Good Ol’ Fart Joke

29 Sep

I knew going with today’s comic I’m walking on thin ice toward criticism using a fart joke.

For some reason, fart jokes are called childish, 8th grade humor, un-original, etc. I, find today’s comic – funny. Call me immature, but a fart joke done right cracks me up every time. You ever watch ‘The Farting Preacher’?

If my math is right (which it rarely is), 90% of the people that read (though some may not admit it) actually find them funny. However, the ones that don’t, are so upset over them. It triggers a reaction that can only come from childhood (like more than likely, their brother sat on their face and farted). They feel the need to lash out. Yell. Scream. Definitely not fart.

So, with my humor, I toss in the occasional potty joke. Barf joke. And yes, the “Ptttthhhh!” – fart joke.

For those that don’t like it, I suggest you ‘pass’ on today’s comic, because you’ll think it stinks.


2 Responses to “Good Ol’ Fart Joke”

  1. Bearman September 29, 2011 at 4:49 pm #

    haha loved it. I love a great fart joke. He could have been meaner and said “Remember don’t break ranks”

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