Early Art

24 Nov

I recently ran across an old file folder full of all kinds of old drawings, stories and other goodies from my early days (pre-ten year old).  So, I thought it might be a fun idea (or not) to post up the material sporadically on here.

Here’s the first one I found.  It’s an old piece that I did that’s called Tug O’ War.  I love the typos in this.  There’s about as many grammar errors on this drawing as there are in my blog post.

I also can’t figure out why exactly I entitled it Hug O’ War, because there is no hugging going on.  If anything, they seem rather angry.

I did include my old parakeet, Joe, as one of the main characters.  Gotta love the personality on that bird.  Just not sure what he’s trying to say when he mentions, “I’m goig the speed of  light!”.  I’m assuming “goig” is “going”, but at that age, I might totally be misinterpreting myself.

You’ll notice this drawing comes complete with burn marks.  Yes, back in 1989, our moving van caught fire and pretty much everything was destroyed when moving from Ohio to Kansas.  Luckily, a few of these drawings made it out.  However, they are singed a bit.  The whole moving van fire is for another day, but obviously  – by the burn marks – we lost a lot.

Anyhow, enough blabbing.  All this talk for a pretty mediocre drawing.  Not sure when it was drawn exactly, but I’m guessing I was probably seven or so.

Click Image to Enlarge

More “random early drawings” coming soon!


2 Responses to “Early Art”

  1. Bearman November 24, 2010 at 10:35 pm #

    Who spells Nathaniel that way? haha

    • Nate Fakes November 25, 2010 at 7:13 am #

      Actually, I DID manage to spell that right. I’m one of the rare NathanAEL.

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