Best week….ever?

27 Mar

What a week.

I actually have had a great past seven days.  Normally I wouldn’t mention that because I’ve been on the opposite end of the spectrum numerous times.  And it’s sometimes annoying to hear about someone having a fantastic week.  But, once in awhile, I’ll mention it if it’s true.  And yes, this past week has been stellar.

Lot’s of positive in my personal life and here in the cartooning life.

I won’t dig into details.  There’s a time and a place for everything, right?  And this is all about the past week’s worth of cartoons.

I’ll get into the other stuff sometime later.bod150321

Starting off, I have this recent ‘toon about having to stand in the corner.

I mentioned this in my subscription service, but growing up, I never really had a corner to stand in.  However, if we got in trouble during lunch in the cafeteria during elementary school, they would make us go stand against the wall in front of everyone.

At the time, I found it quite funnyand fun – to go and do that.

It was entertaining to see how many times I could stand against the wall during lunch.  Days that I was really hungry, I tried to behave (they didn’t let you take the snack-packs up there while you stood).

Bzzz.… Hey – did you hear that?  Why, I think it’s a bee cartoon!

bod150322Bee’s have a weird life.  They’re given a profession and have to deal with it.

What if you were a bee and you didn’t want to be a worker?

Sure, the bee could wind-up lucky and become a queen, but then again, that sounds rather exhausting.

As for other jobs, well, they’re aren’t any.  A bee can’t just sit around as far as I know (and I doubt they have unemployment benefits).

Okay, I’m over-thinking this way too much.


This snake/turtle cartoon I thought was going to really take off and become popular.

It really didn’t….bod150323

It got a so-so response rate.  For me personally, I thought it was the winner of the week.  Goes to show what I know.  Maybe it’s just because I like snakes and turtles.

bod150324However, when I switched up to talking about a CEO and his son wanting an allowance raise, well – this one did rather better.

I created this because I totally believe it’s a true situation.

You always hear of these little rich entitled kids that think they can do anything.  The recent news was from this $#%bag, Conrad Hilton, who went ballistic on a flight – cursing and belittling the crew and passengers.

I’m not saying all kids of CEO’s are like this, but I’ve met plenty.  Especially when I used to work a day job in Sarasota, Florida, at a Circuit City.  They would come in their new Convertibles, buying the biggest and newest televisions and they probably weren’t a day over 16.  Anyway, hence the inspiration for the cartoon.  I know I probably sound bitter, but hey, I was working at Circuit City.

bod150325Mr. Clean is a much spiffier (and clean) topic.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used the adorable mascot for cleaning products.  However, this is the first time I’ve featured him as a child.

I think it’s probably an accurate portrayal, right?

bod150326And that leaves me with a cartoon I should’ve opened with.

With this one, I was torn on leaving the caption the way it is or calling it a Mono Log (two words).

Still not 100% sure I nailed it with the way I have it completed, but oh well.  People seemed to enjoy it.  This wood be the first time I’ve featured this – um – wood.

bod150327Finally this week, we have birds.

This day and age, I feel kinda sorry for caged birds.  They have to be miserable, right?

I discussed (again, in my daily email) that I used to have a pet parakeet growing up named Joe.

Joe was a great bird and I think he actually had it pretty good.  I gave that blue-bellied bird run of the house.  Yes, he had a cage, but I let him out of it quite often.

Anyway, I think a parakeet with a house to himself has got to be somewhat happy.  Hopefully.

That wraps up this GREAT week!

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I’m sure I can host a pizza party if it happens.


More cartoons next week and more blog posts (possibly) in the meantime.



My friend, Roy

21 Mar

Every so often in this world, something spectacular leaves us.  That’s what happened last week when cartoonist Roy Doty passed away at age 92.

Roy wasn’t just a good cartoonist – he was on a grander scale.  I could go on-and-on about how impressive his work was, but it all speaks for itself.  If you’ve never heard of his name, I’m pretty certain that somewhere along the line you have seen some of it.  He was everywhere.

I was lucky to know him and actually visit his home and studio where his work came alive in Dublin, Ohio.

At the time of meeting him, I was drawing the cartoons for the school newspaper at Wright State University.  So, like any normal cartoonist, I wanted to show “the pro” my work and get his thoughts when encountering him face-to-face.

I met him via knowing someone that knew him and so forth.  It just worked out well that he also lived only and hour or so away from me at the time.

Like his comics, he was a character.  Very pleasant, nice and honest.  In fact, brutally honest (I’ll get to more of that in a bit).

His studio had impressive drawings that I personally probably would never have the patience for.  Detail after delicate detail of perfected line-work that uses every space of the page in such a magical way, I couldn’t fathom it.  At the time of writing this, his website is still active.  Go explore for yourself here.

2011 Valentine

Above:  A Valentine illustration by Roy that’s in my personal collection.

My work?  He wasn’t too impressed.  But, he mentioned to keep working.  And so I did.

For years after that, we corresponded.

I moved to Florida and during that time, I really tried to get to the professional level I felt I could obtain.  After all, I was fresh out of an internship with MAD Magazine and the school paper.  I thought I was already great.

Little did I know that I wasn’t.

I grew up having everyone tell me how good I was.  So, I believed it.  I became actually cocky with my work and assumed it was fantastic. I was a pro.  After all, I kept hearing it.  But I was hearing it from people I knew – not the pros.

I sent Roy some of my material via USPS to get his thoughts.

Expecting just a note or two at some point, I was wrong.  Roy not only critiqued my work, he hand-wrote a two page letter explaining his thought process behind all of it.  I could tell he spent ample time looking it all over.  He sent me a package.

And the reviews?

Not good.

He ripped it all to shreds.  Explaining why a lot of it was horrible and how it wasn’t funny, badly drawn, etc.  No good words.  When I got it back, I was actually quite upset.  “Nobody has EVER said my work was bad!”

In this critique, he also hand-drew on several of my cartoons what he thought should go there.  How it should look.  Again, he spent some time on this.

Doty Critiques

Above:  Part of the package I received back with handwritten yellow tabs on each page, a two page letter and more.

After letting it sink in and REALLY looking at what he had said in his notes, I deeply thought about it.  And on many levels – he was right.

There’s a saying…

The two most harmful words in the English language:  Good job.

It made me think, improve and become better.  I wasn’t there yet.  I did have a ways to go if I wanted to move toward that professional level.  My work was mediocre and I didn’t even realize it until Roy came along.

Down the line, once I became syndicated online with Universal, I sent him more material.

“Gross” is how he described my line work – compared to his.  However, he liked the material and glad I developed a style.  Yes, he let me know it wasn’t up to his standards.  And it wasn’t.  But he was hoping to see my work go somewhere.

Roy really helped my career.

I think I would’ve wallowed in that cocky cesspool of not improving if it wasn’t for his brutally honest critiques and words.  Knowing that he spent all that time critiquing it, I knew he actually cared, and saw potential.

I get asked by kids, adults – aspiring cartoonist – to review their cartoons.  I critique it, but boy, I just can’t do it like Roy.  I wish I could though.  Many would take it the wrong way and probably hate me for it, but I think it helps.  Too many people say, “Good job”.

Roy kept in touch throughout the years.  I was fortunate enough to receive his homemade Christmas cards around the holidays.  They were something out-of-this world.  Always unique – and fun.

Doty Christmas Card 2007

Above:  One of his homemade cards that required twisting and turning.  A good time trying to read.

When I heard the news of his death, I found myself working at my drawing table.  I didn’t even realize it, but I was paying extra attention to my line work.  Subconsciously, Roy got in there.

So, it’s sad that he’s gone.  His art remains though, and he’ll definitely be remembered.

I’m sure he’s up at that big drawing table in the sky creating those perfect lines.


Greens and More

20 Mar

I’ve had quite the week so far.  For one thing, St. Patrick’s Day totally screwed with my regular schedule.10615995_10152715138679117_5503062607436614575_n  I was convinced to head over to our local pub at 8:30 in the morning for a dose of Irish bagpipers, green Budweiser and some chewy breakfast.  Boy, I’m getting old.  I was done by about one or so in the afternoon.  Waking up and drinking some cold ones isn’t quite appealing as it was when I was twenty (nor as easy)  But hey, I made it out.  It was actually a good time, but now I feel the need to catch-up on everything.  Oh, and the headache following it all wasn’t exactly pleasant.

This past week didn’t feature any TOTALLY green cartoons to celebrate the holiday.  But, I did feature some awesome “green” characters that enjoy and thrive in nature.bod150314

When I was a kid I used  to watch those nature shows on PBS (or whatever channel we had at the time) and used to hear the people filming that they must not interfere with nature  – as a lion is mulling an antelope.

I guess if I were taping upsetting things such as a big cat getting its next dinner, I would interfere.  What could go wrong?  The antelope goes home happy and the lion would get upset.  Might make for good film?

bod150315I’ve seen it over-and-over again where kids these days simply play with an iPad or smartphone and really don’t do much of anything else.  Do kids even go outside to play anymore?

The reality of this cartoon featuring an iPad babysitting is it’s probably bound to happen in the near future.  I can easily see parents trusting equipment to watch their children instead of hiring some human.

Hey, it could be happening now.  Who knows.  I guess the good thing would be not having to drive the babysitter home afterwards (save on some gas).

bod150316That brings me to ANOTHER cartoon about testing.

This one proved pretty popular on social media sites and sites like Reddit.

You have to wonder if they DO have test to prepare for employment at the Emergency Broadcast System.  After all, there are employees behind that annoying beep that interrupts programs at the most inopportune moments.  Whoever is behind it, sometimes I’d like to smack you for your annoyance.bod150317

And now to the birds and the bees.

I actually came up with the gag to this WITHOUT the caption of ‘Fee Range Chickens’.  Somehow, the caption came to me later.  I almost left it out originally.bod150318

And as for the bees, well, it would be hard to be an introvert if you lived in a bee nest.  Plus, if you’re expected to swarm, that would be tough.

bod150319Naming a child after a prison number would be quite unique.  I’m not sure if that’s been done yet?

I remember when I lived in Florida and was working a lousy day job, the UPS driver there mentioned to me that he named all four of his sons after beer companies.  I’m guessing those kids are probably in counseling now.

bod150320And the last comic of the week features one of my favorite topics:  cell phones!

This cartoon reminds me of my series, Technically Speaking.  Which, by the way, it’s on a short break.  The series is being pitched to syndicates as we speak.  For now though, as it’s being reviewed by editors, I’m turning my focus on my gag cartoons and upcoming new website.  So, T.S. fans, I hope to see it return soon.  It’s a time thing right now and also if syndication DOES happen, I’m sure there will be some adjusting done to the strip anyhow.  But, it’s a tough sell for syndication, so we’ll see….

That’s my week – how about yours?

I love hearing thoughts on the latest cartoons.  Keep in mind that I have new ones daily, and you can subscribe for free to my daily email and get them all delivered to you first thing in the morning (unless, of course, you’re on an opposite time zone than me).



The Big Picture

16 Mar

In the past week I’ve had a similar theme occur in my dreams while I’m sleeping through the night.  It’s weird to me because that usually never happens.

I’m not one that really believes that dreams have much of anything to do with ‘a sign from above’ or some spectacular message.  You know what I mean?  I guess I’m trying to say that I see these books out there on what dreams mean and stuff, but really, I think it’s just a bunch of collective thoughts gathered in ones head that comes out as a dream.  I’m no scientist so I could be wrong.

Most dreams I have really don’t have any meaning (at least as far as I can tell).

You ever hear the story about how Paul McCartney got the idea for the song ‘Yesterday’ in a dream?  That it came to him in his sleep?  Well for me it’s quite the opposite.  Sometimes I’ll dream of an idea for a cartoon and think it’s amazing while passed out.  If I can remember it when I wake up, I think about it for a few moments and come to the agreement with myself that it’s an awful idea.  As much as a good story it would make if I could say I come up with some of my best material while asleep, well, unfortunately it’s quite the opposite.  They usually come to me while I’m sitting in my boxers eating Cheerio’s or something less intriguing.Reach His Dreams (1)

But as I mentioned, this past week, again, I’ve had a reoccurring theme take place.

The dreams are about me being at a show or a game – and I’m sitting in seats with a big wall in front of it.  Something blocking my view.

The first one was that I attended a Brown’s game in Cleveland.  I could hear the game and everything, but I had seats that had a big, cement wall in front of it.   And I wasn’t alone.  There were others sitting there.  I remember thinking,”What a crappy stadium!”.  I just accepted it though and stared at the wall while there was an exciting football game happening.

The next dream was very similar.

I went to a performance of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte and my seats had a big curtain in front of them.  So, I could hear the performance and everything, but see nothing.  I remember thinking, “Why did I come to this?”

Weird, huh?

There’s only been two so far, but they’ve basically been back-to-back.

I got to thinking today and I might of figured out what’s behind them.

Recently, more than usual, I’ve been looking at ‘the BIG picture’ of my career.  Everything from what exactly is it, how is it going to happen and more.  And honestly, much of it is fuzzy.  Yes, I know what I want to do, but when it call comes together (and I’m sure elements of it will not) what will the final, BIG picture look like?  How will I spend my days?  Client work or other projects?  Pitching ideas or ideas coming to me from others?  Books or will they be replaced by some gizmo in ten years that I’m not even aware of yet?  The future, you know.

Tons of questions.

Growing up, all I wanted to be was a syndicated cartoonist.  Back then, I wouldn’t even have imagined that I’d be doing client work, working on a licensing site for my cartoons, graphic novels, etc.  Nope.  I just wanted to draw my daily feature, send it to my editor and enjoy the freedom that cartooning allows of working from anywhere.

Well, times have changed a bit.

I’m actually still holding on to having that major syndicated cartoon (since there are a few major syndicated cartoonist out there) but so far, to make a living, I’ve had to try it all.

But anyway, you see kind of what I’m getting at?

I think the dreams are an analogy on real life and seeing whole big picture clearly.  It’s being blocked just like these games and performances are. 

I really think I’ve been over-thinking the big picture.  Yes, I like to imagine the future, but there are so many unknowns and more that’s it’s hard to figure it all out.  Again, I wouldn’t be doing even half of the things regarding cartooning if the industry and technology hadn’t changed so much since that time in 8th grade drawing on the desk during class.

Despite of what I originally intended as a child, my cartooning career has had interesting things that may have not been accomplished if I were just ‘syndicated’.  I’ve worked with MAD Magazine, met some awesome clients and have seen my work pop-up in the strangest places via social media.  And more.


We’ll see if I keep having these dreams.  I guess they’ll prove to be interesting nights if I do.

I’m just hoping for better seats though.


Just Roll With It

13 Mar

I wrote Wednesday about my agonizing time trying to get caught-up with things after an unfortunate visit from Mr. Sick.  I’m still not quite all there yet.  I did manage to update the Custom Cartoon page on this particular site though, so hey, it’s a bit snazzier.  I still have a few more things I’d like to clean up around here on this blog, but baby steps.  There’s a new site in the works for not only custom cartoons, but licensing comics and much more.  So, in the meantime, a lot of what’s around here is my go-to band-aid for now.  A quick fix.  THIS is it’s temporary home.  (But will always be home for the blog.)

But enough about that.

Another week has come and gone, so that means more cartoons have as well.  I’ve got them for you (as always).  Let me show you a few.  Come with me.

bod150307Witches are a great premise to base a lot of material off.

Most cartoonist wait until around Halloween to feature them.  Me?  Nah.  I just post about them whenever the idea strikes.  And this time around, it had to do with spell check.

I’m assuming witches use it about as much as we do with our typing.  Do I know for sure?  No, I don’t.  I guess I’d have to ask an actual witch if they do or not.  Assumptions though are usually a good start.

bod150308Worms have it rough.  (Well, easy for us to say in the warm comfort of our above ground homes.)

They live in the dirt, get stomped on and are mostly recognized as fish bait.

Oh, and did I mention they get ripped in two sometimes?  And still manage to function?  That would make an interesting date (if they dated).

bod150309The Rolling Stone cartoon was a pretty popular one.

When I created it, I wasn’t too sure on what kind of reception it would get.

It’s a pretty basic gag, but c’mon – rocks never get featured and it has ‘stones’ in its title!  Who would even think this mag is about, well, music.  It would be like if there was a magazine called ‘Rolling Nate’s’ and not once did I see myself in there.  Okay, that’s a horrible example.


I guess they just have to roll with it.

bod150310Another hot-topic this week was grammar!

I noticed a few grammar sites enjoyed this particular ‘toon on the unruly alphabet changing the rules.

A little alphabetical disorder would prove quite interesting.

bod150311I enjoy gambling from time to time.  NOT often.  I don’t play the lottery or anything silly like that (as if all gambling wasn’t silly).  I do however like to throw-down a few bucks here and there on sports.  And when I say a few bucks, it’s typically no more than $25 or less.


Well, with sports, I feel like I actually have the advantage if I know what I’m betting on.  For example, you can bet the over/under on a football game.  If the weather stinks, key players are out, etc., a lot of times I can bank on an under.  Or, if the spread is decent, an over is often times the way to go.  Basically, I do my homework a bit and feel like there’s more of a chance of winning than say, oh, a slot machine where everything is out of your hands.

The second though I bet more than $25, I’m pretty sure it would all go downhill.  At least, that’s my gambling philosophy.  I could be wrong, but I’m not taking any chances.

bod150312And your cute cartoon of the week goes to:  KANGAROOS!

This one is a bit sappy, but hey, I have to mix it up on occasion.

bod150313And as for this poor insect in the spiderweb cartoon…well, this was an idea I had for a LOOONG time.

It was one of those cartoons that I found buried in my notebook full of ideas and realized I never used it.

So, with a little tweaking, I turned it into the concept of what you see.

And that’s it!

I’m going to run for now.  I’m still not totally caught up with anything and I’ll be out of town tomorrow, so I’m rushing today (I’ll admit it).

More cartoons will be arriving shortly.

Everyone asking me recently about custom cartoon orders, I’ve posted more detailed information on that at the CUSTOM CARTOON PAGE, so you can read (if you’d like to keep on reading, of course).  And please help keep me busy and consider one for upcoming weddings, baby showers, birthdays or maybe for yourself (hey, you gotta treat yourself once in awhile).  It’s custom cartoon season and my pencils are sharpened.

Creating Time or Creating?

11 Mar

Last Friday I woke up to – shall we say – almost a feeling of sand in my throat, gasping and a runny nose that gave Niagara Falls a run for its money.  I was sick.

The frustrating thing about it all was I hardly ever get sick.  I take pretty decent care of myself, but yeah, somehow I caught this vicious, nasty thing that had control of my life for the following three days.

Fever, cold-sweats and all.Head Cold copy

I felt like death warmed over a pressure cooker.

At any rate, I’m feeling better.  Sure, I still have the persistent little cough that comes with these type of things, but no – I’m doing well.  Even ran for 45 minutes today on the treadmill and ventured out in the beautiful Dayton, Ohio countryside downtown amongst the mills, construction and brown Miami River.

So, okay.  What does this have to do with anything?

Due to being sick, I have felt massively behind with my work.  I’m nowhere near financially where I want to be and getting that virus or whatever it was really took its toll on what was supposed to be a productive three days.  Yes, I’m behind.

And that’s where time comes into play.

How to catch-up.  And with that, how to spend the few hours in a day that I have to get caught-up.

Do I be creative?  That includes writing, drawing, etc.  The whole artistic work that keeps this well-oiled machine churning out material.

Or, do I work on pitching ideas, finding clients – marketing?

How about coming up with new solutions to my money issues I’m having this month?  Maybe invent a new platform for cartoons?

Or I could quite simply order a pizza and take time picking out toppings?  (Okay, not a great idea considering I’m on the mend – but a tasty option, indeed.)

It’s a struggle for me to figure out where to devote time.  Especially when I’m behind and not quite sure what parts of my work to neglect and what parts to nurture.  (Maybe this is why I don’t have children.)

I always have a constant battle of what is more important to do with my energy, hours and what is humanly possible without going insane.

Obviously, without the actual content (cartoons/illustrations), everything is meaningless.  So, I tend to always give that first priority.  But with that, the prerequisite is typically writing.

Writing can be scary.

If you write, you know that.

I spent over two hours today staring at a wall.  Not one idea came out of it.

Usually when that happens, a few days later, I’ll do the same thing and get a week’s worth of material.

But you see, there is two hours out of my day.  I could’ve been drawing, coloring, marketing, etc.  Was that two hours wasted?  No.  Trust me, it’s part of the process.

Now though, I must make-up those two hours since I’m behind already.

Maybe I could try to fish for new clients?  But, that takes awhile….

And cue the cold-sweat.  It’s not from my fever anymore, but the anxiety about what to do with myself.

Okay, I’m not going to go on-and-on, but you get the whole picture.

It’s can be tough to figure out.  And since I’m bad at math, the proper equation never usually comes to me.

You’re probably wondering to yourself, “Well, Nate, if you’re so far behind, what are you doing writing a blog post?”

Things like writing blog posts (which is totally different than writing a premise for cartoons staring at a blank wall) are important as well to clear my head.  It will help me figure out how to catch-up and what all I need to do.  So, this whole 45 minutes or however long it takes to write this is pretty helpful in the long-run.  I get to sit, relax and, when complete, let you – as the poor reader – soak it all in.  Some people take walks, others watch Super Soul Sunday on the ‘OWN‘ network and others read.  I write (badly, sometimes, at that).

Whether I got sick or not, I have this struggle of how to devote my time.  At one point (in fact, very recently) I had a schedule basically made out.  It was done by day, by hour and quite specific.  It works good until life happens.  Or you get a client that you need to spend gobs more energy or time on than first anticipated.  So, that schedule went into the trash.

The important thing is that it DOES all come together at some point in time.

I always feel behind.

There are sometimes brief glimpses in my imagination where I envision myself completely caught up with my duties as an artist and then…..then I wake up and realize it was just a devastating dream.  Probably from the NyQuil.

I could actually work 24/7 and still have more to do if this were possible.  I have books I want to complete, clients I want to pitch, ideas I want to write and a whole circus of thoughts in my tiny little head.

Also, I’m fully aware that life is short.  Time is limited.  Use it wisely.  Me?  I’m trying to fit it ALL in.  Unfortunately, I have probably over a century of things that I’m trying to accomplish.  With all this to, there is that personal time with family, friends and doing random things.  I do fit that in.

Again, though, it usually all works out in the end.  I guess I’m devoting my time right, right?

So, getting sick doesn’t stop me.  Now that I’m feeling better, stuff is getting done.  And (cough) as long as it doesn’t come back to haunt me, I should be okay.

As nasty as I got it and felt bad, thinking too hard about where to spend your hours can be just as sickening.

Rocks in a Slug Place

6 Mar

This week’s cartoons feature a nice little mix of absolutely everything.  Okay, maybe not everything, but enough stuff to wrap your head around (at least while reading this blog post).  And as the title suggest, you’ll be seeing some rocks and slugs.

So, let’s get to it!

I recently just cleaned out my glove compartment.  I couldn’t believe the array of garbage that was sitting around in there.bod150228  There was probably more found in there than discoveries from when they unearthed King Tut.

I spotted everything from old insurance information from 2008 to coupons for Burger King that expired half a decade ago (and a disfigured corpse of an old Whopper wrapper).

Luckily, I took the time to clean it out.  Now, there is nothing in there.  Lame, I know.

Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever actually used the thing to store a glove.  Has anyone actually stored gloves in there?  Seems like the center console is the best place for them.  Or the passenger side floor.

Now, on to pigs.

bod150301One thing in my life I’m trying to weed out is meat.

Listen, I think the stuff is pretty bad for you.  And as a guy that grew up around farms in Ohio and Kansas, all I can tell you is those farm animals DO NOT have it good.  Supporting that industry isn’t exactly appealing to me.  For my health and conscience.

No, I will never get on here and preach to you about how you shouldn’t eat meat, but again, personally I’d like to get rid of the stuff.

Believe it or not, I’m kind of close (to giving it all up).  I’m mostly down to just fish and chicken.  Yeah, chicken is meat and fish is too (although, it’s not considered that, for some reason).  But, I’ve been avoiding the cows and pigs and much as possible.  I’ll still eat the occasional steak and chew on bacon, but it’s limited.

One step at a time.  bod150302

Now if I could just give up donuts….

Moving on.

I have a cat, but I’m also a dog person.

My mom’s dog, Ursa, will do anything to get a piece of food from my plate.IMG_0175

Above:  Ursa eating a chicken nugget on the couch.

She’s tried begging, pleading, sitting, speaking and just about everything.  It’s funny that she keeps doing all that because – in the end – I always tend to give her something regardless.  She could just chill out and relax.  Oh well.  I guess she doesn’t realize that.

Do slugs have any romance?bod150303

Well, according to this particular cartoon – yes.  Yes they do.

I guess if I were a slug and was trying to be flirtatious, I’d have a hard time keeping my eyes from wandering.  Then again, they don’t really have a choice when you’re a slug.

Now from slugs to fire drills.

When I used to work in office buildings during many of my numerous day jobs (yeachh!) I used to have, there would be that occasional fire drill.  We’d have to calmly exit the building and go stand in the parking lot.bod150304

I never understood fire drills.  If there was a REAL fire, trust me – I would not be calmly walking out, and I don’t think I’m alone.

Depending where the fire were to occur kind of makes the fire drill impractical.  I mean, if the fire started at the exit that was used in the drill, it wouldn’t be possible to exit that way.  So, why have a drill?

Okay, I’m going on too much about fire drills.  At any rate, I found them kind of lame.

Tornado drills though – now we’re talking!  Whoo-hoo!bod150305

I was doing some client work many weeks ago, and this idea about a flower pot and raising a family came up.  The client didn’t want to use the idea for their own purposes, so when that happens, I switch it up a bit and usually make a cartoon out of it anyway.  After all, is there such thing as a bad idea?  (The answer is yes.  A resounding yes.  Just look at this blog.)

And the last cartoon of the week is about stocks.bod150306

This idea about the rock market (horrible pun, I know) was one of those I almost scrapped.  Definitely my least favorite comic of the week, but hey, maybe you enjoy it.  Well, do you?

So, that wraps up this past week of cartoons!

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See ya!




Whales, sharks and medication. Oh my!

27 Feb

Don’t let the title fool you.  This is really a week-in-review of cartoons.  However, I thought I’d change the format a bit for this from here on out. Instead of just posting them down the middle and dating the cartoons (like I’ve been doing), I thought I’d actually just write around each one – kind of ranting and explaining things as I go along.  Cool?  Probably not, but oh well.  Let’s try it. When I was a kid, my family and I all went whale watching out in Cape Cod (I believe that’s where it was).  I recall these huge whales swimming around and for the life of me I couldn’t understand how they didn’t bod150221end up hitting the boats.  I envisioned us getting trampled by a whale (yes, I know – trampled is probably not the right word). So, I’m guessing subconsciously, it made me create the cartoon about a whale mentioning a dropped anchor.  After all, I’m sure a few anchors have been dropped on whales heads sometime throughout history.  Too bad they don’t have Aspirin down there in the depths of the ocean. And speaking of ocean dwellers, another cartoon this past week featured one of my go-to favorite premises – sharks!bod150222 I doubt sharks have any dinner habits besides a feeding frenzy, but hey, they might enjoy a nice sit-down meal (if that were physically possible for them). I love creating shark cartoons for quite a few reasons. One is, there seems to be an endless supply of gags for them (at least for me).  You want to see proof?  Well, I’ve got quite a few to check out.  You can see that HERE. The other reason is simple:  I like sharks. When I lived in Florida, I would swim waaaaay out off the coast trying to find one.  Stupid?  Yes.  Extremely stupid.  Even with all the stupidity of swimming way out trying to spot a shark, I never did.  Not in the wild.  Probably a good thing or I might be typing this without an arm right now. I never got a fortune cookie that mentioned seeing a shark was in my future.bod150223 I’ve never been a medication type of person.  I could probably use some from time to time for anxiety, headaches and to just relax, but I don’t take anything.  I probably never will.  I just think that might mess up my cartooning career.  bod150224Seriously. Not to brag (because it’s not easy) but my mind wanders in places probably most peoples minds don’t.  I believe that’s how I come up with ideas for cartoons and really off-the-wall stuff.  If I took any type of medication, I’ve always been paranoid that would ruin things. And honestly, I think I’m in good shape.  I have different moods like any normal human; whether that be anxiety, upset, happy or sarcastic (wait…is sarcastic a mood?).  And I’ve known some people that use meds as a crutch.  Basically, I’m pretty sure I really don’t need any type of medication anyway.  (Don’t tell my psychiatrist that.) That being said, if you’re on medication and it starts kicking in doors, you may want to consider weening yourself off the stuff. Here’s a known fact:  I am not musically inclined.  bod150225 I can sort of play the piano – but that’s it. I wish I could play guitar and other music.   After all, I LOVE music.  I’ve written before about my love for bands like The Doors and composers like Mozart.  But, my musical capabilities are worse than a five-year-old. Since I don’t play guitar, I’m not too familiar with guitar picks.  But that doesn’t stop me from featuring them in a cartoon. Do psychics use apps now? If I had to guess, the psychic industry has taken a hit since most fortune telling can be done online.  I haven’t looked, but I’m also guessing there are a few apps out there for telling the future.  So, this particular cartoon featuring the fortune teller might not be a huge stretch.  And as for the sucker paying to go see her?  Yeah, that’s not a stretch either.bod150226 The last comic of the week is about the insane. My mother worked in a mental ward for quite awhile as a nurse. When I was growing up, I was always curious if they actually bod150227had straight jackets and padded rooms in her ward.  Come to think of it, I never asked.  At any rate, there could be some romance blossoming in some hospital somewhere.  Especially when two psyche patients are committed. Now, these two?  Yeah, they could probably use some medication. ——————————————————————————————————————————- Be sure to swing back around here next week for another week-in-review.  And read the daily comics HERE, Technically Speaking HERE and license over 1,000 of my cartoons HERE. Okay, that’s all, folks!

Cartoons 2-14 to 2-20

20 Feb

It’s been quite a busy week. I’ve had a few new clients I’ve worked with developing – what else – cartoons! I’m also working on launching a home base website, so to speak. It’s been in development (this website) for months now with an awesome marketing company. Anyway, while all the behind-the-scene work is being done, I’m thinking of new ways to make it the BEST source for cartoons ever (not to sound cocky, but it will be). I’m planning on licensing my work to as many people, places and things as possible. So, I’ll keep you posted. Anyhow, a lot on my mind. But some good things in the works.

Well, you’re not here to hear all about me. Instead, let me get to the week-in-review of cartoons!



Shadows have it rough. Always being stepped on and constantly being controlled by an individual. And to make matters worse, they get featured on a cartoon. Yikes!



It’s so much fun giving inanimate objects a voice.

That’s the case with this premise and firecrackers.

I observe things quite closely and I find their (firecrackers) chain reactions interesting. I’m not special in this regard (I’m sure most people have observed things like firecrackers closely) but, like dominoes, once one goes the others follow.

That being said, I couldn’t imagine being an employee that actually builds these things. I don’t know if they’re made by hand or by a machine nowadays. At any rate, I wouldn’t want to work there. I’m guessing a few limbs would be lost, thus possibly devastating my cartooning career (gotta keep this right hand, you know).



I mentioned this comic in my daily email (which if you haven’t subscribed yet you’re missing out) about how I had a turtle as a child and it was quite fast. I’d let him loose out on the lawn and man – he would take off. I’m guessing he would take off because he didn’t want to go back to his lousy cage (which I don’t blame him – I’d never keep a turtle as a pet now that I’m older and know better). Anyway, a turtle slow? Not from what I’ve seen.

Then again, I never had a pet rabbit to compare it to.



I had this idea written down for WEEKS and didn’t know what to do with it. At first, I thought it would be funny to have them on a date (you know, this whole this is a take off of having an awkward silence). I opted for the “slightly more realistic version but not really” of two cats just sitting there looking back…purring.

I liked this one a lot. Probably my favorite of the week. Purr-fect (okay, that was a horrible pun).



Ballroom dancing (in fact, dancing in general) has never appealed to me. So, naturally, I use dancing as a premise a lot of times. I tend to do that with things that don’t appeal too much to me (except cats, of course).

If I was to do this comic over, I’d probably have the female deer giving it to the male and he’d have a disgusted look on his face (like me). But, isn’t the male supposed to pull out all the stops for an anniversary present? So, I went with this version. It works. Either way, ballroom prancing sounds horrible.



I am about to get stocked-up on all my Girl Scout cookies for the year. I think I have quite a few boxes on the way (honestly, I don’t know the total amount off the top of my head). I LOVE these cookies.

The sad part is, after switching my diet up, it’s going to be hard for me to eat them. But. luckily I allow my self a ‘Free Day’. I guess that means I’ll have to eat all the boxes on my ‘Free Day’ as well.

Goodbye size 34 jeans.



I don’t know why I found this one so funny, but I did. I guess that’s why I write and draw this stuff.

Hey, that’s it! Until next week (or any other blogs and stuff in the meantime).

Cartoons 2-7 to 2-13

13 Feb

I’ve been posting these weekly ‘Week-In-Reviews’ now for several months without missing a beat. And I plan on continuing this tradition. However, I would like to hear your feedback as well. Anything else you would like to see here? What are your thoughts so far? How’s my hair? You know, general feedback stuff. So, after reading this, if you have a moment to leave a comment or shoot me an email, I’d love to hear. I’m always interested in what other people think of things I do. I know what I think, but I won’t bore you with my opinions.

Anyway, on with a look at this past week’s cartoons!



I hesitated featuring Zorro as a reference in a cartoon. Does anyone these days know who Zorro is (if you’re not over 30)? Okay, well, I know who he is and I thought he’d make a great addition to the counselor’s couch. Wearing a black mask all day is bound to lead to some psychological issues down the road.



At one point I was reading something that mentioned ‘slapstick comedy’ and this idea just popped in my head. That’s how most of these cartoons happen….

Anyway, hope the stick is okay. I suppose that type of comedy goes way back to its roots.



What made me write this was I learned that when a cat is declawed, it’s the equivalent to your hand losing all of its fingers (yikes!). As far as I’m concerned, cat’s shouldn’t be declawed. Seems a bit cruel. My cat Tiger doesn’t have her claws (we rescued her when she was four and was already missing them). I think she’s a bit bitter about it to this day. I’m sure there are many times she’d love to take a swipe at my hand for not feeding her directly on time.



This was probably my favorite one of the week but I’m not sure how well it came across to everyone else. I just envisioned this happening in real life. I feel like it kind of has. You ever have a sales rep or someone tell you to be sure and rate them five-stars while you’re face-to-face? I have. It’s not very comfortable. I’ll usually give them five-stars though for the effort.



Back to cats…..

Yes, this would be a museum full of temptation for any feline. I know for me personally, when a sign says ‘Do Not Touch’ it makes me want to touch it more. Those signs are like a shiny red button that make them irresistible.

Sorry, Rembrandt, but that one painting of yours might have my finger print on it. (Okay, I didn’t REALLY touch a Rembrandt. Or did I? Hmm….)



Speaking of temptation (no pun intended). It’s hard not to bark at stuff if your a dog.



Those lousy free toothbrushes at the dentist office are worth the price, right? I mean, it seems like if ANYTHING they might throw in one of those automatic ones or one of the new handy-dandy top-o’-the-line brushers – but nope – you get just a regular, cheap toothbrush. At least at my dentist (and all the ones I’ve ever been to). Oh well. If I were really picky I’d ask for floss, too. But, I think that would set them back too much.

That’s about it for the week-in-review! Please leave any feedback or leftover pizza below.


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