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19 Dec

Throughout the past week I’ve had quite the variety of cartoons – which is pretty typical of me. No, I didn’t barrage the funny pages with holiday comics like many cartoonist (but don’t worry – there might be one or two of those coming up for next time). However, I have a lot to leave you wondering what the hell I was thinking when making some of these.

So, without waiting any further, here they are.



Aaa, the fishbowl.

There are a million and one gags that I could create about fish living in a bowl (and you can see quite a few of them HERE). Not to toot my own horn, but I really like this one. I just placed myself from the perspective of a fish. Could you imagine if you were a fish and you dated – then you broke up. And now, your ex is living with you in the same bowl with no escape? Hey, producers of Finding Nemo, take note. This premise could be a good prequel. I’d watch it. (And send me some royalties.)



Only in the cartoon world is there such thing as a ‘health-conscious shark‘ (just about as peculiar as a fish dating like in the previous cartoon). However, it seems like they’ll nibble on anything that moves. I wonder if they ever mistake their relatives or parents as a potential meal? That would be one swift way to get rid of that annoying aunt – if you’re a shark (and if sharks have aunts).



Seems like there’s quite a few shows about living in the wild and especially Alaska. Just go to National Geographic Channel or Discovery and you’ll find a few programs. I don’t know if there’s an igloo population in that state or not (igloos might be more of a North Pole spot), but if it got too crowded and that’s not your thing, I guess it would be time to pack-up and leave. Maybe to a remote iceberg?



So, this comic is based off the app, SnapChat. I almost used the word SnapChat in the actual comic, but then that kind of limits it and also those pesky copyright infringement lawsuits might roll in. At any rate, this cartoon isn’t very far-fetched. I can see something like this happening in the very near future (if it hasn’t happened already). Which, in the case of many wedding pictures, might not be a bad thing.



This is a bit cliche of me to create a cartoon like this being a cartoonist, but oh well. It’s so true. There are days that I sit in front of a blank piece of paper with nothing. Absolutely nothing. The good news is, usually after a few days of this and many hours, usually ideas will all roll-out of me at once and I’ll get a week’s worth of material in one setting. Or, it can go horribly wrong and I get nothing written for a few week’s. Either way, the deadlines don’t stop so I gotta produce something.

This comic was the something.



I almost didn’t do this comic in fear of upsetting people that have been in an actual plane crash or know of anyone in a crash and being accused of being insensitive. But then I thought about it, and you always see cartoons about car accidents, bikes flipping and riding lawnmowers going haywire – so screw it – I can create a cartoon with a most unfortunate and devastating plane incident.

Plus, I’m my own editor-in-chief, so I approved this (myself). Please send any strongly worded comments to my interns (myself also).



A simple comic, but hey, I like it. If you’re a rock, life is hard. We can all relate sometimes. We however cannot relate to being stuck in a gravel pit or used for a driveway.

Well, that wraps up the latest weekly cartoons! It’s been an interesting week and be sure to cruise on by here next Friday for more.

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The Great Wings and Beer Robbery: Part 5

13 Dec

Page 5


The Great Wings and Beer Robbery: Part 4

12 Dec

Page 4


The Great Wings and Beer Robbery: Part 3

11 Dec

Page 3

The Great Wings and Beer Robbery: Part 2

10 Dec

Page 2

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The Great Wings and Beer Robbery: Part 1

9 Dec

If you’re reading this blog – congrats! – you get a special sneak-peak of one of many new graphic stories I’m coming out with.

I’m actually working on developing a new website compiled of random stories in the graphic form that will just contain them.  I cover everything from just a typical day, old jobs I used to have, people I’ve met and so-forth.  And I seem to be creating new stories practically daily of random things that I find fun to write and draw.

I’ve had the idea to work on these stories FOR YEARS.  Now, I’ve decided to do them.  They also are helping me develop several graphic novels by practicing drawing on “the bigger scale”.  Yes, there are graphic novels on the way soon (one has been in development for years as well).

So, for the next five days in a row, you’ll be able to read this story bit-by-bit.  I’ll be releasing a page a day and it’s five pages long.

Here’s a random one I chose first.  Hope you enjoy The Great Beer and Wings Robbery.  Be sure to check back for part two – or just subscribe to this blog to get them automatically.

Page 1Click to Enlarge


4 Dec

I recently stumbled upon a site that’s been around for awhile.  It’s called Threadless.

What is Threadless?  Well, it’s a place for artists of all kinds to submit designs that might – if accepted – get printed on t-shirts and more.  Most of the designs are a bit out there, so it was right up my alley.

I decided to have some fun with it and signed up (it’s free to do) and submitted some art earlier this week.  So far, I have two that were accepted (which I guess isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, according to their forums).

Now, the catch is, once accepted, the general public gets to vote on them by using a 1-5 scale for 10 days.  Voting doesn’t do much but help your chances of getting the shirt actually printed and part of their clothing line (which is pretty successful).  To me, it seems like a popularity contest once you get a bunch of followers on there, but what do I know.  I know that even if the votes aren’t high, if they like it, they’ll print it anyway.

And after 10 days you get to see how people voted and I suppose a decision is made from their creative team if they’re going to pursue your design and make it printed on t-shirts and elsewhere.

The Naked Penguin t-shirt

Above:  One of my recent designs, ‘The Naked Penguin’

I like the site as an artist because they actually pay-out pretty decent for work that is picked-up.  It’s 20% royalties based off of sales and they have other contest and stuff where you can win decent money.  If that tells you anything, I make roughly 9-10% royalties off of my greeting card sales in major companies.  So, I think that’s a fair rate for t-shirts.

Now, again, I’m doing this mostly for fun.  We’ll see what happens.  However, as a person who gets a lot of his paycheck off of royalties, it wouldn’t hurt having a few designs actually being sold (and hopefully sold well).  I’m not counting on anything – yet.

I’m usually weary of sites like this, but again, they’ve been around for awhile and it is kind of fun to rank other peoples work and see how mine does.  It’s different than print-on-demand places where you can choose your own royalties because they actually promote them for you by “getting them out there” instead of me having to do all the marketing myself.  Plus, the shirts are high-quality (I guess).  I’ve seen some pretty pathetic quality stuff in regards to print-on-demand.

The best part is I own 100% of the images if accepted, so there’s no worry of giving up any image rights or anything.  There’s no way I would’ve participated if that were the case.  I can use an accepted design/comic anywhere.

I know this sounds like a sales-pitch for Threadless, but it’s not (unless they pay me, of course).  It’s just something new, so hey, I wanted to tell you about it via blog post.  Cool?

So, if you create funky designs, images, comics, etc., you might enjoy it.  I recommend it so far.  And I know some of you out there that read this blog have some good material that could work well.

I’d love to hear from you about your experience on Threadless (if you have any, obviously).  I just hopped on board this week so I’m a rookie.  And if you’re on there, let me know.  I’ll follow you (not in a stalkish way, either).

If you liked to see my latest accepted designs check them out (click here).


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