Contest Time!

28 Feb

I’m usually not one for contest.  It all stems back from childhood when I wrote an original song for my class (yes, I wrote a song), and was beat out by some kid that took a popular song and switched the lyrics around and tried to claim it “as his own”.  I got so angry, I don’t think I entered ano……okay, I’m off track here.  Let me just let it go at that.

ANYHOW, a contest did come along that seemed actually – well – worth entering!

Creators Syndicate is sponsoring a contest for a chance to win a developmental contract with them.

I thought it couldn’t hurt much to enter, so I did.

If you would kindly help support Break of Day, just head over here and cast a vote!

Voting helps, but it’s not all decided about that. (Because, you know there are numerous people out there creating 50 some fake emails and accounts to vote for their comic.  I noticed that first thing this morning when one contestant had about 50 votes at three in the morning, an hour or so after the contest started.)

Here’s an email I got today:

Dear Contestants,

As you know, the sponsor of the contest is Creators Syndicate.  They have been monitoring the contest and asked us to communicate with all the contestants that they reserve right to have the final word ( at the end of each round ) as to who moves forward to the next round.  Voting is an important tool for guidance, and they will rely heavily on voting results when deciding who will move onto the next round….But the final decision will remain theirs.
The decision to take this route is based on a few factors, some of which I will articulate for you:
  • Many contestants have expressed concern about voting being more a matter of mustering support, than cleaver work
  • The number of contestants exceeded everyone’s expectations, and a voters ability to get through them all is a very tiring process…making for quick votes, less consideration in the voting
  • Cartoons being placed in the early ranking have a clear advantage over cartoons appearing in the end of ranking
  • The investment made by the syndicate in developing a new cartoon strip is very high….and they need to make certain they have the final voice in who gets chosen.
We also want to thank all of you for the time and effort it took to put your entries together and submit them to the contest.  Again, good luck to all of you.
So, hopefully this will all be legit.
People can vote up to four times a day.  I don’t expect anyone to kill that much time voting for me, but if you kindly want to, go at it!
Thanks in advance.  We’ll see what happens with this.  It’ll be fun regardless.
Again, here’s the link (Click here).

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