Curse This!

2 Nov

A lot of times when I write, there are moments when I think to myself, “Boy, I could really use a good, expressive cuss word in this paragraph!”  And just when I’m about to type it, I then think for a moment, scratch the idea and typically insert a “dang” or a “#$%!#”.  You know – just like in a comic strip.

I always imagine my grandma reading this or something, and that keeps my cursing meter in check.

But you know, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with cursing when the moments right.  We’ve all done it.  A lot of people just respect one another enough not to do it in front of them – or in public.  Me?  I don’t cuss that often, but when I do, I don’t have really any shame in it (unless, of course, it was in front of grandma).

A lot of people believe cursing ‘cheapens’ writing as well.  Hence, another reason to avoid it.  But, then I also think of other mediums of entertainment (which, I consider this blog, although lame at times).

Actors curse all the time in movies.  Well respected actors do.  Think of Tom Hanks.  That guys curses a lot if you think about it, yet he’s respected and considered the ‘all around nice guy’ in the movie business.  I’m sure he never would be called ‘cheapened’ or looked down upon because he dropped a few F-bombs in Saving Private Ryan or other flicks of his.

Sports heroes curse more than anyone.  Yet, they never get a hard time for it.

Gordan Ramsey, your favorite bands, etc.  They all do it.

But, call me a coward.  I tend to keep this cleaned up around here.  I’ll say the ‘not-so-bad-that-you-can-say-without-regret’ words on occasion.  Such as ‘damn’.  For some reason, ‘damn’ isn’t considered that bad.

I mean, what makes them so bad anyway?  Did they really do anything bad?  If there’s a bad word, I’d say it’s ‘cat’.  A cat scratched me once.  Very bad!

Anyhow, like I mentioned, I have my moments when I would enjoy immensely just typing away any damn (there, I said it) thing that I want without regret.  I almost thought about creating a whole new blog without my name associated with it for moments like that.

Now, lets get one thing straight – I’m really not a vulgar man (in general).  Of course, it depends on who I’m talking to and with.  And it depends if I hit my finger with a hammer.  But – in general – I’m pretty well mannered in the language department.  Anyone can attest to that that knows me personally.

So, what’s your thoughts?  Do you think this blog should be more ‘open-minded’ and I shouldn’t think twice about vulgarity – or, leave it as is and keep typing with a general ‘cleanliness’.

I noticed the most popular blogs, and blogs I enjoy reading, don’t have a censor button.  I appreciate open and honesty, and if cursing is being honest – well – what’s wrong with it?  I think cursing is funny and appropriate at times.  But, then again, what if grandma reads?

And I’m not trying to make this a mega-popular blog.  I write this for enjoyment.  Honestly, I do, damn it.

What’s your thoughts on vulgarity in this blog or anywhere?


2 Responses to “Curse This!”

  1. bearmancartoon November 2, 2011 at 4:28 pm #

    I have no problem throwing out the f bomb…then again I don’t have the type of stuff that calls for being syndicated like you do.

    • Nate Fakes November 3, 2011 at 4:33 am #

      Well, I’m not talking about in the comics – just blog.

      Comics stay “squeaky” clean – as always (although I often push the envelope sometimes).

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