Online Beef

10 Mar

Do I have a beef with the internet?  Me?

Here’s another example of my print vs. online debate.

Pure and simple:  Books don’t CRASH (well, unless you’re on a flight with them or something and you have engine trouble, but anyhow…)

It dawned on me the other day as I was trying to upload some files via Photoshop – and then it all fell and went “boom”.

“A book wouldn’t do that?” is all I could think.

And that’s why I really am concentrating my efforts on print.  I am a print man – for sure.

I had a big fear of this with my own web content – and I still do.  What if I get a decade worth of material up on the internet, and then, for some odd reason – it crashes?  All gone.  And anyone that tells me to “back it up” or “you can fix it” I don’t believe.  I’ve heard people also say, “computers are never wrong”.  Yes they are.  I’ve seen it happen.

Something in print – you don’t need backup for.

Something in print – you don’t need to download things for.


And on, and on….

Getting online is the easiest form of communication – for short-term use.

I enjoy reading blogs, comics and a few other things online, and I have a few things online myself (you’re reading one of those things right now), but I had to once again clarify the importance of print.

Print is painfully hard to accomplish, and in that perspective, you get what you pay for.

At the end of the day though, I enjoy having a collection of items that I KNOW won’t disappear with a click of a button.  I know that – even if there’s a house fire, theft or whatever it may be – chances are I can go to the book store and order another book.  If I had everything online, and SOMETHING CRASHES – I’m guessing it’s gone.  And if it isn’t gone, it’ll be frustrating and probably costly to get a tech out to repair it.

Let me hand over (at most) $49.99 for a hardcover version of the lost item instead.

A lot of this is my own ignorance of not knowing a ton about online creations and how to keep something placed on the web in survival.

However, think about it.  In 100 years, do you really think that this blog you’re reading right now is still going to be on here if I’m not around?



2 Responses to “Online Beef”

  1. Bearman March 10, 2010 at 6:25 pm #

    BS. Tell that to my friends mom who threw out all his comic books. haha

    • Nate Fakes March 10, 2010 at 6:49 pm #

      You’re right about that. Moms can be like an internet virus that can crash any comic book.

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