My Writing Stinks

24 Oct

Above: A hand that looks like it could write good

It amazes me sometimes how I can draw well – but my handwriting stinks. I can not write good what-so-ever.

It seems like writing and drawing would be in the same category: One can draw good so ones handwriting should be good. Wrong. It’s not like that at all. Some things do go together; like a basketball stars shooting a ball and jumping go hand and hand. Or, giggling and being the Pilsbury Dough Boy.

Today was another example of how bad it is. I received a call from my editor telling me that the accounting department couldn’t read my Social Security number that I had written.

Calls – or questions – like this are not uncommon when people ask me what I was trying to write.

And my signature? Oh, boy. You don’t want to know. It’s pretty awful.

It’s kind of embarrassing for me to have such bad writing skills. I try to add a personal touch to things like birthday cards, notes or some other personalized item for someone. However, what typically happens is the receiver of my personalized writings are often left baffled and confused (sometimes scratching their heads).

My writing looks like something out of a fourth grade classroom – but worse.

What’s really incredible is some of the BEST penmanship I’ve seen have been from people with no drawing skills, literary skills and are the most unlikely candidate. However, they can write!

I swear, my writing hasn’t ever changed or improved since I was a child. I’ve seen old cards or letters I’ve written, and it’s similar to what today’s would look like. It seems like it would improve with time, but if anything, it’s gotten worse. It’s not like drawing where I practice and practice and eventually get better. Nope. It doesn’t seem to happen (although, I’ve never really sat down and practiced – that could get boring).

I DO take my time with my cartoon captions that I write. And honestly, not to toot my own horn, but it’s pretty decent. I make it very clear. But, that’s using a dip pen and it’s a lengthy process. When I just write a letter or something, I usually write pretty quick because I want to put down on the paper what is flowing out of my mind at the moment.

So, one talent with the hand doesn’t mean there’s another.

You’re just lucky that I’m typing this.



5 Responses to “My Writing Stinks”

  1. Dennis Fakes October 24, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

    I’ve thought your writing skills froze in the fourth grade. You are right–terrible writing skills.

    But I am the same. Terrible writing. I have practiced and tried to improve my form over the years but not much has improved.

    What really gripes me is when I write an important note or phone number to myself and then can’t read what I’ve written! I can’t blame anyone!

    • Nate Fakes October 25, 2011 at 5:36 am #

      I’ve always thought that you have pretty good penmanship. At least you’re consistent with yours (for example, you can write in a straight line across the board….my lines of writing tend to look like the Rockies). Also, I’ve always been able to read it and it doesn’t look childish.

      I’ve lost a lot of important information due to poor writing.

  2. bearman October 25, 2011 at 5:57 am #

    I used to have great penmanship in college. I look at notes I took and am amazed. Now it is crap.

    • Nate Fakes October 25, 2011 at 7:24 am #

      Weird, huh? It’s like writing is one of those skills that diminishes with practice


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