23 Jun

Well, after a good seven months or so, I’m FINALLY heading out on a little road trip.  FINALLY!

We’re heading up to the frozen tundra (well, except for this time of year) of south western Ohio in a land called Dayton.

Before leaving, I have really worked hard the last several months in making this next month’s worth of Break of Day comics the BEST so far.  It’s my newest material that I’m really proud of.  (I’m talking about the upcoming ones being released at Go-Comics, not the paper.)  You’ll see some areas I haven’t covered ever, and – of course – the other random stupidity as usual.

I’m really trying to get the feature syndicated at some point soon.  It’s still in a good direction, and I’ve been working with someone – ahem – in the biz (no, I’m not disclosing names) and rumor is it’ll be reviewed again in a month for a potential contract – or not.  We’ll see.  Anything can happen out there in the frozen tundra of syndication (yes, those rejection letters are ice cold).

In the meantime, I leave you with today’s fishy comic.  And until I return, regrettably, I probably won’t be updating too much on here or on Facebook.  Yes, I am un-attaching myself from the usual checking of things online while on vacation.  I’ll check the ol’ email for business reasons, but beyond that, sorry folks.  I’m being cut loose like a fish on a hook with electronic devices.

Until I return, I have plenty of material at Go-Comics, and read Tampa Bay Times for your daily dose in print!

See ya’!


2 Responses to “ROAD TRIP!”

  1. bearmancartoons June 24, 2011 at 5:29 am #

    Finally a place you can finally put away the sunscreen.

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