Football Season

18 Oct

Sundays. A time for rest, relaxation and…football? Okay, I mention that like it’s a weird thing. Of course football. What did you think I was going to say? Polka?

I love football Sundays. I enjoy college football as well, but I don’t know – something about NFL I find more enjoyable. However, by the time Sunday is over, I’m exhausted. It’s very tiring watching hours upon hours of the sport. And with that exhaustion comes the moment at the end of the night if my teams won or lost. Either ends up good or bad. It’s typically somewhat predictable what will happen, but not always.

And me? Well, I’m not much of one, but I am a gambling man. I enjoy throwing some money on games. Now, before you judge me, keep in mind the bets I usually make are typically $25 max. It’s all for fun. If I lose, I’m not out a home or retirement. I might be out a Wendy’s fry, but beyond that, not much.

I’m actually decent and picking out games. I take the over/under, the win or – rarely – a parlay on a game (where you have multiple situations that you must hit all of them to win).

It’s funny how putting money on football is sometimes looked at as a bad thing, but putting money on other things – like stocks – is okay. People lose millions in stocks, and I lose $25. And honestly, if you do your homework, picking a football game is more predictable than a stock (at least in my opinion). And people play the stock market for serious money. Me? It’s all for fun with the football.

Now, I’m not saying stocks are a bad thing. I’m mentioning this because of the label football betting gets (even though there are some that make a living on it). I wish I knew more about stocks, and that’s probably why I’m more comfortable putting my $25 on a football game. I know the teams, their stats and what the probable outcome will be. Stocks? I hear so many different versions of how to make money on them, it leaves me scared and confused, like a lost wiener dog in Brooklyn.

This is the only time I gamble, football season. I don’t go to casinos. I don’t put money on basketball, baseball, Hungry-Hungry Hippos or anything else.

So though a football Sunday is exhausting, it’s fun as well, and always interesting with a little mini-gamble. Worth the price of admission. Get together with some friends, have a couple of beers and see where that $25 goes. You might earn enough to buy a descent stock if you keep winning. You never know.


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