St Pete’s Featured Artist

23 Jul

I got the honor of being the feature artist for The ‘Burg yesterday.

I’ve been working with the online (and now in print) publication since Feburary.  I create a Sunday comic that typically reflects on what was happening throughout the week here in St Petersburg, Florida.

It’s great working with the magazine, and I get to work on interesting topics that are sometimes commissioned (such as Dale Chihuly and the mayor) so it’s a neat variety pack.

I often find working locally tougher to come up with ideas for than anything more mainstream.  The premises are often very narrow, so I have my fingers crossed often times that something interesting will come up that will make an easy joke.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, so I have to scrap for something else.

At any rate, it’s special to be recognized and I really appreciated their post they did on me.

Don’t laugh too hard at me on the painted horse photo!

Check out the article, HERE! And while your there, become a fan of us on Facebook!  You’ll get access to the Sunday toons easier because they’re posted on there.


2 Responses to “St Pete’s Featured Artist”

  1. Bearman July 23, 2010 at 1:04 pm #

    Oh I so need that picture for my next Christmas card…hah

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