Rays Season Opener

6 Apr

I missed the National Championship NCAA basketball game last night.  Doh!  Oh well.  My teams didn’t make it anyway (pretty ignorant, huh?).  That means today is…

…The Rays season opener!

I like baseball.  It’s one of those sports that the players really need to work hard to win.  Not like curling.

It’s game after game of competition, and at the end, there’s a pretty clear winner.  Not like basketball or football (heck, insert ‘curling’ in here as well) where if you lose one game – you’re out.  Nope.  In baseball, you have the chance to get it all together during the season.  Nothing is really thrown off course if you mess up a game due to a foul ball or someone launching a folding chair or soda at the player.

So today is the season opener.  Downtown is celebrating with live music, games and free Rays haircuts.  I’m assuming they’re filming ‘Barbershop 4’ at the same time.

We’re planning on attending the events.  Not the game (sold out), but the flurry of other activities.

I worked about 14 hours yesterday, so I granted myself permission to take the day basically off.  The drawing table has a “closed” sign on it.

Hope everyone that enjoys baseball has a good season with whatever team of your choice.

Watch those fly balls.


One Response to “Rays Season Opener”

  1. Bo Lumpkin April 7, 2010 at 8:36 am #

    I am not really a baseball fan but I like to go to games because of all the activities surrounding them. Hope you have a great day at the ballpark.

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