Cord Come Home

1 Apr

I’ve been on a little hiatus for a few days.  Why?  Cordless.

After a couple of years of me beating the bejesus out of the little box that attached my cord to my computer (it’s a laptop, so I always bring it over to the couch, and while doing so, bash up this little box thingy on my tile) it decided enough is enough.

It quit.

Just like a Wendy’s employee throwing down his visor after his manager yells at him about how lousy his Frosties were.  It had enough, and quit.

At first I didn’t think much of it.  Then, I continued to use my computer for stupid things – you know – like Facebook or this blog, and it dawned on me…

“The battery doesn’t last long!” I thought.  “I’d better make good use of this time until it dies on me…”

I didn’t make good use.  In fact, I think I was looking up how many calories were in an unfrosted Pop-Tart.

And then…

It dies.

Well, QUITS (like stated before).

So, I’m stuck with a worthless computer.  No way of getting into it.  I tried to look for a gas tank or something for a temporary fix – but to no avail, nothing is available.

Okay, no biggie.  Right?

Just take a deep breath, do without the stupid computer for a night, and go to Best Buy in the morning.

That’s exactly what I did.

Best Buy was were I bought this thing at, so I assumed they had replacement cords for them.  They did.  They sure did.


I asked the kid if this was the normal price.  He said, in his squeaky voice, “Yes, sir, it is.  You won’t find it anywhere cheaper.  In fact, this is a good deal.”

While at Best Buy, I thought to myself, “No way.  How?  Why?  It’s a damn cord!”

I knew there was better.  So, I pulled up on their laptop computer that they were trying to sell.

WHAT DO YOU KNOW.  New Compaq Presario cord – $10.99.

I pulled an employee aside, showed him the computer screen with Amazon up asked a him, “Would this work just as good?  I mean, honestly, I just want a simple cord.  I am looking at pretty much the same thing, right?”

He said, “Sure.  That would work just fine.”


Why would I buy a hundred-dollar cord?  For it’s chrome rims?

I didn’t want to wait for shipping though.  So I thought I’d try my luck at the nearby Radio Shack.  JUST TO SEE.  I mean, isn’t there a physical store around here that is somewhat competitive with Amazon?


Radio Shack:  $104.99

I got home and got on the public computer and ordered Amazon – ala 2 day shipping.

Total came to twenty-some bucks.

The thing got here this afternoon (after ordering Tuesday afternoon) and my computer works.

Please be a good cord.  For that price, I’m just waiting for this cheapy to rob me at gunpoint or something for bringing it in.


One Response to “Cord Come Home”

  1. Bearman April 2, 2010 at 11:13 am #

    That describes my day when my Wacom pen went missing. I didn’t know what to do.

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