Absent Minded

19 Aug

I apologize for being rather distant on here recently.  Several months ago I promised I’d try (“try” being the key word) to write here in a more frequent manner.  I had a nice streak going there for awhile, but – life once again got in the way.

Recently I’ve found myself again trying to do too much and really my focus has been a bit off.  And hey, that’s life.

I’m still cranking out the regular cartoons, still doing custom work and have been teaching a lot of paint & sip events.

I’ll be honest though, cartooning has been a pretty big disappointment this summer for me.

I’ve found my work stolen and used more than purchased off my new website.  I send everyone an invoice when caught, but it’s been discouraging seeing all my efforts just being yanked.  And this day and age, really the ONLY sure way to make money creating gag cartoons is licensing them for use (and the occasional publications).  So, I see my work all over the place and I haven’t made a cent off a lot of it (sigh).  I tell these people, if you owned a t-shirt shop, I wouldn’t just walk in and take your t-shirts (unless I was looking for a trip to jail for the evening).

On an up-note, I signed a greeting card contract today with a major company (that I’ve worked with before).  That being said, to make great money off that, I’d have to sell GOBS of cards.  Like, trainloads worth.  But hey, that could happen.  At least people can’t steal greeting cards as easily off the shelves as my images on the internet.

With a daughter on the way, stuff needs to pan out better financially.

I’ve been teaching a lot, as I mentioned.  And I’m launching my own paint and sip venue here in the Dayton area called Painting Around Dayton with a business partner.  I’m excited about it and it DOES help fund those stolen cartoons.  Definitely new for me.  But, I enjoy getting out, meeting people and I think they have a good time with me trying to tell jokes (on stage, sometimes they fall quite flat….trust me) while showing them how to paint.  So the painting side of things this summer has been great!

But, deep down, I feel a bit beaten down in the cartooning world.

That’s kind of wiped my motivation to write much here, because most of these post revolve around cartooning – my BIGGEST passion (well, work-wise).

That being said, I’m hoping my website (and other sources for licensing my work) quits getting material stolen from it and more folks actually buy the products for use.  Over time, I believe that will develop.  Heck, Nate Fakes Cartoons doesn’t even show up on google yet, so the honest people can’t really find me anyway.  That all takes time.  But, when searching for ‘cartoons’ or ‘comics’ – boy, I’d love to have my neck out there.  I know a lot of business comes that way.

I’m working on my graphic novel(s)….still.  But, those I can’t really look at as a financial investment.  Yes, I hope they can churn a profit, but it’s more for the wanting to do them.

And projects like Knocking On Heaven’s Door – a collaborated cartoon series created way back in 2008 – hasn’t gone as far as we (my writer for it and I) have hoped.  The books sold great – and then we stopped making it and I think there were some missed opportunities.  But, the funny thing about this series is it tends to resurface.  I think there’s something down the line for this at some point.  Wait and see.

Technically Speaking, a series I developed at the beginning of the year, also didn’t pan out time-wise or financially.  I created that for syndicates, and they enjoyed it.  But it was ultimately rejected.  I enjoyed making it, but I have no time to keep it going without a financial gain.

So, what’s my point?

Listen, I do cartooning and art because I LOVE it and you’re supposed to do what you love, right?  Also, I know how to hold a pen.  But, I’m also realistic about outcomes of stuff I produce.  I think anyone that produces comics wants them to ultimately make a bit of money.  And I have.  I’m not being greedy, but I do need more.  Again, the family is growing and times are tough.  This IS my business and industry.  Not a hobby.

What it boils down to is, I’m trying to make good decisions on where to invest my time.

Painting Around Dayton is cool because it’s a live event and it sells.  But, for cartooning, well….

I still have good things like I’m in some newspapers everyday, do have the occasional MAD Magazine or other magazine cartoon published, get custom work and actually DO license out the work (yes, it’s not ALL stolen).

I’m hoping a lot of elements of what I do change though.  I don’t mind my work being out there for free, either.  I post on Facebook daily and my daily work is available for no cost almost anywhere (I love it when my work is shared – with a source of where it came from, of course).  But, I still see my cartoons show up on websites and more.  It’s theft if it’s on a published site, newsletter, book, etc. without permission or by licensing it.  And it’s not an innocent crime considering how strapped I am on this end.  That hurts when I try to find quarters for toll roads.

The light at the end of the tunnel is I’ve been here before.  I think every artist/creator has.  I’ve never been wealthy off of what I do, but I do have good – and bad – months.  This summer just happens to stink.

Usually when I get in a somewhat funk over my cartooning, something turns around (again, I signed a new greeting card contract today).  I just gotta be patient and keep on cranking out things.

So, I know I’ve been slacking with post (including my whacky “Week-In-Reviews”), but until I get the business side of cartooning on a better track, it’s hard to find much great news in the biz to report.  BUT, I’m sure I can write about an awesome pizza I had the other night or some unsettling mosquito bite.  SOMETHING.  I’ll try.  Promise.

Writing sometimes helps me come up with answers, so there you go.  That’s a start.  And summer is coming to a close soon.

Cheers to fall!

Bottled-Up MAD and more

7 Aug

I know there are around a billion deserted-island-in-the-middle-of-the-ocean cartoons out there.  We’ve allbod150801 seen them.  And actually, I try to avoid creating anything based off that premise.  However, when an idea hits for one, I’ll do it.

And an idea hit me.  So I did it.

It’s funny how that theme is such a hot-topic for cartoons.

There really are a billion ideas for such a concept.  I mean, an island – in the middle of the ocean (with a palm tree, of course).  Comedy gold!  Right?  Eh, maybe….

Actually, I’m not sure why there aren’t MORE reoccurring themes like this in the cartoon universe.  The only other one I can think of are ones featuring Mr. Potato Head (and I’m proud to say, I believe I only created one cartoon in my lifetime featuring him) or Humpty Dumpty.  Seriously.  Just Google either of those topics and you’ll find tons.

bod150802AS for the next cartoon, the main character has been displayed probably more times than deserted island cartoons.

Many of you know that I occasionally get a cartoon or article in MAD Magazine.  So, when I created this one featuring Alfred, it was something right up my alley – something dumb!

With MAD I hope someday I can be one of the more regular “usual gang of idiots”.  It’s NOT easy writing for them.  I still do send my ideas in though on a regular basis in hopes of getting picked-up.  It’s not about the money, but the thrill of getting into MAD is still a major high.  It’s just fun to see my work amongst the rest of the stupidity in the issue.bod150803

It’s been hot as hell (if Hell is hot) around here (Dayton, Ohio).  That’s probably why I created this next cartoon.

If I had to guess, it’s not that original.  I actually created a similar concept a long time ago featuring snowmen in a car and one of them turned on the defrost.  However, since I couldn’t think of this being done before, I went ahead and created it.  And if anything, it will just make viewers hungry for ice cream.  Like me.  I’m hungry now.  For ice cream.

bod150804My cat actually DOES have insurance.

In fact, I believe she has better coverage than me.

When it comes to life insurance though, I don’t believe they offer that for our feline friends.  Curiosity is quite deadly.

Luckily, Tiger (my cat) lives indoors and can’t get in too much trouble.  I live on the 4th floor of an apartment building.  I just know that if she had the chance, she would totally jump out the window at the birds that hang outside (we have a screened in window – so there’s not a chance of this actually happening).

When I drew this next cartoon, it took me a few attempts.bod150805

Believe it or not, drawing checks WAS NOT easy.

I had an actual physical check as a reference.  There are a lot of little details in checks that I never realized until I featured a couple of them.

Plus, I was trying to make the details somewhat unique.  Like, you’ll notice the account number is the same on both.  And one is numbered just one about the other.  Does that make them family?  If so, it’s kinda a sick relationship….I guess.

Now onto Oz.

bod150806I changed the caption on this cartoon.

The first one said ‘Teenage Tin Man’.  When I thought about it though, isn’t there a transition between a teenager and a man?  So, I made it simply Tin Teenager.  I think it is better this way.

As for what those stains are, I have no clue.

Now onto the final cartoon of the week.

This was another awkward drawing for me.  I’ve always had a bod150807minor issue drawing silverware.  I’m not sure why.  I’m guessing it’s because in real life, silverware is so precise, straight and perfect.  My drawings are never straight-looking and always a bit wobbly.  So, that throws them off.  And I’m left never feeling happy about the way I drew it.

But, it is what it is.

I can say I’m very thrilled with how I drew than non-circular dinner plate.  Very professional.

That is all for this week!

More cartoons are available with my cartoon subscription.  Yes, YOU can get them everyday.  For free.  (Just send me some pizza coupons on occasion.)  CLICK HERE


Hair It Is

31 Jul

The first cartoon of the week didn’t seem to get much of a good response.  I say that by the amount of bod150725“likes” and comments on social media and various other places the comic appeared.

I, however, thought it was pretty good.  That’s probably why I made it.

I’ve mentioned it before, but the material I enjoy the most typically isn’t the fans favorites.  I can never really tell what will hit or miss.

Hair if I know….

bod150726Birds on a wire though….HAS to be good, right?

So this idea was one of a few wireless premises I’ve ever made over my years of cartooning.  But, this is a different take on it.  Something I’ve never done before.

When I draw – well – not DRAW, but color birds, I’m always trying to figure out what color to make them (unless they’re specific birds that are a known color).  I sometimes mix-it-up or I’ll get lazy and make them all the same.  As you can see, I must have had a lazy day when I made this bird/wireless cartoon.

My next one with the magician was inspired off a different comic I saw once.  bod150727

It featured a bunch of tiny coffins and something about a chainsaw.

I found the idea funny and took it a step further and featured a magician.

After I drew this, I noticed I didn’t make the coffin in half – like they typically do during the magic trick (you know – saw a person in half).  So, it turned out more brutal that originally planned (if you use your head).

bod150728And now another one from the vaults…

Yes, this cartoon featuring the Monopoly Man is an old one.  It was only published for a realty company I worked with (and I own the rights) so I thought I’d send it out here in the mainstream universe.

It’s not the first time I’ve featured the old man.  I had a cartoon once (if you remember) where he went to go eat out and left the waitress – you guessed it – play money.

I’m sure there are more cartoons I can create with him.  Just wait.  You’ll get sick of them eventually.  And probably avoid playing Monopoly, too.

Steak, anyone?

This is another cartoon that nobody really “Wowed” over.  I, again, liked this one.  (Geesh…what do I know.)bod150729

bod150730And now one for you grammar people!

It’s a known fact that I often times can suck at grammar.  So, when I can pull-off creating a decent grammar cartoon, I pat myself on the back (unless I’ve eaten a ton of donuts and cannot reach it).

This one turned out well for several reasons.

One is, this is probably the EASIEST cartoon I’ve ever drawn.  It literally took me a minute or two (same with coloring).

Two is – I learned what an Oxford comma was.  Yeah, I didn’t know until I googled it and found out.

bod150731So, I learned something and got a cartoon out of it.  Not a bad day.

And for the last cartoon of the week – well – it’s a sweet one.

I like drawing objects that typically are inanimate.  Candy in particular.

And what’s NOT funny about a sucker knocking out gum?  Comedy gold, right?  (Again, I can never tell what is funny or not.)

Anyhow, it’s your off-the-wall feature for now.  I’m sure many more are coming (just like Monopoly Man cartoons).

That’s all!

Hope you enjoyed and…did you know that you can receive these cartoons EVERYDAY via my email subscription?  You DIDN’T know that?  Okay….that’s alright.  CLICK HERE and find out more.

Hope you’re having a great hair day.



Aaand…we’re back

24 Jul

Back to what?  Oh, like you had to ask (I’m just assuming you did).

Why, it’s another Week-in-Review!

Yes, I had several weeks off from doing these after my “last” vacation – but I’m back.  And I’ve got a look at the past week’s cartoons.  So, off we go…

This first one has a reoccurring theme of inanimate objects in a prison cell discussing their charges, whatbod150718 they did or what’s going to happen to them.  I’ve done it before and I’m sure I’ll do it again.  That being said, this is the first time I’ve featured a champagne bottle.

If this were any bit realistic, the spastic looking prisoner in the orange jumpsuit probably would’ve popped him by now instead.

The next cartoon is actually an old one.

bod150719I created it about two years ago for a real estate company I was working for.  Since I retained the rights to everything I did with them, I decided to go ahead and publish it elsewhere.  Like, well, here.

So, I dusted it off and here it is.

I found over a dozen other cartoons related to real estate that will resurface soon.  Hey, why keep them locked up in the computer?  These cartoons want a chance in the lime light as well.

bod150720I love creating music humor.

It seems like in the past year I’ve been making more and more comics about music, music notes, staffs and just about everything else you can think of.

Naturally (or A Natural), a cartoon like this was going to emerge out of my head.  So here it is.

I’ll end the description of it on that note.

bod150721Along with music cartoons I’ve been coming up with plenty of business premises for material.


Business cartoons sell.  That’s why.  And so I put them out there to bring in big numbers on Nate Fakes Cartoons.  Hence this particular comic.bod150722

Along with business cartoons, insurance comics are also a big hit that customers download.

You see, this IS a business for me.  Believe it or not, I don’t just draw for fun.  If I did that, you would be seeing an overload of material featuring potty humor, filthy computers and more garbage.  I don’t think there’s a market for any of it (well, except possibly bod150723MAD, who does buy them occasionally).

I’m a working man and have to come up with things in demand.  (Hey, that rhymes!)

Next, I enjoyed this hot little one.

Anything featuring a couple of candles on a date is a hit in my book.  And – for one of the first times – I‘ve actually featured facial expressions on inanimate objects.  I think I’ll start doing that more.  I like it.

bod150724And for the final cartoon of the week, I decided to draw deer.  One with a yellow antler.

I’m not sure what made me come up with this.  It’s a little far-fetched.  (But then again, what material of mine ISN’T?)

So, that’s it!

I’m happy to be able to have a few moments to type out these Week-in-Reviews and hope to keep them coming.

Unfortunately for you, the reader, the vacation I just took was MY LAST for quite awhile.  With a baby girl on the way soon, I’ll be changing diapers and teaching her to take over my business one day.  A newborn can learn cartooning, right?  Anyway, I’m as excited as ever.  And I’ll be available to posts these – and more.

Until next week….

Greetings From FL

17 Jul

I’m still on my last hurrah of a vacation.  This blog post is currently being written in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Yes, the same city I used to live in several years ago.11540906_10203618625461153_7401881379477456746_n 10302646_10203618625781161_4529893989898022246_n

I’ve intended on writing much more about this vacation, but as vacations go – time slips by.  And I have been busy doing plenty of non-productive stuff like getting some sun, swimming around and drinking craft beer (which I’ll get into later).  Writing just wasn’t part of it all.

However, I find myself rained-in today and thought it might be a perfect time to fill you in on a few things.

Mostly, this vacation has been about seeing old friends and places.  We’re not really down here to explore too many new things.  That being said, we have seen some new things and also a nice mix of the old.

In my last post, we were in Georgia.  Basically, that state was just a pit stop for our trip down to Hollywood, Florida.  And it being a pit stop – we did grab some delicious peach cider.  I mean, you have to while there, right?

We’re driving, so a drive straight from Ohio to Hollywood would’ve been a bit much.  (Although, my longest trip without stopping was a dash from Florida to Kansas in 25 hours.)

We went way down to the southern part of eastern Florida to see a friend of ours.  We spent a couple of days there and then hopped on Interstate 75 through Alligator Alley out west to Sarasota.

While in Sarasota, we stayed with some friends who live there.

That city has lots of old memories.  I used to work in the now closed-up (they all are) Circuit City about a decade ago.  Yes, I sold televisions, radios and all kinds of gadgets to the locals.  The percentage of customers were great.  However, with Sarasota being a very rich area, there were the 1%’s that would come in with their noses up high and mention to me they could buy ANYTHING in the store.  Nice of them to mention that to me when I made about a dollar more than minimum wage.

Anyway, that was a fun day job I had for awhile.  The rest of the gang that worked there and myself mostly made fun of the snobby clientele.  It made our days of collecting pathetically poor paychecks somewhat worth it.

Beyond my day job experience there, I do enjoy that area for the beaches and entertainment.  Many days were spent soaking up sun and brushing off sand on Lido beach.FullSizeRender(72)  I made sure to return to some of my old haunts on this trip.

While in town, we took advantage of some resort areas and pools.  This one place had free water.  Talk about a perk!

After a few days in Sarasota, we headed up toward St. Petersburg – where I currently am.

On the way, we stopped by Bradenton so my wife and I could say “hello” to some old co-workers there.  Another day job I had awhile back was selling cars.  So, it was fun to swing by Cox Chevrolet and see who was all there.  Actually, quite a few people.  Good visit.  My wife worked there longer than me (yes, we both worked at the same place for a bit) so she knew the majority of folks still around.

After leaving Cox, we THEN headed to St. Petersburg.  (Lot’s of cities being mentioned here.  Confusing…I know.)

Here, we’re staying with some MORE friends.  Oh, and our daughter (who is due November 2nd) got her first souvenir


It’s been a great stay (and it’s not over yet).  We’ve hit the beach (although it was rather rainy and windy when we went), ventured downtown where we used to live and have lounged around a lot.  Work?  Trying to keep it off my mind.  But, as you know, I’m constantly thinking of new things and actually have a few ideas that came of this vacation.FullSizeRender(73)

Another thing, as a cartoonist, I really appreciate the Tampa Bay area for their support with my cartoons.  My comics are STILL featured daily – in print – in local newspapers around here.  It’s nice to grab a paper and see my work.  And it keeps me connected in some little way.  It’s nice knowing that people heading to the beach, downtown or wherever can get a paper and read my feature.  In Dayton, I can’t get any of the local rags to print my work.  But here they do.  Nice.FullSizeRender(71)

Above:  If you’re ever around St. Pete, grab a TBT.  You can still see my daily ‘toons.

I’ve also taken advantage of the new local breweries in the area.  They weren’t here when I lived in Florida and now they’ve sprouted up EVERYWHERE.  Always fun to try local beer and the vibe of these places.  Each one is unique and different.  11760138_10203618630781286_2783697937170029199_n

And that’s been the extent of it so far!

We’re here until Sunday morning when we make the trek from here back up to the Buckeye state.

It’s been a nice getaway.  And probably our last one for awhile.  With a newborn on the way, work and the approaching winter (it will be here before you know it), this is it.

I’ll try to write more soon.  In the meantime, back to lounging….and maybe some more local craft beers.

Greetings From GA

10 Jul


Not the best picture, but while stuck in traffic in the middle of a, Atlanta, Georgia, we snapped this pic.

Anyhow, yes – I’m on a long, interesting, fun road trip for the next nine days.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to crank out a new Week-In-Review like I usually publish each Friday.  Instead, you get a selfie.

BUT, if you want to read cartoons, hey, I can help.

Go to Nate Fakes Cartoons and read over a thousand of em’.

Or, for the daily ones, go to GoComics and read them there.

Anyway, I’m going to try to post some pictures and a bit of updates about my trip.  Our first stop here in Macon, Georgia, doesn’t have anything thrilling to report.  It was a pit stop on our way to Hollywood, Florida.  (Although, we did eat at Arby’s last night and it was pretty exciting ordering an extra side of fries.)

I’ll try to keep you posted.

A Cage-Free Week-In-Review

3 Jul

Except for this cage.  This is the only cage you will see in this new Week-In-Review.  Don’t worry…don’t bod150627worry.  These aren’t REAL birds.  It’s only a cartoon.

Really though, I don’t like the idea of caging a bird.  I mean, they’re birds, so they are birdbrained.  Maybe they don’t care.  I’d have to assume though they’d rather be flying out in the open air.  But, what do I know….

I used to have parakeets and I’d let them fly around the house.  They probably had it pretty good (except they did have to stay in their cage at night).

bod150628Another animal I used to have are dogs.  (And I still consider my mom’s dog, Ursa, mine as well in some sense.)

Enough about dogs though (even though one is featured in this next cartoon).

I used to NOT enjoy public speaking.  As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts though, I actually enjoy talking in front of a crowd now.  Well, not really “talking”, but having fun.  I’ve been teaching painting in the evenings.  Usually, there are over 50 people in attendance and I have no problem teaching them a thing or two about art.  As LONG as I can goof around at the same time.

If I had to give a political speech or something – well – serious, I doubt I’d do as good.  THAT would get on my nerves.

Lucky for slugs, I’ve never tried this.  I’ve never tried to brutally murder a slug with salt.bod150629

That being said, I have (in my past) demolished numerous ant hills with my sneakers, smashed a large quantity of flying insects that land on trees with dirt balls and have wiped-out entire hives of wasps that try to build a nest close to me.

Again though, every slug has been pretty safe around me.  I hope slugs appreciate that.

In this next cartoon, I had a heck of a time trying to draw the stupid soccer ball in it.  (Sorry to soccer fans for calling your ball ‘stupid’.)

bod150630I’m not sure why, but it was not easy for me to draw.  A soccer ball has all kinds of awkward lines that – if wrong – will make it look like a mentally disturbed ball.

So, I hacked at this cartoon several times with the eraser to get it right.

Now THAT’S dedication!

As for witches, well, I can draw those at any time.bod150701

I was surprised this cartoon was rather popular considering it’s the middle of summer and not close to Halloween.  However, people seemed to enjoy it (online, at least).  Witch is really weird to me.

bod150702Bug zappers always fascinated me as a kid. (Notice how I throw-in the ‘as a kid’ reference a lot on here?  Not sure why….)

I just couldn’t understand why they would keep going up to the light when all their buddies were getting zapped and dying.

Then again, instead of birdbrains – they have bugbrains.  Must be even worse.

Last but not least, this was my favorite cartoon of the week.bod150703

It’s my favorite for several reasons.  One is, my daughter is due to arrive this November (yay!), so any cartoon depicting a newborn, I can relate to.

Also, it hits close to home because I have a feeling this is how my cat, Tiger, is going to react when we bring home Ella.  She seems discouraged already when I pay attention to my new fish instead of her.  I guess we’ll find out soon.

Okay, well, that wraps up this edition of a Week-In-Review!

Tell your friends, fwd this off and remember:  We keep most of our cartoons cage-free around here.

Business As Usual

2 Jul

I’ve never claimed to be a businessman.  Nope.  I really wish I was, but I’m not.  I always have these really BIG ideas, however, from a business perspective, I sometimes never know quite how to achieve big things.

I’ve read numerous business books (and still keep reading them), worked in marketing and more.  But when it comes to MY business, well…..

I watched a documentary about cartooning recently and there was a section in there about a couple of cartoonist (web cartoonist, that is) that got a pretty decent following.  A business-type knew of their work and offered to take over the financial/marketing side of things.  And, the couple of guys agreed.  Seems like things are well.  It’s what they needed to become financially well-off.

I think about that sometimes.

Marketing, business and “getting the word out” is not my forte.  I wish – at times – I had just a total business guru come along, see my work and offer to figure out ways of making it all happen.  I do have people I work with on certain projects (like my partners at BizComics and my website) – which is great – but I’m still stuck in a rut to numerous other prospective things.

Sales Slumped Couch

Here are several thoughts I’m trying to figure out if I can do or not – assuming I’m on my own and no business guru comes along and gives me a hand.

My Own Painting/Drinking Events:  Right now, I’ve been currently teaching painting in the evenings for some extra money (after all, I do have a daughter on the way) and experience.  I actually find it fun.  It’s at restaurants and participants can enjoy a drink and meal while they paint.  I just joke around with them, paint and let my sarcasm rip.  So, I’ve thought about opening up my own painting at places type thing.  Right now I’m working under someone.  No, I’m not an employee – but as an artist, I don’t make as much as the person who brings in the cash from ticket sales.  My thoughts are why don’t I just have my own?  After all, I know restaurant managers, can hire painters (and do it myself) and a good friend of mine is in the wine business.  Why not?

Oh yeah…it takes money and marketing to do this.  Riiight.

A Cartooning Talk:  I’d love the opportunity to go around and talking about my cartooning career.  I’m imagining a slide-show presentation that was fun and all about my journey of being a frustrated cartoonist trying to make it when a lot of possibilities of cartooning are basically extinct.  Seems like a good thing, but I can’t exactly say “I’ve made it” with this talk since I’m constantly looking for new ways of making money.  I have professional work in publications and so-forth, but consistency is my issue.  So, not sure if I am qualified to talk about cartooning when it’s still a struggle for me at times.  (Although, that being said, has any cartoonist nowadays actually “made it”?)

Some cartoonists get calls to do talks.  I’m assuming they just don’t have my phone number.

Online Cartooning Course:  I tried this last year and it didn’t do too well.  I would create the whole thing over and try again.  Thinking of something along the lines of selling cartoons.  Again, how do I get the word out about this?  Eh, something to think about.  I just have a feeling – like last time – marketing it would be my issue.  I have people that read my work on a regular basis but probably aren’t too interested in learning cartooning.  At least that is what I experienced when I tried this before.

Books:  I’ve got gobs of books I’m working on.  My fear is getting them out in public.  I had a failed Kickstarter several years ago because I couldn’t get enough attention for it (or people didn’t really find it something they wanted to support).  It did have some awesome supporters – but not enough.  And I think from a business point of view, I asked for too much money.  Anyway, it wasn’t very pleasant.  I have a hard time pitching new things.  I get overwhelmed when I go to Kickstarter and see cartoons I’ve never heard of just raise $50,000 on a project and I’m like, “How?  I’ve never even heard of you guys!”

Well, these are just a few ideas I’m thinking about.

What’s frustrating for me is consistency and time.

I consistently make money off of numerous platforms, but these platforms aren’t growing quickly enough.  I have some NEW venues I’m excited about.  Here again though, they will take awhile to take-off.  I’m hoping they become more consistent, but only time will tell.  In the meantime, business as usual needs to pick up.  I have a new addition coming, so that’s why I say that.  We’ve been getting by okay for now, but I want something my family can really feel comfortable with.  That will be numerous sources of income (like I have now), but I need to get some new stuff out there.  Baby Fakes will need diapers.

And the time thing.  What DO I focus on the most to generate more income?  Here’s where making a good decision helps.

So, I’m hoping I make some good business decisions from now and throughout my life. (A lot to ask for, I know.)

I hope I’m not coming across as a “poor me” in this post – because I think all of us have been here before whether you’re a business owner, employee or anything.  Sometimes, you just want to make the best decision about switching a job, relocating, hiring/firing, etc.  I know I’m not alone.  But it is frustrating, right?  I always feel like there’s just one, itsy-bitsy element that I’m missing that makes the difference between a few cents and a modest living.  Think, brain.  Think!

I know many new parents feel the need to make more – so that’s where I’m at.  After all, I need to think about sending my child through art school in the future, right?

Chances of a multimillionaire calling me up and putting an ad out for my work on Super Bowl Sunday probably isn’t too likely, so I continue to work away at new ideas and try to prepare for the future.  Things aren’t horrible – but again, I want them to pick-up.  It’s natural.

And while I’m at it, I’ve surrounded myself with good people that tend to help the cause more than hurt it, so that’s a plus.  And I do have exciting, new things that I’m anxious to grow (like BizComics and my website).

While I might not be the best businessman on the face of this earth, I do feel like I have just about every other element that I need.  I work hard, dedicated and – well – good stuff.  Really, I can take things far.  I’ve done it before.

Just those BIG ideas and where to take them.  That’s the BIG question.


A Brand-Spanking New Week in Review

26 Jun

As a business owner, I’m constantly thinking of business cartoons.  Although I don’t use a boardroom orbod150620 have executive office suites, I am familiar with a lot of this-and-that that about office life.  Many previous day jobs have provided me with ample information and that has lead to many cartoons.

This is the first time though I have used a chairman as a premise.

And as a chairman, yes, I agree they probably should get some chairs.  He would be in charge of that, right?

Somehow this year I – again – forgot to make a holiday-related cartoon.

bod150621Father’s Day was this past Sunday.  And so did I publish a creative cartoons for fathers?  Nope.  Instead I featured a creepy clown.

Like business cartoons,  for some funny reason, I have a lot of ideas for clown cartoons.

Some find them scary, some find them amusing or some find them repulsive.  Either way, I’m sure there will be more on the way.  And hopefully, the next time a holiday rolls around, I can have something more suitable.  (Come to think of it, do I have any good July 4th cartoons?  Yikes…)

I’ve mentioned before in numerous posts about my enjoyment for the local craft beer here in the area.bod150622

The craft beer trend seems to be exploding all across the country.  And I like it!  Before these new beers, I used to just have the occasional Bud or Miller.  Now I can barely drink the “cheaper” stuff. Taste like muck.

And since I’m not in college and don’t drink like a fish, I only have a few beers now and then.  So, hey – I might as well make them quality ones.

As for crafty beers, well, I haven’t come across one of those yet (except in my comics).

bod150624This next knife gag is very cutting edge.

Okay, sorry – that was a very awful pun.

Anyway, I have always liked the notion of knives and their different uses.  Probably because in the kitchen it’s very true – only certain knives do certain things.  I’ve tried using butter knives for cutting purposes when desperate (like I didn’t feel like doing the dishes so all my sharp knives are dirty).  Yeah, it doesn’t work well.

Moving on…

If I were a bird, it would probably be more of a late bird rather than morning.  As much as I like to foolbod150625 myself into thinking I’m a morning person, I’m not.  Well, not really.  I WAKE UP in the morning, but I’m pretty content with getting up naturally around 8-8:30.  Most people wouldn’t consider me a morning person waking up that late.  I always think of morning people as the ones that get up around 5-6 and have no problem with it.  That’s totally not me.

And now, for the last cartoon of the week.

bod150626I’m not sure where this idea came from, but I found it funny.

I almost drew Father Time mowing, but not many people are familiar with his image (think about it – can you envision what he looks like?).

A clock mowing though is just as solid.  At least in my humble opinion.

Well, that is all!

On a side note, sorry I’ve been lagging on my daily blogs (somewhat daily).  I’ve been busy teaching and other things.  I know – excuses.  I hope to getting back to more frequent posts soon.  And I will.

In the meantime, be sure to put chairs in your boardroom and keep your lawn pedicured in a timely matter.

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A Week-in-Review is Here

19 Jun

Along with everything else, I have ANOTHER Week-in-Review.  I know, right?

Let’s start with some hilarity.  What else is more funny than close talkers (okay, a lot of things)?bod150613

I’ve known a few close talkers in my lifetime.  Sometimes, it’s because they’re hard of hearing or just aren’t aware of what they’re doing.  To test what it is, I’ll either raise my voice or move in even closer to see if they back-up.  If I’m very close to them talking loudly, chances are, it’s a hearing issue.  If I move pretty close and they move closer still, well, that’s just creepy.  Or maybe they want a kiss.  Either way, I’m married.  So, unless it’s my wife, I’m bailing.

In a dog world though that is full of dog breath, this is probably a worse experience than us humans have considering all the butts they lick.  Yuck.

bod150614With all the rain we’ve been getting around here in gorgeous Dayton, Ohio, it (along with several bolts of lightning) sparked this idea for the next cartoon.

I was probably a weather man in a past life.  No, really.  I talk about the weather a lot.  It was my downfall on first dates back in the day.  I didn’t do it (talk about the weather) though because I couldn’t think of anything else to think of.  Nope.  I genuinely interested in clouds, storms, floods – you know – weather stuff.

Plus, if you’ve been reading for awhile, you know I’ve recently experienced quite the weather condition with a tornado going past my front window (it’s a few blogs back, if you’re interested).bod150615

So, as cliche as it is to talk about the weather, I do.  Anyway…

Do mobsters even meet in remote locations anymore? Probably not.  But, let’s pretend they do.

If anything, I’m pretty sure they don’t dress like this currently.  Maybe back in the 30’s they would.  But, when putting together a cartoon, I have to be some-what able to relate with people.  And I believe most people associate the hat, suit and all with a wise guy.  Hence my mob cartoon and toy car.

You see how I put these suckers together?  It’s just a bunch of assumptions on what I think YOU want to see.  Easy, huh?

My next cartoon was one that – I hope – I was the first to create.

bod150616Yes, in this industry, often times ideas are used by others unbeknownst to the creator.  Trust me – I know a lot of cartoonists – and we don’t rip-off each other.  Sure, we take elements and bits of ideas off of others work, but rarely copy directly off one another (a.k.a. plagiarize).

I think every cartoonist out there has been accused of ‘stealing’ or copying someones work off from a reader.  However, the reality is, great minds think alike and it happens (not saying my mind is great, but you know….).

Anyway, I hope I was the first to think of this one.  It’s a pretty obvious selfie gag, but I enjoyed making it.bod150617  I don’t want to get an email saying, “Hey!  That selfie cartoon was in last week’s Garfield!”

As for salad dressing, well – I’m pretty certain only I could come up with such an awful pun.

There were a few angles I could’ve went with this.  My intention was I wanted the caption to sound like, “I don’t want to look like a slob.”  Not sure how many people caught-on to that.

bod150618I used to sleep walk (and still might…not too sure).

I know I lose a lot of sleep thinking about things that need done.  Naturally, I thought that anyone that enjoys caulking is probably bound to lose some sleep as well.  And if that caulker is a sleep walker (hey, that rhymes!) then this cartoon might actually have a touch of reality to it.  (But seriously, who DOES enjoy caulking?)

bod150619And my last ‘toon of the week consists of my least-favorite subject:  math.

You know those equations with a ton of ‘X’s’ in them?  Yeah, I hate those.

They’re the reason I flunked out of a lot of math/algebra classes growing up.

I can, however, handle a good game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Okay, well, that’s all, folks!  Nothing more to see here.  BUT, there is a lot more to see at the new Nate Fakes Cartoons.com.  Head on over.

In the meantime, watch out for those close talkers and if you sleep walk, try to keep the caulking to a minimum.





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