A FAILED Kickstarter (and what I learned)

19 Apr

Be sure to read this weeks newest blog about my failed Kickstarter for a graphic novel I’m producing.  I show you what the hell I think happened, my thoughts and more!  CLICK HERE to check it out.

Honest Feedback: GET IT!

4 Apr

The latest Nate Ramblings – I get it handed to me!  And to check out the blog that goes with it, CLICK HERE.

Your Signature? Rock it!

29 Mar

The latest episode of Nate Ramblings is OUT NOW!  I talk about my signature, what I think of it, how it’s changed and why it can do a lot for your career.  Be sure to watch!  CLICK HERE

A Little Brushing Up

26 Mar

Recently (actually yesterday) I was at the drawing board and I thought to myself, “You know, I should totally document this.”

Why did I get inspired to do that?  I mean, there was nothing historical going on or anything here.  Just another typical drawing day on my stain-covered drawing board.  And here I was working on composition on a new comic.  So, what gives?  Where’s the thrill?

Well, there really isn’t any thrill.  Although, for your entertainment value, I thought I’d show my step-by-step process in creating this one.  I figured I had a good opportunity to show some references, props, my drawing pen and my hand.  Showing my hand is the REAL exciting part (I’ll explain more about that later).  Maybe there is some thrill after all…


Your line separating issues in Photoshop SOLVED!

22 Mar



EPISODE THREE of Nate Ramblings is out NOW!  I go over how I separate lines in Photoshop before I color.  It’s something I gotta do or my work would look pretty crappy.  Watch it today CLICK HERE

Thank You, George

18 Mar

I’ve had a long, drawn-out disagreement between me and a one Mr. George Takei.  BUT…things have changed.  I feel a bit better now and I don’t think we have our disagreement anymore.  Really, I like George, a fan of his and – whew! – I’m excited about the recent happening.

Let’s start from the beginning….

You can read the rest by CLICKING THIS LINK.


Nate Ramblings – Episode Two: 5 Awesome Writing Techniques

14 Mar


Today’s episode of Nate Ramblings isn’t going to have much drawing.  In fact, there’s NO drawing in it.  Shocked?  Yeah, I am too!

BUT, you’ll get a glimpse of how the drawings happen in the first place.

It’s done by this…


Writing is the most CRUCIAL thing as a cartoonist!  Without good writing, your comics aren’t going anywhere.  You can have lousy drawings AND STILL pull-off a great cartoon if your writing is solid.

SO – today’s episode goes into all of it.

Instead of WRITING about it here, you’ll have to watch.

Check it out at this link:  http://www.nateramblings.com/videogallery/episode-two-5-awesome-writing-techniques/

I’ll see ya’ there.


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