You can go jump off a cliff now.”

Anyway, it can go on and on.

In actuality, I really never experienced too many tornadoes when living there.  That whole thing is kinda a myth in some aspects.  Sure, there are tornadoes and the state is dead-center of Tornado Alley, but I’ve experienced a lot more twisters down here in Florida than when I was in Kansas.  Plus, I’ve experienced a lot more old ladies flying past my window on a bicycle here.

November 15th Comic

This is one of those where you REALLY have to look to get the joke.  I had quite a few people that didn’t really look, so they didn’t get the gag.  I liked this one, but it got mixed responses.

What inspired this?  Well, the Joker from 1989’s Batman movie starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton, of course!

Above:  The Joker probably laughing at the latest Marmaduke cartoon

If you’ve seen the movie (which, by the way, I highly recommend for it’s laugh factor), you would have noticed the the Joker has PERMANENT clown-like complexion.  When he wanted to look “normal” (whatever that is) he would put on a tan colored makeup that looked like regular skin.  Pretty neat, huh?

Above:  The Joker donning the latest Avon product

Don’t ask me why all these clowns are gathered in one circus atmosphere that is depicted in the cartoon.  I have no idea.  It’s probably a political convention in Washington.  (Although, the cartoons I drew seem to look a little too intelligent for politicians.)

November 16th Comic

Luckily, the squid didn’t grab the ship that was looking to catch some calamari.

November 17th Comic

Monkeys are always funny (I got that from MAD Magazine).

Here’s a little insider tip from a cartoonist:  Get to the point.

The original caption I had on this sucker was something like, “You see what he’s doing?  Don’t ever do that!  Monkey see, monkey DON’T!”  A bit lengthy and not as funny.  My biggest issue with cartooning that took me a while to square away was wordiness.  I was wordy.  And wordy is not a good thing.  Keep it simple, stupid.  Get to the point.  Luckily, my editor filled me in on my wrongdoings, and it was something I learned to clear up.  Wordy blogging though?  Well, I’m still working on that.

November 18th Comic

Toothpaste commercials and advertising I always found interesting.  You always hear the ones on television that say something like, “One out of five dentist agree – Colgate is the bomb!”  Honestly, isn’t all toothpaste the same?  I’ve bought the ones that are supposed to whiten, or protect you from cavities and bla, bla bla.  I think they’re all like toilet paper – basically the same.  I’ve never had ASTONISHING results from a toothpaste where I’m like, “Wow!  That toothpaste is something else!  My teeth are glowing!”

The good thing about this is it keeps toothpaste relatively cheap.  I just buy the cheapest brand that is on sale at the moment.

I wish there were a Wonder Toothpaste that would thrill me.  I could only imagine the joy I would experience in the mornings and evenings brushing.  Right now, it’s rather dull.

November 19th Comic

Here’s one where you would never guess what the original looked like, but thanks to this The Week of Cartoons feature, you’ll get to see it.  Look (out) below!

Here’s another example of keeping things simple.

I originally thought that I would need to add the underground cable warning so that the reader would realize that the birds were on a cable.  But c’mon, Nate.  People aren’t morons (well, most people).  It was obvious enough without the sign and the sign distracts from the initial joke – so it was erased for the final version.  People got it and walked away happy (I think).  SIMPLE!

November 20th Comic

Another cartoon that was inspired from my dog, Ursa!  As you can recall, if you’re an avid reader over here, I posted up some pics of Ursa last week HERE.

Other than that, not much else to say about this one.  Sorry if you feel gypped.

That about wraps up this week’s cartoons.  And since you love social media so much, be sure to click below and ‘Like’ us over on Facebook.  There are daily post, cartoons and other nonsense that’s sure to clutter your wall.


One Response to “The Week of Cartoons November 14 thru November 20th”

  1. gardenfreshtomatoes November 23, 2011 at 2:59 am #

    Love the toothpaste thing – I wrote a paper in collage comparing the way people choose their political affiliation with the way they purchase toothpaste ( “It’s the latest thing!” or “It’s what my Mom always bought…”) I think I used the “4 out of 5 dentisits” bit, too…

    Good week’s work – I hate FB, so I’ll just have to ‘Like’ you here. 🙂

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