Grandpa’s Day

25 May

Today is Memorial Day (unless you’re reading this on a different day, that is).  Of course, this is a day to reflect on our military and those people that have and had served our country.

This day also always brings me back memories of my Grandpa Fakes.  He served in the Navy during World War 2.

I posted today on Facebook a picture of his Naval cap that he wore from those days.  In the post, I mentioned that I wish I knew more about his experience.Grandpa's Hat

You see, Grandpa never really elaborated too much about what happened during the war.  Well, I take that back…As a kid, he told me quite a bit.  But, when I grew older, I never heard the stories that he used to tell me.

He didn’t talk about it much to me, or anyone.

Something about when I was a kid, he felt more comfortable telling me things.  And I remember the stories.  They were, well, quite something.

He passed away in the year 2000.  Since then, I’ve asked several family members if they have any details about his active duty – such as what boat he was on (I know it was destroyed and he was stranded at sea for awhile), any awards he may have won and where all he was stationed.  None of that seems available.  I had one relative tell me he contacted the Navy and tried to get ahold of his records but they (the Navy) couldn’t release any information.

Since I was a kid when I heard everything straight from him personally, I’d like more detailed information now that I’m older.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to dig around for myself and find information on Grandpa Fakes.

After posting today on Facebook, I received several emails with information about getting in touch with the V.A. and so-forth.  I mean, the information about him has GOT to be there.  It’s just a matter of really digging.  It might require more than a spade.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I can find on my end.  After all, with a new Fakes on the way, I’d like to share some stories about his/her Great Grandpa Fakes someday.  And he was great.  A great war hero and person.

Anyway, I wish all the military and families of military a GOOD Memorial Day.  I know it’s not supposed to be a “happy” occasion, but I think that any members of the military – current or past – want us to think of them today.  And that includes fond, happy memories and thoughts – like I have of my Grandpa.

So, that’s a good thing (making it a good day).

I thank you all for your service!

Toledo Trip: Part 1

23 May

I mentioned last week that my dad was coming to town.  And so he did.  We had a great time and so-forth.  One part of the trip that stands out is our visit up to northern part of the state.  We went to my hometown of Northwood, Ohio.

Nobody really knows of Northwood – unless you’re from around there.  So, I always have to explain it as a suburb of Toledo, which is is.  It’s basically a big chunk on the east side of the city that is one mile by six miles.  A rectangle.  About half of it is suburban and the other half is farmland.  It’s an eclectic mix of trashy and middle class neighborhoods and rural family homes.

I wanted to break this trip up into several parts because there are some elements to it and I enjoy keeping these blog posts relatively short.  It holds your attention a bit better when they’re not too lengthy, right?  Well, at least that’s what I assume.

So, today, I’ll start with our first stop when arriving up there.  We swung by my old high school, Northwood High School.

I’ll start off by mentioning I hated high school.  I really did.  Everything about it was misery.  I despised waking up early, didn’t enjoy hardly any of my classes and just found the experience anything but joyful.

Plus, on a personal level, I was one of those awkward teenagers.  I was relatively quiet and didn’t spend much time socializing with kids from my school.  I had other buddies I would see outside of the place, but not really in school.  Nope.  I wouldn’t say I was “nerdy” (okay, I might have been), but I was definitely one of those 90’s alternative-kid wannabes that constantly tried to look and act cool – to no avail.  In fact, often I was called Butt-head because my sophomore year I kind of resembled Butt-head from the Beavis and Butt-head series (hair back, pimples, long nose, Metallica shirts, etc.).  I wasn’t called that in a mean way (most of the time), but it was my “cool” nickname.  I didn’t like it though so I grew out my hair a bit, thought it was awesome to smoke cigarettes and sleep in class.  I tried to make a new persona for myself – which worked.

I then became known more for my comics.  I drew a lot of cartoons featuring kids in school I didn’t like and made fun of them.  I’m guessing copies of my work are still in that place.  Teachers used to secretly ask me for copies of their own.

Eventually, my days at Northwood consisted of playing poker, drawing and not turning in homework. Really nothing else.

With my absolute zero motivation for school, I barely graduated.  In fact, it came down to the last day before graduation when they would let me know if I would get a diploma or not.  The principal and I didn’t mesh well together.  So, it was a feud between him and me and a missed test that – honestly – I accidentally missed (I swear).  I made it up though, and by a thread, I was able to walk down the isle.

I don’t want to elaborate too much on my actual high school experience, but there’s a taste of it.  This article is mostly about our recent trip up there.  Back to that….

Upon arriving at the high school on our adventure to Northwood, I noticed the place looked exactly the same.

IMG_0092The school had the same painting of an ugly butterfly in the window of the science lab still.  That thing was painted in the 80’s, I believe.  Not too appealing.

The parking lot looked the same (cracks and holes), exterior wasn’t changed since I went and absolutely nothing new.

Now, all of this is looking in from the outside.  No, I didn’t go in.  Maybe inside is fresh and new?  I don’t know.  I had no inclination of walking in there.  Maybe someday, but I didn’t care enough to go inside this time around.

So what are my thoughts?

Well, it’s what was expected.  I couldn’t imagine extensive changes to the place.  Knowing what shape the actual city of Northwood is in, I’m a bit surprised it’s still in business (I’ll get to more on the rest of the city on other posts).  It’s not the school’s fault if there’s not much money to doctor it up, so I’m not knocking it. I’m just being honest.

I wish the place the best of luck and hold no grudges.  It’s also not their fault I hated going to school so much.  I do remember there were some really awesome teachers there, people and a few classes I didn’t mind.  I think our school was kinda weird though.  How do I mean?  Well, maybe you had to go there – but it…just was.  It was very laid-back, casual and we had some strange people there.  It wasn’t your normal high school where everyone got together and had wild parties – nothing like that.  I’d say it had the feeling of just very divided but yet we were all in the same melting pot and socialized together to some degree.  Just different.  Hard to explain since that was my only high school experience.  Just, from hearing about others and their high schools, mine did seem out of the norm.  I think if you ask anyone that went to Northwood back in the 90’s they would say the same thing.  You had to be there.

But different as it may have been, that WAS my high school.  I have a lot of memories of the place and hope they can hold it together.  It was good seeing it again and probably wont be back by there in a bit.  But, maybe – just maybe – next time I swing through the area they could at least have their parking lot repaved?  (Oh, and maybe paint over that ugly butterfly in the science lab.)

So, that was stop number one.

After stopping at the school, I was anxious to see what else there was in store for us in Northwood.  We turned around in the parking lot, took a quick photo and headed east down Woodville Road to our next destination.

More on that in Part Two that is coming soon….

Sharks and Candy: Week-In-Review

22 May


No, you’re not experiencing a scene from Jaws.  However, it is another shark cartoon that is featured in today’s Week-In-Review.

I’ve had quite a few shark cartoons recently.  I believe it has something to do with the summertime and beach/swimming…stuff like that.

Also, I often times have fond memories of living in Florida and swimming out on the coast trying to find a shark.  Never did.  And that’s probably a good thing.  (I could’ve easily lost my drawing arm.)

bod150517The next cartoon is a sign that maybe the hiring manager found a good fit for a certain position.

I created this one out of my own experiences of working day jobs.  I’ve had some good bosses in the past, but many of them were controlling, enjoyed telling people what to do and also held their noses up high.  Basically $#%^holes.

Were they bright?  Eh, not really.

I was actually a manager (well, shift manager) at Pizza Hut for many years when I was out of high school and in college.  Not once did I ever have to yell at any employee and I DIDN’T enjoy telling people what to do.  But, honestly, I think I did a pretty decent job.  I learned from all the bad managers I had that to be a good one you just have to be a good person.  That means no yelling about too much extra pepperoni.  People generally just do their work then.

bod150518I love pizza, but soup…..bleachh!

Okay, that’s a bit harsh.  SOME soup I enjoy.  I used to like most soups (including Alphabet Soup that is featured in this cartoon).  But one time, I became VERY ill.  Had a fever, cold shakes – the whole nine-yards.  And during that time, I lived off of soup.

Ever since that (and this was fairly recently) I just haven’t had a craving for it and cringe at the thought of eating it.

What soup is still good?

I like most Chinese soups that I can grab at China Wok.  Those are still alright in my book.  Probably because I didn’t have China Wok while I was sick.  I probably should’ve though so I could’ve read fortune cookies that come with their soup and determine how much longer I was going to be stuck on the couch feeling crappy.

bod150519I had a lot of fun creating this next one.

I was trying to imagine what a “creative field” would look like.

Mostly, I envisioned some type of Van Gogh style of a landscape.  So, I turned to my friend Google and explored a lot of paintings of his (I’m very familiar with Van Gogh, but it does help to go look again at things before diving right in).

And I must admit, this was based off a lot of his stuff.  However, I added my own little twists to it.  What are they?  Well, for one, don’t ask me what he’s growing.  I have no idea.  It’s a bit tall for wheat.  Yeah, that was all me making those crops that tall.

As for the clouds – I’m not sure what you would call those?  A-Wall clouds, maybe?

Several people assumed Jimmy (our farmer friend featured in the cartoon) was on an acid trip.  Hey, interpret these cartoons as you will.  I can’t control Jimmy’s drug issues if he is on one.bod150520

When it comes to tires, I don’t have many cartoons based off of them.

I decided it was time to get one drawn out, so this was it.  (Actually, the coffee probably decided for me as I came up with this one in a caffeine-fueled session of writing – like I typically do.)

Not my most shining moment of the week personally, but oh well.  That’s just my opinion.  The Michelin Man would probably get more of a kick out of this than I did.

bod150521Ugh. The crime in this country.

Here we have another example of something that probably takes place in an office near you.

Taking calls has become a major business amongst career secretary criminals.  I know I’ve experienced it several times when I call a company and some secretary takes my call before I get a chance to talk to the person I want to.

I’m not sure what the punishment for taking calls is.  However, for the victims, it’s usually being placed on hold.

bod150522And speaking of crimes, the next cartoon I’m definitely guilty of.

Yes, I’ll admit it – I sneak candy into theaters.

I have my whole life.  In fact, when I was in middle school, my friends and I would make it our mission to stash as much candy as we could.  To the point that our jackets/shirts were bulging out and candy was spilling on the floor.

We looked SO much into getting away with this crime and thought we were cool for it.

The reality is though, do those guys that take the tickets REALLY care?  They might, but more often than not, I’m guessing they just want to take your ticket and get on with their day.

I don’t believe I was ever caught doing this (or again, they “caught” us but didn’t say anything).  So, I continue to sneak things in from time to time.

As for several of my other friends that committed this crime, a few of them haven’t been heard from or seen since trying to sneak some M&M’s and Goobers into a theater one night.

That’s it for my Week-In-Review.

If you haven’t noticed, there are a LOT of new blogs being posted up regularly.  Yes, I’m starting my posts about random activities happening in my life.  So, if you want MORE reading, you can check those out.

Until next time, watch-out for those sharks and careful sneaking snacks into those movie theaters.




20 May

I try to be good with my money but one guilty pleasure I have is buying books.  I buy just about every book I read.  No library for me and I’m not too fond of e-readers.  Nope.  I like those handheld, printed books.

Why do I buy them?  I’m not sure totally sure.  Because, when I’m done with a book, it goes on the shelf.  And typically stays there.  BUT, there might be a method to my madness.  Sometimes, I’ll loan out my books.  The good ones I recommend get handed down if a family member or friend is interested in it.  I guess there’s something to say for that and makes my initial investment worth it, right?  Plus, hey – I enjoy supporting authors and booksellers.  There.  Plenty of reasons to buy them.

So, what have I been reading?

Listen, I won’t get into a huge discussion on everything.  Why?  Because I read A LOT.  No, really – I devour books.  My “special” time is evenings of relaxing and reading before bed.  Of course, it doesn’t happen all the time, but I do cherish those moments.  I’ve found that I’m not too good at reading in the morning.  I get tired no matter how thrilling the book is or if it’s a page turner.  I write in mornings – not read.

Anyhow, I will share several recent books I’ve read (and am reading).


As you can see from my little pile, there’s quite the mix.

In the past month or so, these are the good ones.

No, they’re not in order, but in this stack I have Stephen King’s Revival, Paula Hawkins The Girl on the Train, Janis Heaphy Durham’s The Hand on the Mirror and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.

Durham’s book just arrived Monday, so I am just now about to start reading it.  Looks good though and interesting.  I’m always curious about ‘ghost stories’ and supernatural-type things, so looking forward to this one.

And to be fair, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road I started reading YEARS ago.  However, I never completed it 100% (I was about 95%).  But, I just wrapped that up.

I won’t elaborate on these books (they were all good…except not sure on The Hand on the Mirror yet).  I will shed a little detail on Jack Kerouac though.

First off, my apologies to Jack for not finishing On the Road a long time ago.  I’ve read other stuff of his, but that one slipped by.


Many of you that have been hanging out with me for a LONG time know that I lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, for about four years.  During that time, I resided downtown.  And that was also a frequent haunt of Jack Kerouac.

I used to go to the same places he used to.  Many of the places haven’t changed since the sixties.  That was one thing I loved about St. Pete.  My fear is big money and corporations are taking over and are going to ruin the downtown into newer, ‘spiffier’ architecture.  If you make it there now though, you can get the vibe that a lot hasn’t changed in decades.  Pretty sweet currently, but again, I think that’s about to change.

Anyhow, I was very interested about his time living – and dying – in St. Petersburg.  His mother also lived there and he lived at her house for awhile.

I like Jack.  I like his writing and found (find) him interesting.  I’ve written several blogs about him, some of my experiences and more a few years ago:

CLICK HERE to read Kerouac Saturday

CLICK HERE to read My Neighbor Jack

Beyond Jack though, I love reading not only the classics but the newer, good books as well.  I actually pay attention to those book reviews in magazines.  They seem to pan out well.

So, what are you reading this summer?

Are you like me and actually BUY books?  Or read them on your iPad.  Hey, either way is fine.  Maybe you don’t read at all.  Or possibly you enjoy reading labels on cans of Campbell’s soup for fun.

While I’m reading what I got, I’m going to try and not let that money burn in my pocket for another book.  I have a tendency to buy more books as I’m reading books.  It’s tough though when, right across the street, is a bookstore.  Oh, and I get an email from Amazon everyday.

Stay in that wallet, you cash (or credit cards).  Otherwise I’ll be forced to buy a book on overspending habits of buying books.

Happy summer reading!


18 May

Last weekend there was quite a bit going on.  Oh, and some bets being placed and beer being drank.

Yes, it was a weekend of basically slacking off from work and getting out and enjoying adult activities.

The biggest activity was a bachelor party on Saturday.  It consisted of a beer bong, casino and some good old fashioned hanging out.

First off, the beer bong thing.  Put it to you this way, I’m getting MUCH older.  I haven’t had a beer bong in about a decade (or more).  I was a bit hesitant on even doing one, but then again, it IS a bachelor party.  Eh, why not.

Like a champ, I was able to successfully bong a beer – much to my surprise.  It was easier than imagined.  That being said, I don’t drink (CAN’T drink) like a college freshman.  I enjoy the occasional craft beers and take advantage of them here in Dayton, Ohio, where many are produced.  But, the days of Beer Pong, chugging and – those beer bongs – are pretty much over.  I had my fun back in the day – but yeah, I enjoy sipping a beer now.  Call me old.

At any rate, I didn’t puke, so that was good.

After the boozy pregame, we headed out to the local casino.

Saturday was the Preakness horse race.  Like bonging beer, I usually don’t gamble.  Let alone on a horse (I actually don’t think highly of horse racing because I’m pretty sure the horses don’t enjoy it).  However, I decided to.  What the heck.  Again, it’s a bachelor party.  Anything goes, right?

Horse Whisperer (1)So, I threw some money down on a horse named Tale of Verve and another one (I totally forget the name).  Verve actually came in 2nd.  But, I put the money on him winning – so I got nothing.  The other horse didn’t place.  Oh well.  There goes $20 of my hard-earned money.

The local casino has only slot machines to play.  I can’t figure out gambling laws in Ohio, but I guess that’s all they’re allowed to have – besides horse betting as well.  Since I lost twenty bucks, I didn’t really play those (slot machines).  I did get a free $15 voucher though for getting a casino card (which was free) and I lost all of that on some random slot machine.  I know I sound like a cheapskate, but….well, maybe I am.

Expired Slot Machine copy (1)After the casino, we went to play some pool, drink more beer and other random stuff.

And that was my weekend.

It was a good time and, as a cartoonist, it’s great to get out of the studio and not work ALL the time (although, I’m constantly thinking of ideas 24/7 I feel).

As for a headache, well, it’s a safe BET that one would ensue after a night like that.



17 May

Today begins my first of (hopefully) many posts that are sometimes-daily affirmations that I want to continually run to share what’s happening regularly.  And, as I mentioned in my previous post, it’s a great excuse to brush-up on my writing and provide an outlet for releasing anything on my mind.  Not always about work – not always about personal things.  Really, it’s about anything.  Anything will go here (except hopefully not you, as a reader).

This isn’t going to be easy.

There will be times when I’m not exactly motivated to write and possibly some boring content.  For example, if I spend a whole day coloring cartoons, I’m not quite sure how insightful and entertaining I can make that for you – but I’ll try.  Like and ice cream truck, maybe I can add some fun music sequences to enhance the reading experience a bit during times like that?

I will add as many topical pictures, cartoons and illustrations as I can.  Yes, those should help make this all worthwhile to read.

All I can hope for is this:  If I continue cranking these out often, naturally, they’ll improve.  We’ll see.  I’m a bit torn on my start so far.

So, for this “official” day one – I’ll mention the big current events and not elaborate much.  I’ll do that other days (elaborate).  I want to keep this posts relatively short.  But here they are:

  • My wife and I are expecting our first child in NovemberIMG_0055
  • There is a big launch happening with my cartoons June 1st
  • Dad is coming to visit next week
  • My cat has been enjoying popping bubble wrap recently

I’ll be adding more topics and getting into all of this at a later time.

For today though, here’s a recap of the last mentioned current event.  My cat, Tiger, wallowing in her bubble wrap madness.




I figured funny cat videos are typically a hit, so hey, maybe my cat photos will work as well?

The biggest excitement though beyond cartooning, writing or ANYTHING – is the new addition this fall.

And on that note, I believe I’ll wrap-up (not bubble wrap) this day one.  Again, I’d like to keep this short and a quick read.  I’m going to shoot for doing these daily, but I’m sure there will be times that it won’t happen EVERY day (like weekends or more).  Hopefully around 4-5 per week.  I’ll be labeling these as the date that it was written.

And don’t worry…I’ll still feature my Week-in-Reviews every Friday (sorry if you’re not a fan of the Week-in-Reviews).

More soon.

The Write Excuse

16 May

I’m always trying to come up with an excuse to write more.  Why?  I’m not too sure.  I guess it’s that embedded desire to put some words out there and maybe release some of the thoughts that I’ve kept stocked up in my head.  Probably the same reason that ANYONE writes.

Recently, I’ve felt like my writing has, well, lagged.

Hard to explain, but it just seems like forced words on many of my Week-in-Reviews and a lot of my daily emails.  Now, some of that is probably due to lack of motivation.  Let’s be honest – there are times we don’t feel like doing something.  And that happens with writing.  But, on top of the words feeling forced, I’ve noticed more typos than usual, bad grammar and other pet peeves that I should know better by now not to do.  Could be I need more coffee to take care of this issue, but not too sure.

Simon and Garfunkel

Considering I’m not writing for The New Yorker and only for myself, it’s not the end of the world.  However, I’d like to brush up on it.  I’ve NEVER considered myself grammatically perfect, an outstanding writer or anything of that measure.  I do however enjoy writing and want to do it more.  And while I’m at it, hopefully offer something of decent quality.  Or at least nothing generic like some of those awful tasting cookies from Aldi.

So, I’ve decided to start creating posts on a regular basis that kind of reads like a diary in some sense.  No, I’m not going to tell you about my very personal things (like how in 8th grade I had a crush on Samantha from Who’s the Boss?) or share details that you probably wouldn’t want to know.  It will mostly be about what I’m working on, daily struggle/frustrations and stuff like that.

It’s mostly for me – but hope you enjoy as well.  I’m not trying to bore any readers to death.

At any rate, it will be that good excuse I’m looking for to write.  (Or to drink more coffee.)

Another Week-In-Review

15 May

Do worms swim?bod150509

My first comic in this week-in-review will pose that question.  My instinct is that they probably do not enjoy swimming.  In fact, water in general is probably quite terrifying considering the fate of many of their comrades due to fishing.  However, hey, if Jimmy did open up a business like this, I’m guessing this would be the outcome.  I do know that they’re all about things underground – not above.

My next cartoon of the week took awhile for me to piece together.

bod150510I wanted to make sure I had the best caption on it (I call it Quality Control).  And I think I achieved that goal.  But, there were a few different angles I could’ve went with it.  When mentioning the word pact, I often think of nations or countries forming one.  So, I almost created a president or military-type person in the cartoon.  At the end though, I went with an average Joe.

I think it turned out well.

Is it my favorite of the week?  Eh, I can’t say that about it.  BUT, my next cartoon might be.

This was another Reader’s Digest rejection.  bod150511

I’ve forgotten my keys on many occasions.  One time, right when I was packing up for vacation, I had my car loaded up and was ready to go.  Once I shut my trunk though, I discovered my keys weren’t in my pocket.  And my car doors were locked.  Therefore, it put a damper on the start of a great vacation.

If one forgets the keys to heaven (if keys are required), that might be a bit more devastating.bod150512

And now to another Dr. cartoon.

I’ve been producing quite a few medical comics recently.  Why?  Honestly, they sell.  The medical profession is a good market that purchases my cartoons for use via licensing them.  So, I create as many as I can.  That being said, I try not to saturate my dailies with them because we all like a little variety, right?

Anyhow, the original caption on this cartoon read, “It’s way too good, son.  It needs to be much more illegible if you ever want to become a doctor.”

I thought that was a bit too long, so I shortened it to what you see now.  Better?  Well, I’d like to think so.  (But then again, I say that about all my work.)

bod150513I always have a weird time drawing animals in awkward situations – such as in the next cartoon.

Obviously, cows can’t stand or hold their bellies.  So, when drawing this, I realize anatomically – it’s not realistic.  That makes it weird to draw.

Luckily in my profession, I’m not drawing accurate anatomically correct images for science books, so I can get away with it.

bod150514And now onto skating.

I’m not sure if this guy would make a great father figure or not.  But, his figure eights are okay – I guess.

This cartoon originally had a black ink outline for the eight.  But, with my outstanding digital skills, I traced over that with a lighter color to give it that ice-look.

Actually, I could use some work on my digital capabilities.  If you look closely, that’s a pretty wobbly figure eight.  Therefore, that’s why I mentioned this guys figure eight is just…okay.  It could be better.  Maybe he could be a better father figure, too?  (Okay, I can’t be that harsh on the guy.)

bod150515The last cartoon of this week required some help with a ruler sitting at my drawing table.

Drawing golf clubs isn’t as easy as you think.

I had to make those lines as straight as possible.  Normally, I like the more organic look and DON’T use a ruler in many images that require straight lines.  On this occasion I did.  If I drew a wobbly golf club, I’m sure I’d get some viewer mail pointing out my flaws.

It requires a steady hand and after a few cups of coffee, that’s not always easy.  So, this was a challenging cartoon, but I think I made it decent.  And a Golf Club sounds like a fun time to par-take in.

Well, that is it for my week-in-review!

Enjoy those above ground pools as the weather warms up.  Don’t have one?  Maybe consider buying one from Jimmy.




It’s Bear Season

9 May


If you’ve hung out with me throughout the years, you’ll know that occasionally a name pops up:  Bearman.

I especially enjoy mentioning him THIS time of year.  Why?  Well, he just launched – yet again – another Bearman Charity Challenge.  It’s a great way to help him spend his hard-earned cash on a charity.

Don’t know Bearman?  I doubt that.  BUT, in case you don’t (maybe you’ve been living in a bear cave), be sure to go read his whacky, funny, off-beat and sometimes political cartoons over at  I’ve known him (via online) now for over seven years and have a good time visiting his page and leaving unnecessary comments.  He lives just south of me in Cinci and sometime soon – I hope to have coffee or lunch with the guy (yes, Bearman, we need to figure out a time) and meet in person.

Want to know even MORE about Bearman?  I featured him in my local blog, Drawing Around Dayton, last fall.  You can read the entire article HERE.

So, cheers to the Charity Challenge!  For more information, click on this link:

From A Sea World to Butter Fame

8 May

I’m a bit torn on the whole Sea World debate.  Well, not really torn (I have my opinions, as you will see) but I think the whole situation is a bit sad.  They’re losing a lot of money ever since the documentary Blackfish came out.

I’m not a fan of wild animals being in captivity.  And no, I’m not talking about the ones that might enjoy being kept out of nature (like my cat, Tiger, for example, is pretty damn happy living here).  The BIG ones;  elephants, lions and as this cartoon depicts – killer whales.*

I think Sea World should probably release them into a nice retirement community.bod150502

That being said, I DO think they can restructure their parks to something that doesn’t depend on a Shamu show.

I think amusement parks are great for families, vacation and anything that’s a good experience is good in my books.  I’d hate to see them go bankrupt and people lose their jobs over keeping whales in captivity (plus, I think Sea World actually does a lot of good rescuing animals).  Which, brings me back to the point of animals that don’t mind captivity so much.  Think, oh – maybe the sea otters.  I’d say they have it made (free fish all day and plenty of entertainment) but even with them I suppose I could be wrong.  Anyway, maybe they should turn their attention on the smaller animals and rides.

But, what do I know…

I do know that back in the 60’s, the answer to this question below is hippies.


The next cartoon stems from my love of art and artists.

I’ve always been a big Claude Monet fan.  Something about his paintings is, well, cool.bod150504

So, when I thought of a way to feature him in a cartoon, I couldn’t help myself and I created one of him at an open mic night.

Now, one thing about the artist was this:  I wasn’t too sure if a mic was even around while he was alive.

I did my research via Google and – lo and behold – yes, he was around when there was a mic.  Therefore, in my head, it justifies the comic.

Still a bit of a stretch?  Sure.  Stretched canvas?  Not so much. (Okay, that was a bad joke.)

bod150505I’m always amazed at some of the comics that are more popular than others.

This one featuring perching/sitting seemed to do quite well.

When I drew it, I was feeling so-so about the whole gag.  I thought it was probably my worst one of the week, but again, what do I know?

bod150506I do know I’m bad at predicting popularity amongst cartoons.

Why?  Well, here I have a numbers cartoon that I found quite amusing myself.  The audience response online though was rather lackluster.  Nothing negative, just not much of anything.

bod150507So, I dig into my bag-o-tricks.  What is that?

Feature a cat cartoon!

Cat cartoons prove to be pretty popular no matter who the viewer is.  I could probably just draw a cat sitting and have no caption, no gag or anything – and people would probably love it.  I think all cartoonists out there can attest to this.

bod150508And now, ladies and gentlemen, a cartoon featuring something I don’t think I’ve featured ever (well, except maybe once or twice).

What is that?  BUTTER!

I went back-and-forth with this cartoon trying to figure out a good setting for it.  At first I was going to have it set in an actual photographers studio.  Then I thought of just showing an open magazine with a full-page spread.  But, in the end, I went the route of a famous spreadable butter in Hollywood that is looking over the shoulders (er, wrap) of a stick of butter.

Hey, whatever works.

Well, there it is. 

That’s the past week’s worth of cartoons!

Hope to see you here next week for more of this hoopla.  Maybe in the meantime, I can knock-out a blog or two on this site as well.  (I always say that and my intentions are good – but they don’t always happen.)

See ya next time!

*Note:  No killer whales were actually held in captivity in the making of the first cartoon.



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