New Comics

25 Feb

Q:  What’s going on with new comics?  I thought you were going to have a new online series coming up?

A:  As of now – production has stopped!


It’s for good reason.

I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that there won’t be any NEW comic online (as of now) for a while, and what was going to be online isn’t because of many reasons.  The potential for the comic that was going to be online – I’m hoping – will someday come through in a better format.  And I’m pretty happy about it.

Luckily, I don’t have to answer to too many people about the new comic coming out.  Honestly, I don’t think too many of you even knew about it, so I’m glad I didn’t start marketing it too early or anything.

I have better things coming up.  And to be honest – again – I feel like I really need to lay-off the online/web comic thing for a while.  I have one going already  with comedian Tommy Blaze (KOHD).  It’s going extremely well and that’s enough for the internet at this moment in my life.

Web comics are great and all, but the older I get, the more I’m not too certain about them.  I’m a print guy.  I really am.  I always have been.  It’s probably because I enjoy the fact that with print, you actually have to work a little hard to get the material to read it.  No instant gratification that the internet offers.  Plus, with print, when I’m dead and gone – I’m hoping the material on paper will still be around.  On the web, everything I put out here I’m not sure about.  I’m guessing after several years of my expiration, the domain that my work is on will be cancelled, it will get a bug or SOMETHING, and everything left on the internet that I created will disappear.

Of course, like most web cartoonist, the material you put online you eventually want to print anyhow.  That’s what’s great about my work with Tommy that we make – we do (put it in print form as well).  But we have our fan base for it.  And we want more.  But, to get a new project out for myself (I’m just the illustrator for KOHD), I want to head straight to print for now.  And other sources.

I’m working on numerous publications at the moment.  Comics for local work, MAD, other magazines and I’m creating new material that would be eligible for syndication.

I really think I need to focus on this stuff.  You know, the stuff that pays.  After all, cartooning is all I do.

Will I launch a web comic soon?  Maybe, or maybe not.

I have a hard enough time keeping a consistent blog posted up here for now!  The whole  computer world is actually getting kind of tiresome and old for me.  I really find myself enjoying reading books now more than surfing the web.

We’ll see.  I flip-flop on this issue (this is why I wouldn’t make a good politician).  Like I mentioned, I’ve already got a comic on the web right now, and that’s enough to focus on when it comes to computer media I produce.

Give it some time, and I might get more material “out there” so it’s easily accessable with one click on the mouse (or pad if you have a laptop).

I just mainly wanted to say that production of anything new is on halt – for now.  Sorry.


2 Responses to “New Comics”

  1. George March 3, 2010 at 1:25 pm #

    Argh! I guess I’ll have to wait in line at the bookstores for any new Nate material (or order me a copy of KOHD. I really need to do that.) 🙂

    • Nate Fakes March 3, 2010 at 2:32 pm #

      Sorry, sir! I know I took that huge break and I was totally ready to break back on the online scene, but a change of plans came about – which I’m hoping is more promising – with the same material I was going to put as an online strip. Buy a MAD 503 that comes out in a couple of week’s though! There’s a little something-something that I did in there to hold you over until a book comes along. (Speaking of which, you need to get a AC book out sometime! I will wait in line for one of those as well!)

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