Oh My!

14 Jun

I have my favorites, and this one rants up in the Top 100, or somewhere around there.  Mostly because I’m proud of my Toto.  Every time I see The Wizard of Oz, or see a black dog like Toto, all they look like (to my warped mine) is just a black pile of matted fluff.  No features, just fluff with a tongue.  Therefore, I’m proud of my Toto drawing.

If you have a pile of fluff in your life, this week I’m specifically having an auction for me to DRAW YOUR PET!  Right now, the bidding is LOW, so you might be able to get this for pretty cheap.  Once again, I’m not trying to sell you stuff here, but if you are interested, click here.

Today the wife and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary!  We’re off to the beach.  Sorry, non-Floridians, but it’s a perfect beach day.  I’ll try to pay nice with the sharks.


2 Responses to “Oh My!”

  1. Bearman June 14, 2011 at 1:53 pm #

    Happy Anniversary.

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