Say “Hello” to the Penguin

20 Jul

Many of you know, I used to have web comics up and about on the web.  I’ve always stated since then, that I have NO interest in creating web comics anymore.  I hate everything about putting them up online, the structuring of the site, getting fans, etc.  You know, the usual rants.

So, I’ve been thinking the past several months of what can I do?  I like the idea of entertainment online, but not in the form of a comic.  I’m after syndication for that (wherever that takes my work).

I found a happy medium.  I decided to launch an online humor magazine.

This venue is perfect for me.  I can write whatever I want, and I also am giving anyone (although, I have to approve it) the chance to contribute if I think it’s funny.

I have news, entertainment, comics, politics, advice columns…you name it!

Let me state that THIS is just A HOBBY for now.  My main focus is the cartoons!   But, this is really fun to piece together when I get a chance.  Don’t take the site too seriously or anything like that.  All for fun!

I want this site to have absolute freedom – meaning almost ANYTHING goes!  So, you never know what you’ll be getting into here.

Check it out today!  The Naked Penguin.  Click Here


One Response to “Say “Hello” to the Penguin”

  1. DadaHyena August 22, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    Hope it works! Having the word “Naked” in your title is bound to get you several trillion hits.

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