Getting To Know…You?

26 Oct

One thing about being a cartoonist – it’s sheltered. At least I feel that way sometimes. Hence, the going out on Sunday’s for football, friends coming out on the weekends and my love for road trips. Along with the solitaire process of cartooning though, is joy of working with yourself – which I like. No, I’m not humming, “Oh, I’m lonely…so lonely” in my head (I’m not, really). However, I feel like I should probably associate with – well – fellow cartoonist more and get out of this sheltered work environment and share it with others in the same boat.

I’ll admit – I get a bit jealous when I see all of these cartoon functions on Facebook that I don’t partake in. I’m in Florida, and rarely does much come down my way. I can’t afford these trips to go see people either (cartoonist). So, really, all I know a lot of my colleagues from is internet and social media. I’d love to do some good PR though and meet people I admire and would probably get along with great. Often, I wonder how all these other cartoonist make it to see each other so often? Do they fork up the cash and pay their own way or is a lot of it all sponsored (which I suspect it is a lot of times)?

And like I mentioned, I get out and do things. Actually, a lot. I have a very active social life – but not with cartoonist.

One thing I’ve found is there are a few levels with a lot of people in my field in which I DON’T connect too well with many of the others. In fact, mentioning this might lose me some fans or friends. Not sure. But, I’m an honest guy. So, let me be the first to tell you – I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, I don’t like superhero comics and I’m not too hip on Comic-Cons. Let me bullet these:

  • Stars Wars series was good, but after one viewing, that’s all I need. Entertaining films, but I’ve seen better.
  • I never read any superhero comics growing up. I respect the art and writing that goes into them, but I just never could enjoy them nearly as much as cartoons out of the newspaper. Or Garfield (that silly fat cat – always cracked me up!).
  • And Comic-Cons? I don’t know. I just really am not too eager to go to one. I WOULD someday love to give a presentation or speak at one if Break of Day makes it into the limelight. That would be cool. Everything else…I can’t say I’d love. Although, I’m not knocking them. I’ve yet to go to one, so that could be part of the problem.

Other than those things, I think I’d have a lot in common with many ‘toonist. Yes, it would be great to meet some, and just not talk about those things – if they’re into them, of course.

And I mention that because it seems like the percentage of cartoonist crave those things. I’ve seen it on Facebook, websites and everywhere else cartoonist mention things. I’d compare it to Babe Ruth saying he doesn’t enjoy chewing tobacco, ladies and homeruns. Not that I’m the Babe Ruth of the cartoon world, but you get my drift.

I met some during my internship at MAD Magazine (which I’ll do a whole other blog on someday), but at that time in my life, I was so focused on STAYING at MAD, I had a hard time being myself. It was one of those experiences where I was trying way too hard to fit in, that I actually ended up not fitting in too well on many levels. However, at the end, I still associate with many of the great people I met there. A few of them though I’d love to get to know better and actually reconnect today.

Another reason to connect with cartoonist, is I find myself hating to talk shop to the general public or friends. Nobody “gets it” what I do exactly. To most, I’m sure they picture me in my PJ’s, eating donuts and sitting on the couch drawing funny pictures. Nobody really understands how hard it is to draw funny pictures, write good ideas and churn out material on a regular basis. It’s not easy – it’s work. Hard work. I don’t think anyone but other cartoonist understand.

So, even though I’m not a huge Star Wars guy and everything – it would be great to venture off the computer and have interpersonal communications with a lot of the cartoonist I see daily – online.

I’ll stop making excuses and end up on a road trip out to where they all meet up at sometime. Meanwhile, I’ll just type this post in my little shelter.

Above: A shelter. Possibly the same one Nate typed this post from.


3 Responses to “Getting To Know…You?”

  1. bearman October 27, 2011 at 6:14 am #

    Well if you weren’t so damn busy visiting family when you come to Ohio.

    • Nate Fakes October 27, 2011 at 7:11 am #

      I know, Bearman! You and George have been chatting for years now, yet I don’t KNOW either of you

  2. Bill M October 31, 2011 at 7:33 pm #

    Mr. Fakes, (odd last name by the way),

    I’m exactly like you so you are not alone.

    1. Growing up I watched Star Wars but it didn’t transform me into a 40 year old virgin, thank god!

    2. I can’t stand comics because the artwork is way too fancy, doesn’t have the kind of charm Peanuts or Garfield has, and I don’t get off watching men in tights shy away from getting laid(Superman). Sounds like the creepy theater crew in high school who were into alternative satanic cults, or who found the same sex attractive.

    3. I’m not the school spirit type of guy, and shy away from large groups who have the tendency to secretly watch or look at child porn, dress up like ghost busters and stand outside of comic con so they can have their pictures taken while their massive bellies pour out and over their utility belts. It is also the nerd stigma that scares the crap out of me and comic conventions are the mecca for boy s that have become men, and they being the ones that wet their beds late in life and still sleep in Spider Man pajamas. I believe you and any other decent human being would rather be shot then be seen associating with these types in fear of losing your manliness or sense of sanity.

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